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Trade in Any Cordless Power Tool to Get $100 Credit Towards a Selected Dewalt Unit @ Participating Dealer (e.g. Bunnings)


Insider scoop ladies and gents, I got word from the DeWalt store rep that they are taking absolutely any voltage cordless tool. I bet you guys are already searching for the cheapest 10 volt screwdriver to trade in for the credit.

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    I have a 0V cordless pen to trade.

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      do you have a 3.7V vibrator?

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    What’s the cheapest dewalt drill you can buy with this?

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      You'd have to buy a battery as well, then you're in the ecosystem. They will get their money back from you if you go down this path.

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        Pretty good marketing strategy.

        $100 off for trading in any cordless tool makes the consumer feel like they get a win when they trade in their Aldi brand cordless drill (which has been doing the job so far), so it encourages them to upgrade impulsively/needlessly and sucks them into the DeWalt ecosystem.

        You could probably get $50-100 off easily just by shopping around.

        If you actually need tools for work, $100 off is nothing when you look at the big picture. If you don't need them for work, then do you really need to upgrade?

        • Yep. Really only makes sense if you already have the ecosystem, are planning on joining it or plan to sell the skin. But then; you may not have another brand or could probably get cheaper by just shopping around. It's a pretty average deal really.

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      By neighbour is a tool, I'm trading him in for a better one.

  • Works with this promo?


    • Last time I submitted redemption through gauranteed tough for said promo it got denied."Not available in conjunction with any other offer".
      Got Sydney Tools and Bunnings emails about the deals earlier today

    • No

    • +1

      DeWaltAU is hopeless with redemption. I've been denied twice, on one occasion the rep at the store assured me my purchase was eligible - still no luck.
      I'm now holding a grudge for DeWalt.

  • great

  • Interesting.

    I've got a stack of hand me downs that are barely functioning due to battery. Would have jumped on this deal if not for the makita deal this weekend past!

    Presumably I could trade in my old black and decker and two oprhan GMC units? That's $100 each to go towards dewalt stuff - not too bad.

    I guess the catch is they force you to buy batteries and chargers individually which costs a fair bit?

    • You could sell it new in box if you were up for the hustle of it all. I've got a cooked 9.6v Makita NiCad somewhere.

      • Nah I'm not hardcore enough to warrant the price premium of dewalt.

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    Yeah essentially each old drill will net you a credit towards one dewalt product. You cant stack them unfortunately and need to do each one in a seperate transaction.

  • So can I trade in a old battery drill and buy and angle grinder? Or does it have to be like for like?

    • Last time you trade any cordless skin, you didn’t need the battery, and could pick any of the offer range of tools.

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    A few of them, with normal prices:

    DeWALT 18V XRP 3 Speed Combi Hammer Drill - $299

    DeWALT 18V XR 3 Speed Brushless Bare Impact Driver - $199

    DeWALT 18V XR Brushless 1/2" Compact Mid Torque Wrench - $349

    DeWALT 18W Li-ion XR 184mm Brushless Circular Saw -$309

    DeWALT 18V Brushless Cordless Oscillating Multi Tool With 29 Accessories - $299

    DeWALT 125mm 54V Flexvolt Cordless Angle Grinder - $297

    DeWALT 18V 15GA Brushless Finishing Nailer - $539

    DeWALT 18V XR Brushless D-Handle Rotary Hammer Drill - $279

    DeWALT 54V Flexvolt SDS+ 3 Mode Rotary Hammer Drill - $575

    DeWALT 18V Li XR Cordless Brushless Planer - $313

    DeWALT 18V XR Li-Ion Hedge Trimmer - $215

    DeWALT 18V XR Li-Ion Brushless Queef Blower -$215

  • Great find I’ve got a few things I can trade

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    Here's the promotional website: https://www.dewalt.com.au/tradeintradeup

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    Wow. That impact driver has 205nM of torque… that's as much as my Mazda 3. Incredible.

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      Peak "ratchet" torque and continuous torque are two very different beasts.

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    Before pulling the trigger make sure you shop around… Like:
    DeWALT 18V XRP 3 Speed Combi Hammer Drill
    $299-$100 = $199 … it can be had on ebay for $133

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      Just make sure they're an Authorised Dewalt Reseller otherwise you won't have any Dewalt warranty on it.

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        Who really needs DeWalt warranty though? You've got the ACL.

        Kind of expected eBay to be cheaper than this deal anyway.

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          In general:
          1.1 The 3 Year Limited Warranty period applies for 3 years from the date of purchase from an authorized DEWALT reseller.

          1.3 Proof of purchase (a copy of the tax receipt detailing the date of the purchase, the productpurchased & the place of purchase) from an authorized DEWALT reseller is required for all warranty claims.

          1. The 3 Year Limited Warranty excludes:
            2.1 Freight costs between the consumer and the place of purchase, between the consumer and a DEWALT Company Owned Service Centre, or between the consumer and an authorized DEWALT Warranty Agent, are not covered by the 3 Year Limited Warranty.

          2.11 Products purchased from an unauthorized DEWALT reseller, including on-line trading companies or individuals (e.g. Trading Post, eBay etc) that are not authorized DEWALT resellers in Australia, New Zealand or the South Pacific Islands.

          • @whooah1979: They can say that all they like, unless it's a grey import they must warranty it regardless where it was bought, for as long as reasonable by the price paid (probably 12 months per $250 I would argue)

            • @justtoreply: An unauthorised reseller may provide a 12 month warranty, but that is about it.

              An authorised retailer may provide a 36 month warranty.

        • +3

          Those cheaper ones on eBay are usually parallel imports so ACL won't apply to Dewalt. You'd have to contact the seller for warranty.


          • -2

            @yippy: You're right but the ACL still applies to the seller you bought from.

            As per your link:
            If something goes wrong
            If something goes wrong with your product your consumer guarantee rights will apply. The seller will be responsible for providing you with a remedy, such as a repair, replacement or refund, within a reasonable time if there is a fault.

            You can contact the Australian manufacturer of the product but it may refuse to provide you with a remedy if it did not give permission to the seller to sell the product in Australia.

            Where you have paid for a product or service by way of a credit arrangement (credit card or loan), you may be able to request a chargeback on the transaction from your financial institution or bank that issued the credit card. You should contact your financial institution as soon as possible to find out whether this is possible

            • +1

              @Moral hazard: An unauthorised reseller may provide a limited 12 month warranty.

              Buy from an authorised retailer and get a 36 month warranty.

              • @whooah1979: I'm talking ACL, I don't care about warranty. Consumer Law Trumps warranty.

                • @Moral hazard: ACL state an unspecified consumer guarantee period that could be anything.

                  Consumers gets a guaranteed 36 month warranty when they buy from an authorised retailer.

      • +5

        Fair call… I bought a brushless angle grinder skin from that seller the other day, $125, it'll be here tomorrow, it will be interesting to see if I can register the warranty on the Dewalt site, I'll report back tomorrow..

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          The promised follow up on this: The Dewalt grinder I purchased from ebay seller "australian_tool_specialists" was sent from "Get Tools Direct", an Authorized Dewalt reseller…

          I contacted the ebay seller asking for a tax invoice from an authorized reseller so I can register the warranty online, an hour later Get Tools Direct sent me a PDF tax invoice with their letter head and ABN…

          Registered the warranty on the Dewalt site, all good, the 3 year warranty expires 25-09-2022…

          All good :)

          • @FLICKIT: Now post the invoice so people can price match nd rrade nd get a $25 grinder.

            • @Seedy seed: That's probably pushing it all a bit far and it's not likely to last long, the 406 grinder skin retails for $307..

              I suspect they're parting out combo kits and selling the items individually which probably isn't quite kosher, but it's great for us bargain hunters, it's probably best not to abuse it and upset other retailers by trying to force them to price match…

              • @FLICKIT: Lol likely but still.

                • @Seedy seed: This promotion is on "retail price" anyway:
                  ** Trade-in any cordless power tool skin/bare unit to receive a $100 discount (including GST) off the retail price on a nominated DEWALT brushless bare unit. **

    • got bunnings to price match ebay last week.

    • Thanks for the tip. ordered the XRP 3 Speed Combi Hammer Drill today from the ebay seller ;)

  • +7

    Do they take an OG PS4?

    • It's not cordless.

      • -1

        It is if you have misplaced the power cord.

        • I like your thinking. I have an ancient corded Black and Decker hammer drill.
          I'm willing to cut the cord off. It will then be cordless.

  • As I understand it you have to buy the battery separately.

    Price at Bunnings for a 18V Li-ion 5.0Ah battery is $149 https://www.bunnings.com.au/dewalt-18v-li-ion-5-0ah-battery-...

    • Wonder if you can trade it in for a battery and then sell the battery for profit?

      • Can only get credit for the products shown in the post. You'll have to source a battery and charger seperately.

  • I've still got a couple of old, NI-CD era drills lying around.

    They have a terrible battery but still work fine, so any idea if I can trade them in?

    • Should be fine m8

    • Same quandery I had, until I looked at some of those prices and realised I'd be much better off buying and installing new cells.

  • +1

    What do they do with the trade-ins? Landfill? The creek? Ship them off to West Korea?

    • Probably recycle what they can, but the aim of the game is to get you into their ecosystem

  • Not a bad offer, but im a ryobi one + fan for life :)

    • Really wish I did that instead of going makita and Bosch blue

  • Deal is only valid for standalone skins, no battery included.

    If you don't own their tools, it is cheaper to buy the kit that comes with skin, battery and charger.

  • Seems like a way to attract new entrants to the Dewalt ecosystem and spend a bit more money on top for batteries and chargers.

    But, if you’re already in bed with yellow this would be an attractive deal.

  • I would be interested in the impact driver.. but it's trash apparently .. I don't have a multi tool.. so maybe might go for that If I can find a tool top trade in somewhere

    • I have the impact driver and it's fantastic. I can undo nuts on my ride on mower cutting deck that I previously had to use
      An extension bar on my socket set

      • -1

        Apparently it can overheat and kill itself..

  • +1

    Does it need to be working?

    Edit: I've read the T&C's a few times now and I'm assuming it doesn't matter, I'm cusious if anyone knows different.

    • +3

      It doesnt need to be working, and it can be any brand. It just needs to be cordless and not a torch. Don't bother bringing the batteries though just chuck those out.

      • +7

        Actually, bring the batteries in and leave them in the battery recycling bin at Bunnings

  • +1

    Hmm, I have a dewalt drill I replaced recently because the chuck is seized. I wonder if I could bring that in, get the exact same dewalt drill I bought recently, and take it back to Bunnings with the last receipt? Basically get me a hundy back?

  • +1

    It does make me wonder where all the traded in products go. Initially I thought it may go to a good cause/charity but they would have used that as a marketing strategy.

    • Probably to the e-waste storage recycling facility.

  • Mmm sounds good and there are a few skins I need from the dewalt lineup.

    I guess people should make their Lists now and check prices pre sale and see how marked up they go.

  • +2

    The 54v grinder is an absolute weapon. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lBBx_R6zV3I

  • +1

    Who's the participating retailers?

  • Anyone had any experience with either the leaf blower or the hedge trimmer? At $115 each that's a good deal.

    • +1

      Hedge trimmer works like a charm. Slices, dices, makes hedge look nices!

      • Thanks! Are there too many safety levers on there? And once you have started it with the safety's can you release them and just keep the trigger on?

  • +2

    I wonder what they would say if I brought in an old drill and proceeded to cut the power cord and handed the the "cordless power tool"

    • I thought this too.

      Then I wondered about trading in my old electric toothbrush

      • -1

        They probably don't care. $100 off isn't much in the grand scheme of things if it means getting you into their ecosystem. On a good day you can probably get $100 off in a sale.

  • -2

    Is a vibrator a cordless power tool?

    Asking for a friend…

    • Did they buy it from a hardware store like Bunnings?

      • Maybe from a hardcore store such as (username)land

  • Ikea screwdriver too?

  • Boo… No recip's!

  • +1

    Why am I compelled to trade in an old drill I dont use, just to get a new tool I probably wont use either. OzBargain mentality I guess.

  • Why r hammer drills always cheaper than impact drills?
    Is it due to demand. I would assume the materials are similar

  • This is great, I’ve got 3 of the old ozito range tools that are useless now because the batteries went dead. Really wanted to get into the ryobi ecosystem though, not sure about dewalt. Better quality and more expensive.

    • Don't forget, these are "skins" only… so you will still have to purchase battery and charger. You are better off purchasing a KIT, which is not in this promotion.

  • -1
    1. Go to Aldi or even Bunnings and by the cheapest POS skin you can find (think WorkZone or Ozito).
    2. Trade it in.
    3. ????
    4. Profit

    Works best if you are already riding the DeWalt Dick

  • Can someone please tell me if this tool can drill holes as well as be used to drive screws etc?

    DeWALT 18V XR 3 Speed Brushless Bare Impact Driver - $199

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