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[eBay Plus] Crucial BX500 SSD 120GB $27.12 | 240GB $36.76 | 960GB $115.92 Delivered @ Shopping Square eBay


$10 discount applied at checkout, plus further 20% off with code.

eBay Plus required to get price in title otherwise SS have $15 flat-rate shipping for non-plus buyers.

Original 20% off Selected Sellers @ eBay post

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  • Was going to post this later. Theres also 480gb for $74.40

    • eBay Plus required to get price in title otherwise SS have $15 flat-rate shipping for non-plus buyers.

      Or click and collect.

  • Good price. In my experience be prepared for absolutely glacial shipping…

  • I paid $27 for the 240gb one a few months ago on the ebay sale.. why have prices gone up so much??

    And the 480gb was $58

    Few weeks ago the MX500 500gb was $76 :)
    These prices are trash

  • Hi, is it compatible for upgrading the macbook pro 2012's hdd to sdd? if yes then what else i need?

    • Yes. I've used these to upgrade those machines. You'll need carbon copy cloner or shirt pockets superduper apps to clone your internal drive to this one via external hdd enclosure (https://www.shirt-pocket.com/SuperDuper/SuperDuperDescriptio...) or set up as new operating system install by holding command R during start up after installing the new drive. (https://www.ifixit.com/Guide/MacBook+Pro+13-Inch+Unibody+Mid...)

    • Take a time machine backup. Make a bootable USB of OSX. Wipe old drive and remove every instance of iCloud.

      Put in new drive, hold alt on startup chime, select bootable USB. Wait for drive selection. Format new drive APFS or journaled.

      Install new OS on new drive from USB.

      It may ask for the iCloud account used prior before allowing install. Put that in.


      Install done.

      Computer will restart.

      I just went through hell doing this on 2008 macbook. Your steps may vary. I used this drive. Performance was meh.

  • This any good replacement for ps4 non pro? Looking to replace with the 960gb

    • Found my answer. MX is better. Will wait.

      • If you look at comparison videos, you'll see that the PS4 doesn't really make good use of the read and write speeds when you replace the HDD with an SSD.

        It should technically be more reliable if you're looking 5+ years into the future, but I doubt you'll see any benefit from an MX.

  • Unbeatable for storage drives. In pure game loading scenarios it actually can outscore the Samsung 860 EVO because of its 96L NAND. But not good for a OS drive.

    • not good for a OS drive

      how come? just got one for an x220
      i expect it not to be as fast as my mx500 obviously, but there shouldnt be anything wrong with using it otherwise?

      • Because total boot time will take .2s longer with this drive than a comparable storage size at 1.5x the cost. Therefore useless as boot drive.

  • Got one shipped from the previous deal but does not include any screws, does anyone know a link to get the screws? I'm still new to this.

  • I was skpetical at first but these bx are very good. No noticeable difference. The numbers are slow compared to MX , but still fast enough for 90% of cases. Big writes are slower but who writes 4gb frequently these days? The difference will be less than 2s from MX.

    • Yeah the dramless models aren't very good compared to higher end stuff - but good enough for basic office user or the usual web browsing type computer. I've used these to upgrade old core2duo machines that use SATA1… And they are more than good enough for that purpose

      • I upgraded a old crucial mx equivalent (256 to bx960gb) and couldn't notice the difference.

        • It's really dependent on your workload. If you smash your SSD with tonnes of 4K writes and other IOPS-critical tasks, then DRAM-less models tend to suffer a lot and can slow down to HDD speeds. This isn't going to happen for general home use tasks, so BX models are fine for gamers and light productivity tasks.

  • It seems to me like a 2TB SSD just isn't a thing.

  • FYI I've bought a few SSD's from this seller before and not only does this seller take at least 2 days to dispatch, but for some reason their shipping times are so long. They seem to always be using the regular Auspost service but I've had many, many parcels come through Auspost, also from NSW, before and it's always been delivered way quicker than stuff from ShoppingSquare. For example, where it may take 5 business days for the average parcel to arrive from a different seller that's also located in NSW, ShoppingSquare parcels seem to take at least 2 weeks! I know there are variables when it comes to shipping times but the difference is too big to be labelled as 'margin of error'.

    TLDR: I would never buy anything from ShoppingSquare again, even if said SSD is a couple more dollars at a different seller. I know i should probably have my OzB membership handed in for saying that but who really wants to save a couple dollars to wait a week longer for shipping?!

    • Time is money, the ultimate bargain.

    • If not in a rush they are fine. Ordered many things from them and all arrived fine and usually within a week. On occasion has been 10 days but as noted, as long as you are not hanging out for items, makes no difference. Waiting 5 weeks for Banggood or Gearbest doesnt bother me either as I set and forget. Patience is a virtue :-)

    • They are actually drop shipping from China but don't tell you. I had an issue with them once and it came out.

  • Yeah, why have SSD prices gone up the Last few months, weren't they dropping with newer tech coming out??

  • Futu Online

    240GB MX500 - $36 (Saving of $0.72)