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The ICONIC - 20% Cashback (Was 4%) @ ShopBack


Nice cashback increase for The Iconic.

Note -

  • Purchases through THE ICONIC App not eligible for cashback.

Stack with: Existing Deal: 30% off 37,000 Assorted Styles at The Iconic

Referral Links

Referral: random (4022)

$20 for referrer, $10 for referee after first confirmed cashback (minimum purchase $20, exclusions apply) and adding banking details.

Exclusions: Any other Shopback new customer bonus offers; Purchases from Uber, Kayo Sports, DoorDash, Hayu, Accor Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels Group, ShopBack Vouchers (Gift Cards), Woolworths Gift Cards, Circles.Life (list subject to change)

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  • +9

    nice, stack with amex

  • +1

    Stack further with the AMEX offer for ones who were targeted

  • Doesn't stack with $25 "we miss you" codes I presume?

  • Damn placed a big order with Cashrewards last night

  • +6

    So you guys didn't have any issue with "The Iconic" and their cashback on Sept 9? Mine is still under investigation and this puts me off now from purchasing with them? It was my first time to shop with The Iconic and after potentially losing $30, I don't want to shop with them until it is resolved.

    • +3

      I think they wait until your free returns period is over.

    • Did it track? Pending is fine
      You should only contact their support if a genuine purchase doesn't track.

  • +1


    • Also keen to know re this!

      • Some clothing items are cheap, didn’t see any men’s boots on sale, 20% cashback would apply though

        Edit: Bought RM Williams overnight bag, Blundstone dress boots and a bow tie for $201, AMEX and Shopback $80 back so $121 total is pretty good

        • the overnight bag after 20% AND AMEX comes to $273, unless I did something wrong?

          Oh you're talking about the canvas one…

          • +1

            @roddo: Yep. Canvas one is $56. Looks similar to country road ones

  • Using the shopback cash buddy and it does not seem to be activating on The Iconic Site

  • +1

    Any idea when this ends?

    • Also interested to know this

    • +1

      Cashback ends midnight tonight.

    • +2

      The deal says today

  • I buy heaps from the iconic but i do also sent some things back.
    Curious to know, if say I purchased $300 of item and sent half back for a credit or refund.
    Is the 20% cashback still applied for the items I kept? Anyone know?

    Also I have a 15% off coupon for a muck up they did with an old order I had.. any idea if is its okay to apply this on top and still get cash back?

    • I did partial return for Adidas shopback. No cashback.

      • Hmmm doesn't really say anything about partial returns but does say about promo codes:

        Tips to ensure Cashback

        To ensure your Cashback is successful:
        Clickthrough ShopBack again if there's any error
        Read Other Terms and Conditions below
        Use only promo codes from ShopBack
        Please note the use of Adblock software may affect your Cashback claim. If installed, please disable your ad blocking software entirely during your shopping sessions.

        Cashback is not qualified for:
        Promo codes or voucher codes not approved by ShopBack
        Returns, exchanges & cancellations
        Purchases using gift cards or store credit
        Purchases of Converse, Tony Bianco, Nike, G Star Raw, Sass & Bide and Jets products are not eligible for Cashback.
        Purchases through THE ICONIC App

        Last time around I had partial store credit, but it was still tracked for the amount I paid on credit card (just not the store credit amount that was used towards the order)

        • I can't see this term, where are you getting this?
          Not qualified for
          Purchases of Converse, Tony Bianco, Nike, G Star Raw, Sass & Bide and Jets products are not eligible for Cashback.

          • @Hallaj: Its on the left when you are on the ShopBack site..

    • I bought a number of items via the shopback app and the cash back was tracked per individual item. I would say that they probably will allow partial returns.

  • -1

    Any caps? TIA

  • +2

    Can anyone recommend some good boots. I don't really wanna spend $500 on RM's. Any other good brands?

    Mainly for work.

  • Thanks OP.

    Picked up a new shoes for a bargain by combining with amex deal!

  • Anyone know if I'm purchasing nike's as part of a bigger order, will the whole order not count for cashback? or just the Nike component?

    • They’re often ruthless with cancelling. May just cancel the whole order.

    • I bought a number of items via the shopback app and the cash back was tracked per individual item. Reckon you'll be fine

  • Thanks recieved my email confirmation

  • +2

    No tracking confirmation yet. Hope it doesn't fail me!

  • Is it just me or checkout is loading forever?

  • For max discount %, purchase $286 worth of items for $200.2, less 20% cashback and $40 Amex cashback, works out to be about $120 all up. About 58% off RRP.

    • +1

      The items are already discounted I believe. So $200 in cart for $120.

  • Great price for Van's that are on sale.

  • I bought through the Iconic link on the Shopback app on my phone. will I still get Cash back? I got a pop up saying that purchases through the iconic app are not tracked…

    • +1

      I think it's a bug. I saw this too from a purchase a few weeks ago but got the confirmation email on cash back tracking.

    • If you bought from shopback app link, why are you worried about cashback not tracking if you use iconic app? I don't understand.

      • Because it popped up in the Shopback app when I finished my purchase. I mean they're offering 20% cash back, it's a lot, I wanna make sure I get it.

      • On the shopback app, it specifically states that you will NOT receive cashback for items bought through the iconic app

    • It means you have to shop from the ShopBack app, ShopBack then opens theiconic.com.au as a webview within its app. So as long as you don’t close that session and try to check out via Iconic’s own smartphone app you should be fine.

  • Can you stack with the sign up $20 offer? Or is that going to void the 20% cashback?

    • +1

      no, u cant stack $20 if the item is discounted.

  • 20% Cashback Guys how used this one..?

  • I went to iconic through shobback site but the shopback extension on chrome doesnot pop up like it usually does.

  • I just put through an order. Shopback has tracked the click, but not the order yet. From experience, that takes a couple of days. Not a bad sale along with the 30% off sale.

    I clicked through on a Windows laptop using Chrome.

    • how do you know whether shopback has tracked the click or not? or do you mean cashback is showing as tracked?

      EDIT: NVM, found it. Didn't know there was a section that shows tracked clicks.

      • Yep, quite useful.

  • Did anyone notice that the tracking emails comes back with a bit less than 20%. In my case, it was 18%. Seems to be a common problem I have with Shopback. The tracking sometimes comes back slightly less than promised. Maybe they take out GST and then calculate the cashback, but I have never fully figured out whether that's what they do.

    • +1

      I'm pretty sure cashback is calculated on your order excluding GST.

      • +2

        Yep, it specifically states "Excludes taxes, fees or additional extras".

  • Disappointing you can't use store credit..

    • what happens when you try to use store credit?

      • No cashback.. I just reordered the same product and will return the original.

  • -1

    So dodge, shopback.

    I spent more than $250 but only receive less than $50 cashback.

    • It's because the cashback is calculated excluding GST. $250 spent would give you $45.45 cashback - 20% of $227.27

    • +1

      At least it tracked, I spend days filing tracking claims and then you're waiting for months to see if it's even processed!

    • So poor at math..

  • Thanks OP. Brought down a pair of jeans from $229 to $131 with Amex offer and $20 off code, crazy!

    • What $20 code did you use?

      I thought they only work on full priced items?

      • Yes I bought a full priced item.

    • which did you get?

  • Ordered around 12 noon. Still no tracking email but click has been registered.

    • I ordered before 10am and still no tracking confirmation either.

  • Put 5 separate orders through since noon to 8pm, and have received each tracking confirmation within 10 minutes of placing order each time.

    • Are they all 20%

  • +1

    ordered through the android app.. no tracking yet..~$60 so better track

    • Still no tracking email :/

      • Same here. I'm skeptical it will track. Looks like I may have to return the items. Did your click track?

        • Yeah, it's in the click history.
          Even used the shopback android app to do the purchase, which is painful as the browser is annoying, to be doubly sure it would work/track

          • @SBOB: Well we placed two orders. One was using SB app on android and the other was on a PC. Neither orders have been tracked yet.
            Didn't have issue with the recent hellofresh order so not sure why this isn't tracking. Usually when it doesn't track within a few hours at the latest, it never tracks at all.

            • @keejoonc: 3 x orders, I hope they track!

  • Any limit on number of transactions (ie can I order multiple,separate orders?)

  • +1

    The 20NEWBIEAFF code from Shopback site doesn't seem to work, even on new accounts.

    Can anyone tell me the condition for that code?

    • Prob only on full priced items like most of their $20 off codes (iconic's).

      Never had any work before, even the emailed ones lol

      • +1

        that makes it pretty useless. No one buys stuff at full price, and $20 off ($99 min spend) is always going to be a worse deal than a sale.

        • Yeah agreed. Was what stopped me buying anything last time haha. Now I got the AMEX offer and 20% CB that's why I'm tempted tho

  • +4

    Just spent $509 on a pair of shoes and 3 jackets.

    My god, what have I done? They're not even cheap by my standards. I think I fell for inflated RRPs minus big discount. They are real RRPs, but you would find them on sale regularly and no one would pay RRP anyway.

    • -2

      Give up your oZB badge

  • I placed 3 orders, last 2 orders tracked within minutes, 1st didn't track yet (clicked through every time). Now waiting 2 days to see if tracking will come through otherwise will need to raise inquiry or return the items as i don't even need them anyway, lol.
    Just making comment if others also have same issue of some orders tracking and some not yesterday.

    • +1

      Still nothing for me on both my orders, which is quite annoying. Basically I would have just wasted my amex offer as I will be returning the items if I can't get the cashback I was expecting to get.

  • +1

    No tracking for me.

    • Yeah I also kept seeing the message about only using the website and not the app after each order (despite using shop back app). Hope it hadn't screwed up!

    • What I have noticed is sometimes when you click through and it opens a new tab, SB will appear in the tab's history. Sometimes it does not. If you are able to press "back" on your browser, or right click to show history of this tab and you see SB as the first page, it should track. But sometimes the retailer you clicked will be the first and only page in that tab's history. There's no record of SB as the first page visited for that tab.

      Whenever the latter happens, I always close the tab and try again until I get SB as the first page in the tab's history.

      I don't know if this is the cause of non-tracking but it's an inconsistency with SB and possibly CR.

  • So has anyone ordered and had tracking confirmed well after placing the order?

    • nope
      no idea how doing it via their own shopback android app didnt show up as tracked. Its like, entirely under their browser

    • +1

      Just got tracking info…
      Crisis averted.

      • I only got tracking for one order, one that was placed later…

  • @gotyourback any idea of non tracked purchases from yesterday's sale at common?

    Bit annoyed as I used the shopback app as well to make sure it tracked.

  • Still no tracking for my purchases either.

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