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Dyson V10 Absolute+ $749, V10 Animal $649 Delivered @ Dyson eBay

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    Have the v8 absolute, thing is a beast. Picks up stubborn dog hair on a rug where a cheapie plug in vaccum fails.

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      Mine sucked up my dog once. Very sad day. Was still proud of the vacuum though…..

    • I bought the V8 when it first came out. It's at a point where the battery needs to be replaced.

      I can no longer use it on the Max setting. It dies within 30-60 seconds. On Normal setting it lasts between 5-10 minutes.

      The vacuum is convenient for dog hair. For everything else, I still rely on an old corded Dyson.

      For my next purchase, I am considering a cheap cordless one for dog hair and the new bagless Miele for everything else.

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        Same thing happened to me when it was a couple of months out of warranty. I called Dyson and explained the situation and they replaced the battery for free.

        • Mines doing the same thing now. Put it on Max, sucks for like 20 seconds, then won't work.

          • @Agechamp: I was considering the Dyson V10 etc for dog hair & general cleaning but ended up going for the Miele Cat & Dog Vacuum. Yes you lose some portability, but makes up for it in power & suction & is still super easy to manoeuvre around the house.

          • @Agechamp: At least it didnt suck the whole time you owned it…

          • @Agechamp: Is there no way to use it while connected straight to power?

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              @AustriaBargain: Nah they don't run/charge at the same time.

              Called Dyson, they want $89 for a new battery. Pretty annoying it's not like it's a cheap vac.

              Might look into the miele. Even on Max it still doesn't get the deep cat hair from the carpet.

              My floor boards it works a treat, when it works.

              • @Agechamp: There's one Miele cat and dog model that's meant to be really good, the cx or something, I can't remember. I'm still trying to talk myself into paying that much for a vacuum cleaner, but these Dyson sticks seem to cost even more and it's hard to imagine them being better than the famous Miele vacuum cleaner models at anything other than being cordless and stick shaped. But what would I know, I've never used either. Maybe Miele is just all hype too.

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                  There's one Miele cat and dog model that's meant to be really good, the cx or something, I can't remember. I'm still trying to talk myself into paying that much for a vacuum cleaner, but these Dyson sticks seem to cost even more and it's hard to imagine them being better than the famous Miele vacuum cleaner models at anything other than being cordless and stick shaped. But what would I know, I've never used either. Maybe Miele is just all hype too.

                  I have a C3 Cat & Dog and a few different sticks.

                  None of the sticks can compete in power with the Miele which also doesn't have battery constraints.

                  The only advantage you have with the V10 is cordless. How big a deal this is depends on the user. If you don't have a problem with being tethered, the Miele will always outperform the stick.

            • @AustriaBargain: No because the battery drains faster than it can be replenished.

              Which means if you were trying to power it from the wall and bypass the battery entirely, it wouldn't supply enough power to operate.

              It takes 3+ hours to fully charge the battery but you can only run it for 60 mins under best case scenario. Under full load you got about 10 minutes. So think about that.. if it takes 3 hours to charge something that can be expended in 10 minutes, it is not drawing enough power from the wall to run it without battery.

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        Just get a cheap replacement battery off ebay… I did for our old V6 and it works like new.

        • I did the same for my dc59 and it works like new. Doesn't make sense to buy a new vac when all it needs is a new battery.

    • How's it compare to the Miele Cat and Dog?

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        Miele is better, but not cordless.

  • Pretty good price. Haven’t used a v10 though.

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    V10 was a huge improvement over v8 for carpet we found.

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    My V6 just won't die, although the battery no longer works on high mode, it still works fine on low.

    When it dies, I might get this one: https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/shark-ionflex-2x-cord-free-ul...

    By all accounts, it seems to be much better than the Dyson in terms of features and functionality.

    • Can't speak for the Shark but we upgraded from the V6 to the V10 a couple of months ago and it is a massive step up. Wish we did it earlier and just gifted the V6 to a family member

    • A quick call to Dyson resulted in a new battery sent no charge

      • Was your stick vac out of warranty? Mine is about 5 years old…

      • I was quoted $60 or so for a new battery from Dyson.

      • They wanted $89 for my V8 absolute 🤬

    • Neither will mine. I sent mine to Dyson when the same thing happened and they completely reconditioned it for $150.

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    Thanks OP, bought the Absolute+. Been meaning to replace my V6.

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      Thanks OP,

      Same here, I also bought the Absolute+ to replace my V6 also.

      • All these comments about "replacing a V6". I'm considering one of these, but I don't understand all these comments.

        A vacuum should provide 10+ years of serviceable life - especially at this price point. Is this not the case with these models?

        • Nope, the V6 is still good, just wants something better.

        • For some of us, the battery dies. Then no longer works at all. Mine was working normally for 7-9min long vacuum jobs around the house, then the next time we went to grab it off the charger on the wall it was dead.

        • Corded vacuum and cordless vacuum is two different things.
          Corded probably around for 100 years?
          Cordless still new, long way to improve, in terms of energy efficiency, suction power and the battery.
          What you really paying is for convenience over time based on your budget.
          Question is, why people buy a new phone every few years? they want new tech. So is Dyson

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            @boomramada: That's not an accurate equivalency. Phones rely on software - software has increasing compute requirements as years go by. It's not like you require an increasing larger vacuum to keep up with the dirtiness of the house!

            • @picklewizard: Hardware comes first, before the software updates.
              Each new phone, you get faster CPU, more memory, more storage, more battery capacity, better screen. Which gives you better features.

              Back in the day, I used v6 for spot clean etc, can only do 20min, then need to charge for horus till next use and I use Miele to clean the whole house.
              So with V10+, I can clean the entire house with one charge. Don't need to touch my Miele. So I payed for convenience.

        • My V6 no longer lasts more than a few seconds on high mode. Other than that it's fine after 5 years.

          I could swap out the battery with an ebay one for about $60, which is fine.

        • My V6 was fine up until about a month ago, when the battery went. Replaced the battery, but now it's intermittently turning on and off while I try to use it.

          I could probably send it in for repair or something… but who could turn down a deal like this?

          • @Bog: Id check its not shorting or has loose connections, if you can get it working reliably you could atleast sell your old one.

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            @Bog: Did you clean the filter? Dyson website is good in that it has clear steps on how to remedy specific problems. I've had a coil whine issue and also an intermittent off and on issue with my V6 Animal which was due to fine construction material dust not being cleaned out.

            Had it for 3.5 years and battery still as good as new. Rarely need to use the high powered mode, so judging from the above comments, that might have a harsh impact on battery life/longevity.

            • @spiff: I'll give that a go, thanks.

        • Sure it can last 10+ years, so can cars, mobile phones, computers etc but technology moves on and things are always improving. The suction and battery life of the V10 has allowed us to ditch a corded vacuum that we still used once a week for a clean the V6 could not give us. The v6 was an in between cleanup vacuum.

          The V10 works way better on hard floors. Where the V6 took a few passes and flung things around the tiles, the V10 doesn't. First go with pretty much all dirt on the tiles. The suction on our rugs was noticeably improved also.

          The v10 has a larger capacity bin, may not be an issue for some but always nice to go longer. Its easier to clean also.

          The v10 is much quieter. Again may not be an issue for some but its a bonus especially if you want to run the cleaner over things while kids are sleeping, people are still in bed etc.

          Our v6 just wasn't optimal for us anymore, battery time was degrading and the motorhead had cracked so money better put towards a newer model and very glad we did. If your V6 is still going strong and doing what it needs to do then keep it going as long as you want.

          • @worthy1: I just don't get OzBargain. A bunch of tightarses that will spend $650+ on a new vacuum every few years.

            • @picklewizard: Idea of the Ozb is getting high end items in bargain price, well for me anyway.
              Instead you paying $999, you pay $749. That's a pretty good bargain isn't it?:)

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                @boomramada: It's a saving for sure. But whether it's 'cheap' is another question.

                You can put an inflated RRP on an item that's well above a reasonable price for what you're getting, then throw in a discount and it will seem like a bargain, but is still a very expensive item.

                So yeah, good price if you were in the market for one because you won't find it cheaper elsewhere. If you weren't interested because it was too expensive, I still don't think this is a good price for you because it's still expensive for a vacuum cleaner.

  • Probably been asked before, but what are the differences in attachments?

    • The smallest one is to connect directly to the dyson and is used for like a handheld vacuum but is so amazing. The longer one with the spiral bristles is the main one I use and used for carpter and tiles. The other longer one with the velvet looking spinny thing is supposedly for sucking up bigger objects like skittles.

      • Thanks!
        And which attachment does the Animal not include that the Absolute+ has?

        • soft roller head

        • It’s the wooden floor polisher one that is missing.

  • I bought the v10 absolute+ from the previous deal and it really is amazing. Its so easy to use like it swivels when i want it to swivel and picks up cat hair from my couches even on low. Honestly have nothing bad to say about it.

  • V10 or V11 guys? Is it worthed to pay $200 more for V11 absolute?

    • This is what I'd like to know too! Can't decide…

    • Isn’t the V11 $1200?

      • +1

        tomorrow Myer have 20% off. which maybe bring it down to $959.20

    • This is the million dollar question…it's a bit like buying a new Iphone! What to do?
      Hoping maybe eBay/Dyson do one of those 100 every hour sales for one of these models at, let's say, mmm, $379 :).
      Need a new Dyson more than a Nespresso :).

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      Decided to get the V10 Absolute as the cleaning performance is about 1% differences. Also I remembered trying it in the shop that the V11 felt much heavier than the V10. https://moderncastle.com/dyson-v10-vs-v11/

    • V11 is better, but if it's an extra $200, the V10 is good enough.

      If you get a Dok, the V10 Dok is better than the V11's.

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      But the V10 was only released last year :/

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        lol maybe snb211 is Sir James Dyson?

        • My bad, it was whenever ebay+ was introduced. Possibly early last year?

      • Dyson has an annual release cycle from what I can tell. At least for these cordless ones

  • This one or the Xiaomi Dreame?

    • Xiaomi suck, get it suck!!!

  • +5

    This is good price. For those who's looking for an ideal home vacc this is the thing. I bought my v10 AB+ last Xmas for $799 so I know this price is good. It's for the 1st time I see a "real good" price for v10 AB+ after my purchase. As for the performance, I can assure you that v10 does everything perfectly. I'm not saying v11 is not good, no. But that performance improvement comes at cost - money and weight. As for the the fancy display and "auto shift gear", do you really need that? Plus for people who got used to v10 like me, v11 is way too heavy to be carried around every corner of the house. Hope it helps.

    • +1

      Thanks for the post nocure and your review, WayneOZ. My old dyson died so this post came just in time! Glad this one is lighter than v11 :)

  • I bought one a few months back for $800 when Dyson gave away a free V10 Dok.

  • That should be another $50 price protection claim coming my way. I've struck gold today!

  • I got my Dyson V10 Absolute+ for $749 using the 25% discount Dyson offers if your product is discontinued. Best vacuum cleaner I've owned!

    • I wasn't aware of that policy. Please tell more :)

  • Has anyone tried the Kmart 2 in 1 that's apparently as good as Dyson but cheaper?

    • looks good?

    • +1

      Cmon.. You really believe that bs? Only people who haven't owned a dyson said that. Not even close!

    • +1

      Hah, "as good as"… did this happen to be one of those news.com.au "K-Mart product taking Australia by storm" clearly sponsored articles? :)

  • cheers got my v10 Absolute+.
    finally jumped the Dyson bangwagon

  • Much difference between v10 and v11?

    • +1

      Torque drive head, about 20% longer battery life, a more accurate battery indicator that tells you how many minutes you have left instead of 4 bars, and it auto detects the kind of floor you are on and adjusts power accordingly.

      The last point is very gimmicky to me. It's not difficult to adjust power yourself. But the other three features are nice to have. The Torque drive is supposed to be better than the Direct drive which the V10 uses, but I haven't tried it myself so wouldn't know.

  • Been looking to upgrade from my DC59 Animal. The battery works for 10secs in MAX mode, and about 5 mins on normal. The cleaner head would also stop occasioanlly but fixed it recently by wiping the contacts near the bin. Great unit, will get the V10ABSOLUTE+ now and get a new battery for the DC59 and give it to my sister.

    Was thinking between the V10 and V11, but the DC59 has been great. We only use it to quickly run around and vacuum a couple of rooms, and still have our fabulous DC65 upright for the main cleaning. The v10 will be fine!

  • Does the V10 Absolute fit the V11 dok?

    • No. Their thickness is slightly different.

  • Will they give invoice?

    • It’s Dyson, so they should do.

    • Yep, they emailed the invoice last night

  • +1

    Thanks, OP! Been waiting months for a sale on the Absolute+. Have a corded Dyson vac which works fine but is way too much of a hassle to dig out so I can't wait for this!

  • I still can’t decide between the Dyson V11 Absolute through Myer ebay for $959.20 or the V10 Absolute for $749 through Dyson Ebay :( Help me obi wan…you’re my only hope.

    • Save $200 and get the V10, it still holds up great and you won't notice the difference during actual vacuuming

      • I kept going back and forth. I am a terrible decision maker. Went with the V10, thank you :)

        • Another option would have been to get the V11 now, and pay on a credit card with price protection, then in a year when V12 is out and V11 can be had for $749, claim the price difference. Although by then the V10 would have dropped too and you could get a price protection claim on that also.

  • This give u good idea V0 vs V11! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oMj2olqmH8A 30% more runnning time

  • +2

    Thanks OP! got one! Used 4 of my Westfield GC's from Amex deal to buy Ebay vouchers from Woolies that helped a bit to further reduce the actual outgo!

  • -1

    Something really weird happened when I made a price protection claim with 28 Degrees (Latitude insurance).

    I bought the item for $799.20 at TGG ebay. It listed as $999 and I used a 20% off code to pay $799.20. They did not ask for any proof of purchase price when I made a price protection claim for the current price of $749. But I provided the proof anyway.

    I explained clearly that I paid $999 of which $799.20 was paid via 28 Degrees, and 20% off as a discount promo code, and that I would like to pay for the price difference to be refunded of $799.20 - 749 = $50.20.

    Instead of refunding me $50.20 they sent me an email saying my claim was approved and I'd be refunded $200. Weird. Someone stuffed up.

    I will inform them about this though, because I don't want to get in trouble with them. If you receive money from the bank in error and don't fess up it could be some kind of fraud crime. Don't want to risk it. Would be nice having a $599 V10 with Dok though…

  • Grrrrr! My Dyson V10 Absolute arrived today. Unpacked, read the instructions. Put on charge, flashing red light indicating it’s broken and I need to contact Dyson, FFS I didn’t even get to use it. $750 for a broken vacuum :(