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Samsung Galaxy S10+ 128GB $1049.20, S10 128GB $929.20 Delivered (+ Bonus Samsung Galaxy Buds) @ Samsung Education Store


Combine both the '$150 off $1000 Spend' + 'Bonus Samsung Galaxy Buds'

Also Eligible for the Samsung Galaxy Buds Promotion (Price after $150 discount):

  • Galaxy Note10 256GB (Single Sim) - $1049.20 Delivered
  • Galaxy Note10+ 256GB (Hybrid Sim) - $1209.20 Delivered
  • Galaxy Note10+ 5G 512GB (Single Sim) - $1449.20 Delivered
  • Galaxy Tab S6 WiFi 128GB 256GB (Blue) - $889.20 Delivered (Currently cheaper from TGG eBay - $879.20)
  • Galaxy Tab S6 4G 128GB - $1049.20 Delivered

From Samsung Galaxy Buds Promotion 2019 T&Cs:

“Samsung Online Store” means any online portal operated by Samsung in Australia through which eligible consumers or businesses can purchase the Participating Products, including Samsung’s e-store in Australia (accessible at the URL https://shop.samsung.com/au) and the Samsung Education Store.

Original Bonus Samsung Galaxy Buds Deal

Original $150 off $1000 Spend Deal

Note: Samsung Galaxy Buds Promotion 2019 T&C also states:

(b) This Promotion is not valid in conjunction with any other Samsung offer or promotion.

Therefore, may not be eligible for the Samsung Galaxy Buds Promotion Update: Still eligible according to sohel03 & Aznk00lb01 (I'm still waiting for an email response from Samsung Promotion Team to confirm in writing).

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    Not sure this will go through unfortunately: Condition (b) states: This Promotion is not valid in conjunction with any other Samsung offer or promotion.

    The 'UNiDAYS' code is technically a promotion. Thoughts?

    EDIT: Spelling mistake on original post.

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    Free buds promo ends on 25/11/2019.


    Is it worth waiting for a better deal on the Note 10+? It was cheaper in the old deal.


      Just note that the $150 off $1000 spend ends on 22nd October.


        Thanks for the update on that! I hope they restock the Note 10+ plus by then. I am guessing the Galaxy Buds Offer is there til November?


    Would like to edit the costing above:

    the Samsung tab s6 for $889.20 is actually the 256 GB model (Comes in blue only) - Meaning this deal is actually better than the good guys deal of $879.20 + $8.50 shipping totaling #887.70.

    The 128GB one (Blue or gray) is going for $879.20 so if you want to use this code it isn't over $1,000 alone.
    You can combine it with the keyboard $159.20 making total of $1,038.40 - $150.00 comes to $888.40.
    (This is the deal that I went with so I know it works and this is only 70c more than TGG deal but comes with a kepboard and from Samsung direct with free express delivery)

    Of course this deal is only for those with educational store account so for those who dont have I guess TGG deal is ok.


    Bought S10. Called Samsung, confirmed $150 off and buds can stack. So, 929-170 (ebay price for buds, will sell it, already got one. amazing products by the way, I think even better than sony 1000xm3, I sold my sony in 3 days, cannot stand for its stupid as when take off the earphone, it is still playing)= 760, GREAT deal.


      I bought s10 for my wife when it is released. Dual sim + snapdragon 855 for China version, $1299 and free Samsung wireless charger. Turns out these two things do not matter much!


      Hi @kobe8tang,
      I am thinking of ordering a S10 straight from the Samsung website too.
      Did you end up buying the 128g or 512g version?? I am thinking perhaps it might be better off buying the micro SD card myself?
      Also, I don't think the code UNiDAYS plus the earbuds can be stacked together when checking out (as there as no code for earpbuds?? I think the earbuds need to be redeemed separately)

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        You have to claim the Galaxy Buds through this link


          Has anyone claimed the buds and had them delivered (or at least dispatched?)

          I submitted my claim on Thursday and it was approved (by email) 10 mins later, but since then I haven't heard anything….


            @gaz3342: Hi @gaz3342, I just bought a S10 via the Samsung Education Centre. However, when I went to the redemption page and keyed in the IMEI #, thge page says the IMEI # is invalid. Can you advise if you used an IMEI or SN # to redeem the air buds please? Thanks :)


              @sakura783: Make sure you use the IMEI number like in the screenshot. It stops at the backslash


                @Eatoff: Has anyone managed to redeem the earbuds?

                I have just received my note 10+ and sent in a claim for the earbuds.

                Email received :Thank you for registering for the Samsung Galaxy Buds Promotion 2019.

                Your Claim has been successfully submitted!

                Fingers crossed.

                Oh by the way is it the norm that they have included a free transparent phone cover together with the note 10+? It was a nice gesture and surprise tbh.


                  @FlindersStud: Note 10s come with a silicone case in the box. My redemption has been approved, but not shipped yet. Says it can take up to 4 weeks to ship.

                  You have to log in to the redemption site to check status, they don't notify via email when it's been approved

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                  @FlindersStud: Submitted claim on 10th Oct, received email 10 mins after submitting saying claim had been approved, dispatched Tuesday 22nd, delivered today (Melbourne metro).


                    @gaz3342: Submitted claim on 23rd Oct, sent a chaser yesterday, received email: Your claim has been validated and approved as of October 30, 2019 and is currently being processed.

                    Hope that it will reach me before end of November for my overseas trip.


    Can I avail of TRS while buying from the Samsung Education Store?

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    out of stock on the Note 10+, hopefully they will restock soon. Also the $150 code ends 20th October.


    Took the plunge this morning. 2 JB stores and office works all refused to match this price. Lowest any would go was $1350 (staff pricing).

    Now to redeem those galaxy buds


    Does the Edu store do trade in?


    This morning I went to JB to see S10s and Note 10s in action. I've never gotten a Galaxy Note before, even though I've gone through S4 & S7 phones already. Would anyone share what they'd recommend: to buy a Note 10 or Note 10+?? Which one might be of better value??

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      Note10+ for better screen(also biggger), better battery life and more ram. Everything else is pretty much the same!


    Is there any note 10/+ in stock?

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