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LG 27" IPS LED FreeSync Monitor $183.20 + $15 Delivery ($0 with eBay Plus) @ Computer Alliance eBay


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Need a new security camera monitor to replace a dead 24" and this came in under the price of a lot of 24" models:
LG 27MK430H-B IPS LED FreeSync Monitor - 1080p - (thanks for the reminder @Kudoz)

It also has a three year warranty, where some of the 24s had only 1 year (eg JB HiFi has a a curved 24" Samsung at $203 - it's nice but smaller and 1 year warranty)

I don't need a super high speed screen, but a bit more screen territory will allow me to watch 4 cameras more easily. It has only 1 HDMI input - two would be nice to occasionally hook up a laptop.

Only downside is it is about a kilo heavier than the Samsung for the wall mount.

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  • +5 votes

    1080P for those interested

    • +4 votes

      Woah 1080p on a 27 inch screen no thanks!

      • -1 vote

        Downvoted for having eyes lol.

      • +1 vote

        My 50in TV looks great at 1080p. Even if a little further away

      • +7 votes

        Didn't neg you.
        It comes down to:

        • It's about the same price as cheap 23.8" 1080p IPS display so 27" is still better than 23.8".
        • For family PC monitor display, 1080p might be easier. You don't need to worry about 2K scaling and for devices which can only output 1080p, 1440p screen, no matter how well it can interpolate, won't be as sharp as 1080p screen.
        • Yes, 1440p is much nicer for work, but low end 1440p IPS displays can be fairly ordinary. The high end ones are great. I have a cheap 1440p 27 inch IPS display, it really feels like a compromise whereas a 1080p, you know it is just dirt cheap value for money.

        It's not for everyone, but some people can benefit from a 27 inch 1080p display.

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          I'm one of those people. I'm 50 and the larger monitor helps me read the text easier than by using things like software zoom and adding +25% or whatever the stupid zoom amounts are for windows. 1440p or 4K resolution would be great, but if the actual eyes cannot see the finer details then it's a complete waste in the first place.

          Secondly - not everyone is going to have the GPU to drive fast FPS on a 1440p or greater monitor.


        meh, i have 2 1080p 27 inch screens, even a 47, 1080P and all of them look fine. (the 47 is the asus 3840x1080 any higher and no current graphics card would drive it on ultra settings.)


    Free postage for plus or $15.


      I don't have Plus and no postage charge for me.


        It does for me and it is on the front page.


          I know the code has expired but this is interesting. I must have eBay Plus from the extended free trial, so free delivery. I can't see anywhere in my account that says I have Plus and I have not paid for it, but when I sign out of eBay, the $15 shows up.

          That was a pleasant surprise… for me anyway….. I have finally had a win!

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    Probably the cheapest 27 inch IPS display. This price is cheaper than MSY (even after 10% discount).

    The black stabliser feature is set to high by default. This might be okay for games, but for general use and watching videos, you might find this leads to images being washed out. Set it to low to address the issue.

    Super resolution+, it basically sharpens the image. While it might be okay for images and maybe some videos, it gets annoying for text.

    This monitor supports 75Hz (HDMI only, D-Sub is limited to 60), which is nice given the price point. The 100cm VESA mount support is also good (though you need to buy a VESA monitor stand if you want to use it).

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    Be warned, these LG's come with a 'crappy' propitiatory power adapter and do not use the normal Female IEC-C13 Power plugs. Which makes them very short distance you can have them without using an extension cord and not easy to replace if they break.


    Does anyone know why eBay plus is not displaying the discounted price?


    I bought this last weekend, thought it was a good deal considering its spec and price point. Thanks for confirming it for me :)


    Have one they are amazing. Very crisp and good angles and colours. At this price its a steal considering lgs quailty. LG make the screens in many other brands of tvs and monitors for a reason. People who are whinging about not being 1440p , why did you bother clicking the add just to whine?

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