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[NSW] Grand Opening Sale - in-Store Only @ Scorptec Computers, Macquarie Park


Happy Wednesday OzBargain!

To celebrate the grand opening of our brand new store in Macquarie Park, we're holding an unprecedented sale on a huge range of products!

This includes:

  • 20% off all NETGEAR Products
  • 10% off all Razer Gaming Laptops
  • 20% off all Ubiquiti Products
  • 10% off all Acer Gaming Laptops
  • 20% off all Acer Gaming Monitors (excludes K series)
  • 20% off all Fractal Products
  • 20% off all Intel NUC Products
  • 25% off all HyperX Peripherals (excludes mousepads)
  • 20% off all SilverStone Products
  • 20% off all Cooler Master Products
  • 30% off all SteelSeries Products
  • 20% off all Cougar Peripherals and Cooling
  • 20% off all Noblechairs Gaming Chairs
  • 10% off all AORUS Notebooks
  • 10% off all Philips Monitors
  • 20% off selected Synology NAS Units (Click the link to see eligible models)
  • 20% off all LaCie Products (Excludes 2big, 5big, 6big and 12big)
  • 20% off all CyberPower UPS (excludes batteries and accessories)
  • 20% off all D-Link Products
  • 10% off all AOC Monitors
  • 20% off all QNAP 1-4 Bay NAS Units
  • 20% off all TP-Link Products
  • 30% off all Klevv USB Sticks
  • 10% off AMD Ryzen 3600X and 3800X Processors
  • 30% off all Corsair Peripherals
  • 30% off all Razer Peripherals
  • 20% off all ThermalTake Products
  • 20% off all Audio Technica Products

Plus many more!


Each deal is limited to one model per person, and this sale is IN STORE ONLY at our Macquarie Park branch, located at Ground Floor, 45 Epping Road, Macquarie Park, NSW.

Clink the link to the deal to see the rest of the deals we have on offer, but be quick, because this sale ends at 3pm on Saturday the 5th of October!

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    any pricing after discount?

    e.g. what's the final price for Synology DS918+?

    Last few deals was $594.15


    So.. any bargains?


    Any good products? I don't see any bargains


    Where’s the bargains?


    This outfit can be very expensive.

    Always check staticICE and other stores such as MSY before bothering with them.

    Here's the main page for Scorptec - the OP's link is to a promo page that simply repeats the post.

    … grand opening … we're holding an unprecedented sale…

    Of course there's no precedent if you've only just opened.

    • +3 votes

      My workplace is located between Scorptec, PCCasegear, MSY and Budgetpc stores in Vic. I am in the golden triangle of pc stores. Scorptec are generally no more expensive than the others, and usually have a better returns policy and customer service. If there are only a few dollars in it, I normally go Scorptec.
      I only go MSY as a last resort, and recently they are not much cheaper, with way worse service.

      But always check.

      • +1 vote

        Once i attempted to return a faulty item to Scorptec, and was advised that i had no relationship with them as they were simply acting for the manufacturer. Perhaps things have improved.

        MSY can be appalling and quite good - seems to depend on the store.

        And that sounds like a golden irregular quadrilateral.

    • +1 vote

      They actually used to be about 1km down the road so it's probably more of a re-opening than an opening.


    @rep is this price off the price on your website?


    What about Thrustmaster stuff?


      Unfortunately not in this sale, but I'll definitely pass the interest on to our purchasing team!


    What's limited to one per person? So if I buy 5 of vendor x then only the first item gets discounted?


      Hey mate!
      If you buy 5 items from a particular vendor but they're all different products, then you get a discount off ALL items.

      One of every MODEL should be the limitation. I'll add that into the OP now. Thanks for the question!


    Hi Rep, is there sufficient off-street parking?


    Does the store have the corsair hs70 carbon? If not can you pre-order in store and still get the discount?

    • +1 vote


      That's absolutely fine. As long as you head in-store and pay in full prior to the sale ending on Saturday 3pm, you'll get the discount no problem!
      Stock is due into our warehouse on the 14th, and I'd imagine stock would land in Macquarie Park not too long after that :)

  • -1 vote

    When are you coming to Adelaide? :(


    Let's excited about the grand opening specials, than the grand opening haha.
    You have great deals from time to time so looking forward to it!


    I know it's late but any deals on laptop backpacks?
    mine died this morning and I work not too far from the new store so thought I might take a look.


      Hey mate, nothing on this particular sale but it never hurts to head on in and ask! We don't have huge flexibility with pricing outside of sale items but you never know unless you ask the question!

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    Just picked up a x34p for $880. Probably should have driven down to the store instead of walked. Oh well… The guy said it was the last one, and according to the website it looks like it's the truth :(.

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