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$150 off $1000 Spend (E.G Note 10+ 256GB $1039, Note 10 Single SIM 256GB $899 (Expired)) @ Samsung Education Store


Greetings everyone, just spotted this over at Unidays, you can get a further $150 over $1000 spend at the Samsung education store and makes these phones amazing prices!

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Single SIM: $899 Expired
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Hybrid SIM: $1039 Expired

Please note, the coupon is case sensitive so make sure to apply the one in the OP. Coupon is single-use.

The coupon ($150 off $1000 Spend) seems to expire on 20/10/2019, however marking the deal expiry as 22/9/2019 due to the main deal being for these phone prices.

As always, enjoy :)

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  • Thanks OP

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    Great pricing, better put it as targeted though. Joe blow cant get this…

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    can we get it without edu email?

  • which one has the micro sd card? My Bloody Samsung phones die after 2 years of heavy use and fast charging.

    • Note+ , so double check on gsmarena

      • Lost all my important stuff in Secure FOlder one time so I feel like murdering them.

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          I've never trusted anybody Samsung "S" apps, this bloat is the only reason I'm not upgrading to another Samsung

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            @otter-raptor: Yeah you shouldn't. I used Secure Folder for the first time so I didn't have a back up and then the logic board goes to shit and they tell me we can't recover the data. :(

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              @Numlock: I mean I can understand your frustration but you're literally complaining about the fact that the encrypted storage did it's job…

              Also secure folder is a fantastic addition if you think outside of just using it to hide your suspect pics and vids.

              It effectively creates an entirely new phone which you can use simultaneously to run second installations of apps for example. I use secure folder and uber for example to create new accounts using cheap/free Sim cards.

              Is also very useful if you have to use your phone for work purposes as you can effectively split all your work apps and contacts away from your personal ones.

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                I mean I can understand your frustration but you're literally complaining about the fact that the encrypted storage did it's job…

                But but but but my photos are gone :(

                They couldn't even recover my unencrypted data on the internal storage. Told me to take it to a specialist. I was like FU and give me a replacement.

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                  @Numlock: That’s not weird either… specially if the board or chipset has died … backup your stuff u don’t want to hide … so many cloud storage providers out there loll … you can also encrypt them in the cloud and keep the keys on multiple devices… you wouldn’t trust your stuff on one Hard disk on a pc I don’t see why phones are different…

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                @Shekster: I know I will be canned on this but feel sorry for Numlock! How long is a minute depends on which side of the toilet door you are!

                • @soyea: hehehe everyone has felt his pain but yeh… back up it's always been the case and it'll continue to be no matter what devices we use

              • @Shekster:

                I use secure folder and uber for example to create new accounts using cheap/free Sim cards.

                thank you. handy tip. will install all apps in secure folder now hehehe

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    Just tried the code in Woolworths EPP , didn't work (as expected 😁)

  • Aura Glow for Note 10 Plus is sold out :(

    • Yep, sadly. I wouldve bought one if it was instock

      • same but black seems nice too

        • I have the black, it's very nice. It's more like a dark navy, and pretty much just looks like a black mirror.

          • +1

            @igunth27: got the black too, checked out aura glow in the store and did not like the trippy colors - reminded me of cheap childhood toys.

  • Wondering what the classifieds people (telstra/vodafone) will now start to sell their codes at?

    • There's no market for them…

    • they're selling at above 150. Wonder how long can they keep at it.

    • Staff get the Plus for $800 and Plus5G for $1000.

      • not dual sim model with telcos

        i think retail like HN do get all options

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    Man the note 10 will be $799 come black friday sales.

    • I am eagerly waiting for that with my price protection mhuwahahahah

  • Ouch! I just received mine this week at the $1189 price :(

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      Buy another at this price and return it as the other pruchase (if they don't track the IMEI sold) - if not, credit card have price protection?

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        If the box has been opened,Samsung will not accept change of mind return

        • -1

          mate, buy a second phone and pretend it's the original. how is that hard to understand?

          • @Sage: Mate, cheat!

            • @Okayy: Unfortunately mine was Aura glow which is now out of stock. I feel returning a different colour would be pushing it lols.

              • @plasmapuff: hahaha, go the full mile and say you got the wrong colour 'not as described' (i'm kidding dont do this lol)

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          people downvote for no reason, I am just stating the truth it is stated on their policy…

      • Does anyone know if they track the IMEI? It's not on my invoice.

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          It it's not on the invoice, you're probably in the clear mate

          • @paraneoplastic: Just go in with the story you bought one the same week as your girlfriend got you one as an anniversary present. Just gotta return one. Then if they're like this receipt matches another IMEI you can be like, oh I musta got the two boxes mixed up.

      • I thought about this too but noticed that while the printed invoice doesn't have IMEI displayed, the online order/invoice does… Wonder if anyone's tried and succeeded?

      • Just called Samsung support the guy explained the warehouse will check the serial number and process refund accordingly. And an opened box will not be accepted unless there is something wrong.

        • Thanks for clarifying. No go on the reorder and return then :(

      • they track the IMEI number, if you log on to your account and go to order, select "view" , you will see the IMEI number of the item

    • Damn it, I also bought at $1189 last week. Absolutely love the phone though

    • Same. Didn't expect to be using price protection so soon.

      • Yeah super pissed :-(

        • Please clarify if I'm wrong. I don't think Coles or 28 Degrees Price Protection would accept the claim as this deal is not available to the public. (Not sure if a coupon code would affect the eligibility, but does a targeted deal/pricing disqualify your claim?)

          • @Bargain Fighter: I'm not certain, but I purchased a week ago from the same store (edu portal) so I expect they will.

            • @ToastySteve: 28 Degrees will approve.

              • @luztra: Do you have a screenshot of the price at $1039? Just in case 28 degrees ask for it.

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                  @freezingpoint: Yeah, I took one. Sing out if you need a copy.

                • @freezingpoint: tell me how it goes? I want to wait for black friday to get a better payback.

                  Also does 28 degrees compare with the same store or different stores are allowed (eg officeworks etc)

                  • +1

                    @kehuehue: Any Australian retailer (with valid ABN I think). Can claim unlimited times as long as it's up to $1k and within a year.

                  • +1

                    @kehuehue: You can submit multiple claims on the same item, but yeah, doesn't hurt to wait. I'm sure it'll be much cheaper during sales in 12 months, than it is now.
                    Yeah 28" will match any AU store selling the exact same model and colour.
                    Edit - yep, as FreezingPoint said.

      • The same here, can you please share the screenshot with the discount applied.

    • May I ask what's the price shown in the invoice?
      Is that $1699 or $1189?

      • My invoice shows $1189

        • Thanks

  • bought one, although I prefer the Aura Glow, but at this price i am happy with the black !

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    you can get Galaxy Tab S6 4G 128G with this discount as well. come down to $889‬ with express shipping

  • @Doweyy mate you told me you were going to skip on the Note but you're still looking up deals for it hahaha

    • +1

      Haha! I swear I wasn't looking at it still, just saw the ad on Unidays and had to post it because of the prices lol!

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    Great price and all but seems a bit of a dick move to discount more after many bought?

  • Both note 10+ & 10+ 5g out of stock…

    • +4

      Note 10+ Aura Black is still showing as in stock?

  • Damn and here I was happy with me getting OW to price match the other deal meaning I paid $1120 or so

  • Wow is there a coupon expiry?

    • According to Unidays, the code expires on Offer ends 20th Oct 2019, but I think this specific device pricing ends 22/9/2019.

  • +3

    meanwhile a 2 years old iPhone 8 Plus still cost 1029$ for 128GB

    • I think this is samsung trying to flood the market prior to the iphone release…

    • If Apple was smarter they would subsidise their phones a bit, knowing that they will recoup the profits from App Store, Apple Music, arcade, tv subscriptions.

      • lol, apple never sold anything with a loss so 'subsidise' would be impossible

        • They didn’t need to in the past due to their market share and followers, but that is slowly declining, and would decline faster if Huawei wasn’t going through it’s issues.

      • If Apple were smarter they would be worth a trillion dollars.

  • Had no issues getting to the Samsung education store a week ago. Fast forward a couple days and I break the screen on my 2year old phone. Fast forward to the time of this deal and now I'm being asked for verification of the education email I no longer have access to, when I got in a week ago no issues :(

  • Tempted to sell my Note 9 for it…

    • Do it as I did. Relegated to old man :)

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    Seems like the code can only use once? I want to purchase another one but not working

    • Would like to know this too, need 2 for my wife and I.

  • Just checked the Note 10 specs as I had not really looked into it. Does it really have fewer pixels than an S8? That doesn't make sense….

    • 401ppi from memory. Not sure about S8

    • Yes. 1080p vs 1440p.

    • Yes that's correct for whatever reason the Note 10 is 1080p while the Note 10+ (and S8) are 1440P… Unsure if it's actually noticeable but assume a cost cutting step.

    • Yeh spend the extra $100 for the note 10+. 1080p on a $900 phone is a joke.

      • +3

        Iphone 11 is $1199 with 720p LCD screen ;)

      • +1

        i cant see difference between 1080p and 1440p on s10, and 1080p native is better than 1080p on 1440p. i think 1440p is a joke, absolutely no need until 7'' or more.

    • My S10 is 1440 and I set to 1080 to save battery. Even looking closely at photos I really can't tell the difference.

      • I went from an S8 to a P20 pro, and I could tell the drop in ppi.

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