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$150 off $1000 Spend (E.G Note 10+ 256GB $1039, Note 10 Single SIM 256GB $899 (Expired)) @ Samsung Education Store


Greetings everyone, just spotted this over at Unidays, you can get a further $150 over $1000 spend at the Samsung education store and makes these phones amazing prices!

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Single SIM: $899 Expired
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Hybrid SIM: $1039 Expired

Please note, the coupon is case sensitive so make sure to apply the one in the OP. Coupon is single-use.

The coupon ($150 off $1000 Spend) seems to expire on 20/10/2019, however marking the deal expiry as 22/9/2019 due to the main deal being for these phone prices.

As always, enjoy :)

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          The discount is already applied for that specific case. No code needed

          • @mondo: Seems like there is no discount for the Ultra Hybrid Hard Clear Cover

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      Got a Spigen Tough Armor for my partner whist he waits for the UAG Camo to be released. Not sure what I’ll get for my one - most likely a Spigen Ultra Hybrid as it’s been my go to on all my iPhones. I always order via ProGadgets on eBay.

      • I walk in - the service is terrible but the product is great :)

      • +1

        Thank you. Bought the Spigen Tough Armor…. for peace of mind.

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      Ringke case FTW

    • Caseology have a good line up.

  • Thanks OP - just got a black Note 10+, great price and over the moon.

  • can i use a friends tafe account email? or only uni students?

    • as long as it has edu.au u should be fine

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    OOS again…by the way is it easy to transfer files (notes, photos, music) from an iPhone 6 to the Note 10+? Never used an Android phone so it will take some time getting used to the new OS.

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      Fairly easy process but all your old iphone photos will be mixed up. I am 10 + years iphone user move to Note 9 and now ordered note 10+ :)

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      If you are new to Android, there’s this thing called app drawer where all your apps is located and you assign which to appear to home screen.
      If you don’t like this arrangement and want all your apps appear on the home screen ala ios, you can do this with new Samsung UI. Go to Settings, Display, Home screen, Home screen layout, and choose Home screen only. Coming from ios myself and I don’t like app drawer.
      Let me know if you need help in transferring bookmarks from ios Safari to Samsung Browser.

  • +3

    No stock!

    • What time were you up looking..

  • :)

  • out of stock again… so quick

  • Hi Guys after 10 years and getting ripped off looking to switch how can take advantage of this promo. I dont have a unidays acc nor am i a student.

    • +1
      1. Did you go to university and have access to an alumni student email address or know someone who has one? All you need to do is verify with a .edu.au email to be eligible.
      2. You don't need Unidays because the code is generic (the code in the OP works for anyone who has access to the education portal)
      • thanks for the comment, unfortunately no uni email access. Dam for once I did not want to spend over $1000 for a phone and ditch apple.

    • How were you ripped off?

  • Is this an SD855 or an Exynos version?

  • No stock again.

  • No Stock. :(

  • +4

    Something oddly satisfying about getting a new Samsung phone on day of IPhone launch. Well played Samsung

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    Bought the black note 10+ yesterday from this deal, overnight shipping and on its way for delivery already this morning. The most I've ever spent just to save a few hundred bucks, didn't even need a new phone. :(

    • Oh boy do I know that feeling…

  • Has anyone received their tracking yet? I received a dispatched email yesterday but no tracking information so far. It says via SMS but still nothing.

    • you can get the tracking number from the live chat, they gave it to me

      • Sweet, got it and it's been delivered!!

        • Is it from Auspost or courier service? Idk if it's the phone or something else from ozbargain sales recently haha

          • +1

            @agalea101: Mine is from Auspost, but only left a card in my mailbox reminding me to pick up in the post shop tomorrow.

          • +1

            @agalea101: the tracking number that i received was from Startrack

            • @jo32011: Thanks guys. Yeah it's weird it went to Sefton? I'm like wtf did I prefer from Sefton

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    back in stock again

    • Nice, just as mine got delivered lol.

    • Yes, waiting since last night and just took the bait. Hope it lives up to the hype.

  • Can this be used to charge the note 10+?


    Its a 30W charger, with two ports - 18W(Max) QC3.0 Port + 12W(Max) 2.4A Port

    • Yes, but only at up to 18 watts. The charger in the box will support up to 25 watts. The difference is minimal.

  • New stock added for Note10+ Aura Glow

  • Picked up the black plus. Might be easier to sell.

    • The Aura Glow seems to be in more demand and has generally sold out first - I would imagine the same in the 2nd hand market. Not the colour for me but it seems popular.

      • No they just have more black in stock. Mostly teenie boppers buying glow.

        • +1

          Depends. My last few phones have been black because I like the sleek, somewhat "professional" appearance. But I was up for something different this time around so got glow. Bling bang…

          • +1

            @BugsBunnyAUS: My partners black just arrived. Got to say it looks quite nice. I ordered the glow (haven't seen the colour in real life) but I've decided I'll either refuse delivery or sell it for the price I paid. Going to stick with my iPhone for now.

            • @luztra: Fair enough. I might regret, but same as you decided if I really don't like, I will sell it on or return to Samsung. Never even seen the damn phone in person so no idea if it will be too big for my liking. Damn impulses.

              That said the more I have seen of the glow on youtube, the more I like it. It is a bit blingy but it doesn't seem that bad unless you are really trying to show it off.

              • +1

                @BugsBunnyAUS: Yes, it looks quite nice. I am having second thoughts about selling it now. I set up my partners last night (he has absolutely no idea how to set a phone up) and played with it quite a bit. It actually feels much better in my hand compared to my iPhone XS Max. As much as I love my iPhone XS Max, I am wondering if its time to move on (I am not dropping $2000 on another iPhone).

  • I placed an order. it says "Waiting for Approval". Does anyone get this order status ?

    • +1

      Yes that is normal. It will update in a day or so (maybe Monday considering the weekend coming up)

      • Thanks Mate. Now i can sleep well.

    • +1

      Mines @ "Preparing Dispatch" T_T and still no updated. Placed order yesterday at 5:25pm

      Looks like I wont be spending my weekend with the Note 10+

      • +1

        It was never going to come on Friday if you ordered that late, unfortunately.

        • +1

          So tempting as I have the 1,189 Note 10+ box unopened infront of me… sigh

          • +3

            @kehuehue: You will get it Monday so just hold out. It's $150 saved…

          • @kehuehue: I have the same issue - other one is at the Post Office for collection in the morning :)

            • @OZzieME: couldnt find the post office option. I got the email for dispatch, but no sms yet.

  • Got the aura glow note 10 plus. Get in there quick!

  • Bought the note. But note plus appears to be more popular. How do you find having a larger phone in your pocket.

  • If you want to return, who pays the shipping?

    • Probably best ask Samsung…

  • Got one now suggest me some cool cover case..
    Thank you

    • +1

      Apparently it comes with a basic silicone cover. Personally I'm going to wait and see how I like the look of the phone in that before buying anything else - pretty keen to keep the minimalist look. The usual suspects (e.g. Spigen, Ringke) are highly regarded.

    • What’s the magic word?

      • blow me?

  • +1

    going to be an interesting experience upgrading from an s7 to a note 10+

    • Coming from iPhone SE here :)

      • +2

        Our pockets will never be the same haha

        • thinking of going from an S5. is the note 10+ much better than just the note 10?

  • Hey OP,

    Thank you so much for the code, your toilet stops always be satisfying!

  • Finally bit the bullet and pulled the trigger. Both colours were available and almost got Aura Glow but then decided it's too bling for my style so got the Black instead. Can someone please link to a good solid Case and screen protector for it.

  • Startrack messed up my order again, they couldn't find my address and i was told that they would drop it off at a post office

  • should i go aura glow just because it's popular? I'm a black kinda guy.

  • Does Note 10+ or Note 10 come with a screen protector installed out of the box?

    • +3


  • Ordered using my son's edu account

    • +3

      Kids with benefits.

      • Yes. Normally it's the other way around… 😂

  • Damn doesn't work for the GOV website? :(

  • Doesn't seem to work anymore

  • ???

  • I already bought one but has anyone tried price matching at stores ie JB HiFi or officeworks?

    • The jbhifi i went to does not match as its edu portal.

    • +1

      As I stated earlier…..O/W beat this price by 5%….absolute bargain. JB refused, but no probs at O/W…..good feeling going back into JB to get the case after they refused!

      • Did you have to show a receipt of purchase (if so, are you able to share)? Or, did you just show the potential checkout price?

        • Nah…..just potential checkout price. Bundoora in Vic

          • @bundyoz: Thank you for the information. I think I read that O/W may not price match with coupons etc. so I assume you managed to price match it around $988?

            • +1

              @chmod: 987.05…

              • @bundyoz: Please kindly upload it, you will be saving everyone's time here! :)

                • @andylch: Lol….wish I could because as I said….don't have access atm. Sorry

      • is that with the promo $150 off included?

        • Yep

          • +1

            @bundyoz: Just tried the Burwood store and they declined the price match saying the price is not offering to the public…

            • @wangad: Had no issues at Bundoora…guy even said he'd done one earlier in the day for someone. We were surprised as well especially after JB Greensy had said no for that exact reason.

              • @bundyoz: Ya it was your lucky day, the t&c said the price match excludes coupon code as well

                • +1

                  @wangad: I thought the same, but he's stoked and his mates couldn't believe it either….guess I missed out on Powerball, but he won on this one. He used savings to buy the Tech21 case @ JB's….

        • +3

          Upload the receipt if you don't mind!

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