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1000 Free Pizzas (Pick up) @ Domino's


Dominos giving away 1000 free pizzas following tonight’s game. If GWS win they will give away 1,000 Large Chicken, Bacon & Avocado pizzas. If the Tigers win, they instead give away 1,000 Large Fire Breather pizzas.

Note game is at 230 so it’ll be sometime after that when the winner is announced!

Terms and Conditions
Entrants must follow @Dominos_AU on Instagram. Offer valid for limited time only and while vouchers and stocks last. If GWS win the game on Saturday 29/09/2019 Saturday 28/09/2019, we give away 1,000 Large Chicken, Bacon & Avocado pizzas. If the Tigers win, we will give away 1,000 Large Fire Breather pizzas. Limit one voucher per customer and valid for use until midnight 03/10/2019. Voucher includes one code for either 1 x Large Chicken, Bacon & Avocado pizza OR 1 x Fire Breather, depending on which team wins. Only valid for online purchases via www.dominos.com.au or the Domino’s ordering Apps only. Vouchers are single use only. Minimum delivery order $22. Voucher is not redeemable for cash or transferrable. Domino’s is not affiliated with GWS or the Tigers.

30/9 1135AM URL Updated: Available Now

EDIT: ALL GONE IN 4 MINUTES. Good job to those who were fast/lucky enough to score one

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  • +2

    Bring back the $1 pizza from 2017

  • Will the giveaway be on Facebook or Instagram?

    • +11

      Hate it when companies does that. I don't use social media >:(

    • Insta

    • +3

      First sentence in the T&C's kind of gives that one away

      Entrants must follow @Dominos_AU on Instagram.

      • +2

        Actually the one they had on cheeseburger day said the same thing but was done through their Facebook page.

        • 99% sure it will be another woobox.

  • +23

    1000 is a waste of time the last 5000 were gone in 9 minutes

    • +1

      Yeah exactly. That must be like 5 a store. Not even worth trying.

      • +8

        There are about 700 Dominos stores in Australia, so its more like 1 per store.

    • -4

      9 minutes is longer than my usual performance

      Less than 1 minute is the usual case for ebay

    • Just line up before the doors open, guaranteed you'll be one of those served 1000 unless they refuse or had no knowledge about this and still refuse…

  • The one time I may watch/put on in the background an AFL game. To get me a free pizza

    • What kind of game is AFL?

      • +11

        A Free Large kind of game.

        • Extra broccoli for you.

  • What is Fire Breather pizzas

    • +4

      Pork & fennel sausage, Aussie ground beef, pepperoni, late harvest jalapenos, fresh tomato, red onion topped with chilli flakes

      • +5

        Pork and fennel meatish breadcrumb mix, mince beef, pepperoni, jalapenos from a jar which aren't spicy hence adding chili flakes, tomato, red onion


        I'm not saying it isn't nice or good value. Just that menus are full of BS

    • Game of Thrones official pizza. (For the dragons)

  • How is fire breather 🍕?

    • +2

      Not worthy of the name 'Fire Breather' but it's decent

      • +1

        On a thin and crispy crust eaten fresh or toasted to crisp the base.

    • Not bad honestly has a nice spicy kick to it because of the jalapenos.

  • 1000 pizzas is no bueno. GL all

  • +14

    There's over 700 Domino's locations across Australia. 1000 free pizzas across 700 stores is 1.42 pizzas per store. There are 15,268 cities, towns and villages in Australia, meaning there's 21.8 cities or towns per single Domino's location. With 25.5 million people currently living in Australia the mean residents per city or town is 1,670. This means about 36,425 residents per Domino's store competing for 1.42 pizzas.

    That is ideal conditions though and I don't think anyone outside of Victoria cares about AFL, nor do babies.

    • +4

      You spend too long thinking about this 😂

    • +3

      As a reference point, "Since 2000 there have been 15 fatal shark attacks along the West Australian coast with divers now facing odds of one in 16,000 for a fatal shark bite." -Wikipedia

      • +1

        Lol. If you win a pizza never go surfing again? Or did i miss the point ;)

    • -4

      The only place that doesn't care about the AFL is QLD.

      • +4

        Time to move to qld then

        • Not long, only 10 years.

        • Not long, only half me life ;)

    • +8

      I live in Victoria and I don't care about the AFL.

    • -1

      Victorian babies so care

    • -1

      You don’t think anyone outside victoria follows AFL??!! We are not in Victoria I’ve been a club Member for 18 years, my partner supports a club in another state (Not victorian). Optus stadium fills over 50k for West coast eagles games. You must not be an AFL supporter.

    • I was thinking the same thing myself. While technically it's a giveaway, it's actually closer to a competition.

    • +1

      If anyone outside of Victoria doesn't care about AFL then they sure must have lots of Vic's travelling to SA and WA for such high attendance rates each game in those states. NRL attendance rates however are so embarrassing that Channel 9 has been caught out using old footage to fake the crowd.

  • +1

    If GWS win the game on Saturday 29/09/2019

    Saturday 29/09/2019

    It's the 28th today :^), tomorrow is Sunday but it'll be the 29th. What do we believe?

    • Well, no one is going to win a game on a day that does not exist!
      Dominoes leaving just enough ambiguity in the T&Cs ;-)

    • +1

      Was checking to see if anybody had clarified this (I don't follow AFL), surprised I had to scroll this far to even see it mentioned. Pizza blinders or assumed knowledge?

      For anybody in the same boat, I looked it up and can confirm the game is indeed today the 28th at 14:30 AEST. I don't even want a pizza, what am I doing here? lol

  • +10

    "I love it when Domino's uses Instagram for their promotions!"

    • No one, ever
  • This will go well with the free cold pizza I am getting tomorrow from dominos

  • Good deal.

    But I know for a fact that Dominos sell peoples' personal information to advertisers (such as name, phone number, email address, etc) which is why I'd never enter their competitions, raffles, etc.

    • Wait, you use real details for these freebies?

      • You're right. Brb making a fake Facebook and Instagram account for the chance that if I do get a free one, at least they don't know my name.

      • Lol. No. I would never provide my real details, but I think a lot of people would. I know my parents would.

  • +2

    Domino's is betting all in on a draw result!!!!

  • +1

    That's enough to build a real life Pizza The Hut!

  • What time will the game finish?

    • +1

      Probably around 5pm.


      A typical AFL quarter might run from 27 to 33 minutes, but may be even longer if, for instance, injuries cause delays. AFL breaks after the first and third quarters are 6 minutes, with a 20-minute break at halftime. Thus, a match with quarters averaging 30 minutes would last about two and a half hours.

    • It was won and dusted before half time by Richmond.

  • +1

    I got one of the 10,000 Hawaiian they gave away on Pinapple Day, I got the free garlic and cheese scrolls, I got one of the free 5000 cheeseburger pizzas the other day, bring on the challenge hahaha I'm getting one of these too.

    1000 is gonna be tough tho.

    • any tips for ppl like me out of luck?

      • +1

        Be on your phone around the time it is estimated to be out for this one which I have no idea except some time today after 2:30pm

        • Oh, so it's not going to be given after the game? There's a code beforehand and then it just activates on to whoever wins after the game?

          • @pennypincher98: I have no idea how this is gonna work I am just assuming from previous promotions.

            I don't think there is a code that determines who wins though I think it is just whoever wins that code will be shared.

            • @AlienC: Yeah I'm aware.
              I actually thought this was going to be given out at the end of the game once it was decided who won, but do you reckon it would be brought at mid game?

              • @pennypincher98: I'm guessing end of the game after results are done we are just knowing about the rules of the promotion beforehand that is how I see it.

                So we get the code after the game has ended and the results are clear and final not during but who knows it could be the other way.

                • @AlienC: Just about to finish Q3 from a quick google, would be the last time to do it before the game ends.

  • +1

    Haven't got anything since the free New Yorker and the free thickshake.
    Admittedly, didn't know about the free Hawaiian.

    The Cheeseburger Pizzas, while I didn't spend all day on, I checked back every couple of minutes (between 5 and 10 normally), I didn't get.

  • +1

    Giving 1000 pizzas to those in need would be better

    • +6

      i am in need of pizzas all the time

    • -1

      I'm trying to envision what a person in desperate need of pizza would look like…

      • +1

        envision what a person in desperate need of pizza would look like

        Perhaps you can envision a person in desperate need of food, money and a place to live.

        Or even a person struggling to make ends meet. Maybe they are even your neighbour.

        • -2

          Hmmm, no. I'm going to imagine a thin man dressed in yellow and red spandex, wearing a pizza shaped hat. A superhero, but he can only perform his heroic feats with a belly full of cheese and tomato paste.

          In todays episode, he's trying to stop a daylight robbery of the Starlight express train, but due to a grandfinal day all the pizza shops are closed, and his emergency frozen stash was eaten by his pothead roomate. He falls to his knees and cries 'Pizza! I neeed youuu!' as the camera pans away and the frame fades to darkness.

    • Do you order from Domino's? When you do do you Round Up For Charity?

      • Those extra five cents adds up.

    • I feel sorry for GWS supporters. They probably deserve a pizza the most.

  • Dominos is allowed to make 4:20 jokes now?

    • Is that what time the game would finish or something else?

      • No. Try googling it, or try the urban dictionary.

        • I know what it means, that’s why I asked if it’s that “something else” :)

      • it's about Mary Jane

    • +1

      Only in Canberra

  • is the soccer game almost over?

  • Saturday 29/09/2019??

    • NRL pleb in charge of the promo! ;-)

  • +1

    Free Chobani yoghurt with gummies at Bondi Beach.

  • +5

    where is the voucher?

    • Might be waiting until the game has finished?

      • hmm… thats just annoying~! I guess just refresh IG?