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1/2 Price Lavazza Coffee Beans or Grounds 1kg $15 @ Woolworths


Last time it was this price was back in June, so may be time to stock up again.

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    From experience, the Aldi roasted beans are much better for the grinder, and @ $12.50 a kilo, cheaper too.

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    Absolutely not a bargain.
    These beans can be up to 2 years old, warehoused and then shipped through heat and cold to Australia.

    Especially the ground ones - stale as! If you'd accept a sandwich which is 7 days old and hard and stale to save 20% good for you, but you'd be an idiot. Why do it with your coffee?

    Baybeans delivers at $25/kg, and they're FRESH. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/421411


    this is a good price
    A further 30% off from rewards targeted offer makes it a bargain
    IMO blue version one is the best supermarket coffee around

    Friends (big coffee snobs)have told me how bad my coffee was when i told them it was lavazza.

    Same friends also said how good my coffee is when I told them it was a single Orign boutique blend $80 per kilo.

    The only difference was the second taste testing had being sitting in my grinder for 4 more days