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ThinkPad E495 14" FHD, AMD Ryzen 5 3500U, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD $699, Free Metro Delivery @ Online Computer


I missed out on TA's recent deal for this model, but I came across this slightly cheaper deal. They offer free delivery to Metro Areas in 2 business days. The sale apparently ends at 00:00 am, 30 September 2019.

They also have the similar 15.6" model, the Thinkpad E595 for $769.

Check out this recent review of the E495 and there are plenty of comments and discussions in earlier Ozbargain deals for this model.

Lenovo ThinkPad E495
AMD Ryzen 5 3500U (2.1GHz~3.7GHz)
14" FHD 1920 x 1080 IPS 250 nits Anti-Glare
8GBx1 DDR4-2400 DIMM
256GB SSD M.2 2242 PCIe NVMe
Wireless AC / Bluetooth v4.1
Windows 10 Home 64
1x USB-C / 2x USB3.1 / USB2.0 / HDMI
Battery 3-cell (45Wh), integrated
1.75 kg
1 Year Warranty

Reportedly there is an empty SATA 2.5" bay (7mm) for additional storage, and a free DIMM slot for additional RAM.

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  • I wish I needed a laptop right now

  • Upvote for providing a competitor's offer for a Lenovo product.

  • This seems like a decent deal. Only downsides I see are that the E series is the cheapest and most basic of the thinkpad line and doesn't have a touch screen, and there is only a USB-C and not TB3 port. Another bonus for this cheaper model over slimmer more expensive ultrabooks is that this has sockets for upgradeable RAM.

    I'm a thinkpad collector/fanatic and would have probably bought this for my mum if I hadn't already bought a thinkpad for my mum a few months ago.

  • Great price

  • They also have the t480 on sale. Is the T series that much better a laptop build/reliability wise?


    • that's a little cheaper here with HDD instead of SSD


    • You get a nicer more colour accurate, much brighter display, magnesium rather than aluminum chassis, spill resistant keyboard, metal hinges, better wifi card (which can be swapped out for like $20 anyway)
      But you also get a much worse CPU, much worse graphics (>2x worse)
      The keyboard/trackpad/trackpoint is basically the same now I think.

      E series has got so much better nowadays. They started off as garbage not worth the thinkpad name and got a bad rep. If you look at places like Reddit or whatever, that are less 'savy' and not very up to date you'll find a lot of hate on these and people telling you it's not as reliable or well built, but that's not true anymore.

  • I'm looking for something more compact and portable in similar price range - any recommendations?

  • Balanced product for the build quality, performance, screen resolution, weight and price. Though I would not buy Lenovo's Ideapad or Thinkpad E

    Battery is a bit short.

  • How long does it take to get used to the large bezel on the bottom of these screens? I've never used a newer thinkpad model but I can't get my head around how fugly it looks.

    I'm sure they're otherwise value packed machines.

    • I've got the E490s and honestly I barely notice the lower bezel, it sort of blends into the hinge and upper keyboard ares, but coming from an XPS13 I definitely notice the top and sides.

    • It's nicer than having a big bezel on the top of the screen

    • I've got this exact model and you barely notice it, it looks much bigger in pictures. Takes just a couple hours to get used to it

  • great price - i had a chat to lenovo - they mentioned this is an authorised seller and that warranty would not be honoured. seems hard to believe.

    • +2 votes

      Do you mean NOT an authorised seller, or warranty WILL be honoured?

      • +2 votes

        sorry you are right - they NOT an authorised seller and warranty will NOT be honoured. i suspect this is wrong though.

        • As long as you can get a tax invoice with ABN you are fine.

          But honestly, anything that within the warranty period of the original product, even second hand, would still be honoured

          Lenovo is the top rubissh company

  • I'm predicting the next TA deal will be the E595 but with 512 GB NVMe SSD for ~$740

    • Hope so, I'll buy it straight away. I'll even pay a little extra for 16GB ram (single sodimm).

  • This thing + another 8gb RAM (for dual channel) would be a real powerhouse for the money. I have an IdeaPad with the 2700U in it and it is surprisingly powerful (although battery life isnt great).

  • I'm a bit disappointed there's no HDMI 2.0 or display port. E4/595 still one of the best laptop deals around.

  • I will never understand the love that these laptops get!

    • It provides value for money, reliable and affordable. I love it.

    • insane value for money. not all of us like paying an extra $1000 for purely aesthetics.

      • Hi Chris just have to know if the ebay store for online computer still trades as "ONLINE CENTRE PTY LTD" where lots of refurb electronics and good prices are sold. Need to know if these are essentially refurb units (not warranted by Lenovo?)

        • Good point about if refurb units or not, could explain the non gen Lenovo Warranty if true.

          No mention on this website's listing for a refurb, so might be new.

          Could not find that store on ebay you quoted, maybe wrong spelling or wording as ebay is bit fussy with that.

          On a side note, earlier this year bought a refurb lenovo ThinkPad e11 5th Gen i5 touchscreen through GraysOnline Australia and it has a 12 month GraysOnline warranty only, and checking the warranty details online Lenovo confirm this and does not have unit registered, although I have read some still are, so hit and miss. I have bought 3 now from them and non have Lenovo warranty registered. Bit of a worry now that GraysOnline Australia does no longer have a presence on ebay.

          Anyone know what's going on with them, have they pulled the ebay pin lol?

        • According to their web site, OnLine Computer is a division of OnLine Centre Pty Ltd.

          I can see nothing on their page for this product suggesting that it may be a refurb or anything other than brand new. It does clearly state 1 Year Warranty.

          I looked through the last year of deals in the Ozbargain store page for OnLine Computer, looking for negs or horror stories in the comments, and I didn't find any. There was one guy who complained that he received the wrong model laptop, and he wasn't happy but he was offered a refund.

          Interestingly the store is "currently banned from store representative posts. Reason: Sockpuppeting".

          • @Chris T: Found store on ebay, OLC Direct and only ten current listings but no laptops to check.

            I would say if their listings do not clearly state it's refurbished, then should assume it has a regular new warranty. Just have to check if grey stock or not, or some kind of clearance auction which could be different.

            I sent them an email to ask, just to get it from the horses mouth lol.

    • They are cheap, for this price you find celerons at jb and co

  • Is the iGPU better than Intel's?

  • I think the deal can be opened again - it says they have stock at a new price of $733.

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