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$150 off $1000 Spend (E.G Note 10+ 256GB $1039, Note 10 Single SIM 256GB $899 (Expired)) @ Samsung Education Store


Greetings everyone, just spotted this over at Unidays, you can get a further $150 over $1000 spend at the Samsung education store and makes these phones amazing prices!

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Single SIM: $899 Expired
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Hybrid SIM: $1039 Expired

Please note, the coupon is case sensitive so make sure to apply the one in the OP. Coupon is single-use.

The coupon ($150 off $1000 Spend) seems to expire on 20/10/2019, however marking the deal expiry as 22/9/2019 due to the main deal being for these phone prices.

As always, enjoy :)

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            @clem fandango: Sorry…can't do atm as it was my son and he's actually at uni studying atm. But the guy even said they'd order the colours required coz he was tossing up between Aura and black. They only had the black in stock but they said it would only take 24 hours to get Aura in. Told him not to risk it…..

            • @bundyoz: If you could upload that'd be great, rather than ordering from Samsung.

            • @bundyoz: Smart not to risk it for the colour. Well done to your son for getting the price match, given be probably shouldn't have got it!

              • @BugsBunnyAUS: If anyone is able to get it successfully price matched today let me know ..tried Doncaster Melbourne but was declined

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    Unidays coupon still works…

  • no more stock :(

    • Do you think they'll restock over the weekend?

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        The deal is supposed to end tomorrow…but I am sure Samsung will do similar offers again and again (to compete with iPhone 11, Pixel 4 and Mate 30). Hope we see sub $1k prices this year.

        • hopefully

        • That's what I thought for the s10's but never saw the 'same rate' of sale again.

  • Anyone have a link pls pm me happy to pay for it.


  • Just price matched at OfficeWorks Freo in WA after O'Conner refused due to voucher. Note 10+ black for $987.05. Used screenshot of checkout from previous post. Thanks!

    • Which screenshot? Or, can you upload it?

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        Here's a screenshot I uploaded earlier for the Note10+

    • You got lucky on the pricematch, as OW should of refused based on their policy:

      1. Cashback and coupon offers (i.e. supplier cashback or reduced price available via paper coupon or electronic codeword)
      2. Commercial quantities and pricing (i.e. a reduced price not available to the public)
    • Hey when they price matched did they ask if you were a student as well?

      • yeah was lucky. First place was close to pricematching but didn't have stock so the young guy asked a more experienced person re ordering it in and that's when they saw the price difference and asked more questions etc. Voucher/coupon then made it invalid.

        Second place, almost no questions asked. Just looked at the screenshot, checked that it included shipping, grabbed stock discount applied. No query re coupon, student (I'm not a student anymore) etc.

    • Could you please upload the Officeworks receipt? Would appreciate that heaps.

    • Hi could i get a screenshot to your receipt too please (PM)?

  • Anyone successfully price match Note 10 plus in JB Hifi Sydney?

  • My NSW school email address is @education.gov.au not .edu.au . How can I access this offer ??

    • Did you try signing up with that email? If it doesn't let you then I think you should contact Samsung and let them know that not all schools use edu.au - because they should update their systems to match. You should also complain to your school because NSW should use edu.au - it's literally what the domain is for, and it allows things like this to work.

  • Today is the last day and it has been OOS since this am … doubt this will be available for purchase in the next few hours.

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      Friday was their day of restocking cause they dont work on weekend

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    Although advertised at minus 20% on the main store page the S10 Plus is actually available at minus 30% and can be combined with promotion code, bringing it down to 899.30 in case someone missed out or doesn't need the pen.

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      Nice it seems the discount for s10 has increased to 30%

  • My NOte 10 plus is just delivered.

  • the price for note 10 has gone up

    • sale ended yesterday

      Edit: and Note plus on stock now

  • Out of topic.
    Anyone notice of this one ? I almost go to store to change one.

  • Prices gone back up even without the discount code. Looks like it was an iPhone launch disruption sale hahahha https://imgur.com/a/kXnidcQ

  • Anyone else's order still under preparing dispatch? Ordered 2pm Friday.

    • same here

      • They just sent a message that it would arrive tomorrow.

        • Received it this afternoon and it's great!

          • @nulled: That's definitely not "1 to 2 business days shipping"

    • Same - ordered Fri 11pm

    • edit: Just received email "Your goods are on the way!"


    • Ordered on Friday 4/5PM, received the mighty note 10 plus today at around 2:30 PM
      I'm lovin' it

    • Yeah, mine was the same and I ordered Thursday at 2pm. Apparently they ran out of stock of certain models and are slowly getting through the orders. My case arrived today but no phone hah.

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      My order doesn't exist because they were out of stock every time I tried! :(

      Sent from my rapidly dying old crappy phone :P

      • Buy the S10/S10+?

        • Using a phone without a stylus is like driving a car without a horse!

          I have a Note 4 currently (hence why it's slow and failing) but I do actually like and use the stylus so still trying to find a good price on a 10+ if I can. Unsurprisingly, there's a lot appearing on Gumtree, eBay and Facebook Marketplace at the moment so I'm hopeful I'll find something if I keep looking!

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      I got an sms to say it's on the way!

      • Received it yesterday.. such a great phone

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    Come on Samsung, more Note 10 deals please :)

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    Ordered note plus on Friday and got it on Monday.. Awesome phone. Bye bye overpriced Apple.. Back to Android now :-)

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      Yes. I understand Apple Phones are premium but I can't say it is $1000 worth better than Note 10 Plus. Bye Bye Apple ~

      • Exactly.. We are getting a much better device at almost half the price. Need to be rational rather than being a sheep :-)

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    I paid the $1189 price when the deal was first posted. My price protection from 28 degrees has already been approved, I got email confirmation. So $150 added back into my account.

    • Nice. Can you please advise what do you need for price protection application?

      • Do you have a 28degrees credit card with shoppers protection? If so just fill out online claim form. Don't need to show proof, they investigate themselves.

        • Yes. I have the 28degrees card but never tried the shoppers protection feature. THanks for the reply.

        • So they had access to the education store and the UNiDAYS discount, and then paid on that price? That’s awesome

          • @clem fandango: I called to add the shopper's protection features to the my 28 degrees card and they told me they are no longer provide that service to new card holder.

            I am so disappointed now. :(

            • @ozizoy: Their site makes it look like the product is still available. I was about to apply for a card on that basis.

    • If applying new 28 degree card have price protection?

  • If you have kids in school their emails will work as well.

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    Has anyone else who ordered the Note 10 Aura Glow (Single Sim) been hit by stock issues? I ordered at 1pm on Thursday 19 September 2019 and I'm being told they were out of stock despite it being in stock online and going out of stock several times after that. Apparently they won't have stock for a while. Starting to regret my shift from Apple now…

    • I ordered my note 10+ 5g for $1399 on 12th September and was only sent yesterday.

  • Current price is $1209 :(

  • Anyone has a recipe / screenshot with Note10+ 5g version?

  • So to use the price protection on Apple, any store offering the phone for full RRP price, then provide you with some gift cards to use?

  • I ordered mine on Friday last week around 5pm and on Tuesday it said it was dispatched but I didn’t get any tracking number, so I called them yesterday and they told me it hasn’t been dispatched yet and it’s still in the warehouse. The operator told me he would put this as a priority and tell the guys in the warehouse to ship it soon.

    I also have found out that the numbers after the dash in your order number is the tracking number as well and I have tried it through and it shows up. But it says pending still so I got call them again to see what’s happening. Why u gotta do this Samsung, sad lyfe

    • I ordered mine last thursday and got it on Friday lunch time. Also received a sms from Star Track about my tracking.

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    hey guys i just want check if anyone is having the same problem as me, my phone hasn't arrived yet from samsung (ordered it last friday)and no sms from startrack. Been calling samsung and they said they have escalated the situation and will contact me soon with a update. They even say it is a common problem with their customers not receiving their goods in time as it is the couriers fault.

    I just wanted to know if anyone is in the same boat as me.

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      yeah. It happened to me about 2 years ago. It's just unlucky that you haven't received it yet. Mine was with Optus and courier was Startrack.
      NOte 10 plus is really nice comparing to Note 9. Hope you receive it today.

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      Nop. We ordered two on 2 separate transactions to get discount on both and both arrived next day from order date. They even delivered after work hours. No dramas.

      Did notice the delivery label has incorrect contact number printed on both instances. Realized that when my wife got calls from an annoyed delivery person trying to reach someone else for their delivery.

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      Same boat, ordered a Note 10 black on Friday 20th Sept with express delivery. It was a no-show for a week before I contacted Samsung, who basically gestured at some mistake at the courier fumbling a bunch of orders. They weren't even able to give an ETA on when the issue will be fixed.

      I'm not really angry about the situation at the moment, but I did tell them that if I didn't hear back in a week I'd be lodging a complaint with a relevant regulatory body. Someone has to impose some kind of schedule on resolving the situation one way or another.

      The ACCC outlines consumer rights in this kind of situation and relevant agencies to contact with complaints here: https://www.accc.gov.au/consumers/sales-delivery/non-deliver...

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        I’ve been told that they’ve run out of stock until mid-week despite showing as in stock when I purchased and that it will be shipped then.

        Samsung seem to have no idea regarding the ACL.

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          Can confirm that this is probably the case. Same issue as above, purchased Note 10+ Aura on Friday 20th Sept and got an email that it was dispatched on Monday 23rd Sept but no tracking number from Startrack. Called the hotline maybe 50 times and got through twice, first time was Thursday 26th Sept and they escalated the issue and said Startrack upgraded their system over weekend and must have lost the tracking number as Samsung never received one, then marked the item as lost but advised to wait. Second was Monday 30th Sept and they kept me on hold for an hour while investigating before hanging up. Contacted Live Chat maybe 5 times in total and no one was ever able to provide a tracking number or any help.

          Contacted Live Chat again today and magically they were able to provide a tracking number which on Startracks site says it was received today for delivery tomorrow.

          Definitely oversold and either incorrectly sent out a dispatch email, or they lied on purpose and gave the affected people the runaround until stock came in to fulfill the orders.

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            @Emceecool: Thanks for the response's guys,

            Had the same problems as you guys, i tried contacting them through live chat and every time they say to me that i should call instead cause online they don't have enough resources.

            When i call them it takes forever to get hang of them (took me 15 tries to get them). And when they do answer they said that they are really sorry (and blame the startrack) and that there are 60 people in the list (including my-self) that haven't gotten their phones yet and should receive it by Friday this week.

            I really hope they send it by Friday to everyone.

    • Hassle live chat for a tracking number, chances are they dispatched today like mine and the original dispatch email on Monday/Tuesday was sent out incorrectly or a straight up lie

    • Not bad..

    • Could have got the 10+ for that price when this deal was active.

      • +2

        really looking forward getting the 899$ deal on the Note10 back

      • I want the Hybrid Sim Note 10+ at the $1049.20 price point too
        UNiDAYS code accepted but no discount?

  • What is the current Edu pricing on the note 10 / 10 plus?

  • +1

    Galaxy Note10 (Single Sim) $1199 - $150
    Galaxy Note10+ (Hybrid Sim) - $1359 - $150 but still out of stock

  • Seems like they have disabled the code? Has anyone else tried it?

    Live Chat Said:
    It means you are eligible to receive the free Galaxy Buds.
    The free Galaxy Buds promo cannot be combined with the Unidays promo.

    • Just tested the code and it still valid.

      Note code is single use and only valid on the Samsung Education Store.

      • Any idea of the galaxy buds promotion is available with this code?

        • +1

          Yes, according to multiple users in this thread.

          • -3

            @RichardL: Sorry, I'm very late to the party. Is there any way to get this deal without edu email? Or any edu email to spare? :p keen on note10+ after seeing it in action. Thanks