[Windows, Mac] Affinity Photo (Photoshop Alternative) $38.99 (Was $79.99) @ Serif


Greetings everyone, this great price is back again on this piece of software :)


  1. Click through to the link in the OP and press the "Save Over 50% on Affinity Photo" to take you straight to the Affinity Photo checkout.
  2. The price will show up as $38.99.
  3. Checkout.

I'm not sure if the links are generic or unique, but Here's the link I generated in my test.

Affinity Photo

Affinity Photo has become the first choice for photography and creative professionals around the world, who love its speed, power and precision. Born to work hand-in-hand with the latest powerful computer technology, it’s the only fully-loaded photo editor integrated across macOS, Windows and iOS.

The raw power under the hood of Affinity Photo will leave you amazed at how quickly you can work. Watch your edits render in real time and dive into the huge toolset, tailored to the demands of a professional workflow.

Live, real time editing
Massive image support (100+ Megapixels)
Super smooth pan and zoom at 60fps
Near instant load of huge files
Open and edit PSD and PSB files
Correct and enhance images with Levels, Curves, Black and White, White Balance, HSL, Shadows and Highlights, plus over a dozen other non-destructive adjustments which preview instantly and can be edited at any time.

Whether you want to make quick corrections, or spend time on a detailed retouch, Affinity Photo has a complete set of retouching tools and dedicated features to help.

Smooth and retouch skin with frequency separation
Dodge, burn, clone, patch and blemish removal tools
Dedicated liquify workspace for sculpting features
Remove unwanted objects with the magical inpainting brush

As always, enjoy :)


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    How does this stack up to paint shop pro… Or whatever it got called after Coral purchased it.

    🤔 Wonder if it's still a product

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      I'd been a Photoshop user since the CS2 days and finally spat the CC subscription dummy about 6 months ago.

      Tried the demos for this and PaintShop Pro and didn't find them any easier to pickup or use than GIMP, which is just as good as any of them in 99% of use cases and 100% free.

      YMMV of course.

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        I used paint shop pro back in school for a bit. It had some excellent basic features that were far easier to do than in Photoshop.

        Gimp is fine…

        Honestly I don't know why I care. I've been using cs6 (totez 100% positively legit not pirated.

        …) and uhhh.. I forgot my point, celebrating the Queen's birthday and all that 🙄


        From my own personal experience I disagree with this. I have only tried the most recent version of Affinity (from memory launched a few months ago) which has apparently had some UI tweaks, but I found Affinity Photo to be significantly easier to use than GIMP which I have had on my work laptop with Photoshop CC on my home one in the past.

        I find Affinity to have very near (not equal) functionality to Photoshop, with nearly as intuitive controls, albeit with slower data processing (I shoot everything in RAW).

        I think I have a PaintShop Pro licence somewhere from an older version but I never gave it much of a shot since I still had access to Photoshop at he time.

        Another great thing about Affinity is the same $40 licence allows commercial use by you, or personal use by anybody on any computer you personally use.

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      Humble bundle has a deal on paintshop pro if that's your thing https://www.humblebundle.com/software/painter-create-with-co...


        That's painter, not PSP. Still will be useful to some though, so thanks for posting :)


          PSP is in the beat the average tier.


            @scupper: My apologies, it is indeed.

            One word of warning about PSP Pro - by default it installs software that will sit in the background and then launch a window for you to upgrade to the latest version (if you don't have that installed). I would imagine that there's a way to turn it off in the settings, but I didn't investigate and simply chose not to reinstall it on the new PC. However, it is a decent editing program with annual updates (and a fee for the annual 'upgrade').

            I bought Affinity via this promotion and had a quick look at it last night. I'd say PSP Pro has more features, but Affinity's interface has certainly improved from an earlier version I'd tried. I'd say that, out of the box, Affinity hides more of the complicated functionality so is less 'scary' for a new user than PSP Pro. Obviously, it's a personal choice as each of the editing programs I've tried has pros and cons and I'm sure what others like or dislike isn't the same as my likes and dislikes.

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    Or just use Krita, which is free.


      Friend, Kritas not really a photo editor, it's more like a drawing program that has some editing features. GIMP would be the closest in terms of features, but even then there's reasons it's not used in a professional environment (of course there will be one or two that do).


        "but even then there's reasons it's not used in a professional environment"

        are there any that wouldn't fit under a "legacy" umbrella?

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          -design and workflow is well thought out. I know gimp can be adjusted and whatnot but thats downtime and an unintuitive ui that needs to be learned
          -probably the best panorama and focus stacking tools ive used.
          -non destructive editing (although not yet for RAW)
          -stronger selection tools

          Theyre the first things that come to mind. Working with gimp always feels slow and more of a hassle to find the features you want. I found RAW editing in it to be pretty painful because it's done via plug ins.

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            @Siddeeqi al-Hammoud: For RAW try darktable or digicam. If anyone is interested in learning GIMP (since it's free) the Udemy course is very good. Of course if you're a professional adobe is your go to but for amateurs looking to dip their toes GIMP is pretty good.

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              @y2klol: I second this.

              I use darktable to replace LightRoom and Gimp to replace photoshop.

              I never felt I needed more, whatever "more" means.

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    I vouch for Affinity Photo. I've tried many, many, many free alternatives. This product is brilliant and it's NOT subscription based. At-least not yet.

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    This is Photoshop by another name. It's amazing value. Been using it for 2yrs

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    I have Affinity Photo/Designer/Publisher as well as an Adobe CC subscription - bit by bit I'm switching over and it has never felt like a compromise, and in many cases an improvement.

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    Hey all, just wondering if anyone can recommend me a Lightroom alternative.

    I don't mind free or paid (reasonably priced)

    Thanks in advance

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      Maybe have a look at Skylum’s Luminar product. It’s probably well behind Lightroom but it might cover off your needs at a much lower price. Get the demo first but and give it a go.

      Can’t remember if it applies to Luminar but a few of Skylum’s products can take a while to process edits so definitely get the trial, try it and make sure it performs as you’ll need it to.

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        Luminar still doesn't have DAM (Digital Asset Management) to store and sort your photos. They have this on the way, but they have been saying this for a while. Since Apple discontinued Aperture, I have been stuck with Lightroom (an inferior product IMHO).

        I am looking forward to using Luminar, but they really need to have a DAM system in place before I can swap.


          Have you tried using Photo Mechanic for DAM? Much faster at import previews than Lightroom. I review and make selects in Photo Mechanic import to Lightroom for editing. It seems counter intuitive to use 2 programs but PM is superior to any other management program I have tried.


          Adobe Bridge (free, no CC required) is fine as a DAM if you want a stop-gap solution so you can get off the paid Adobe CC.


          I believe Luminar added a library around 6 months ago in a point release, although it’s fairly basic. The website doesn’t make a lot of mention of it yet. Or is that not what you are referring to?

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      I also wanna know this.

      Ive got Paintshop Pro, Camerabag Pro and Aurora HDR but i don't think they are really the same thing.

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      I've been using darktable, it's fantastic. AND FREE!

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      I switched from Lightroom to RawTherapee around 6 months ago, and haven't looked back. If you know what you're doing with Lightroom you'll pick up the basics pretty quickly, although I have yet to fully grasp some of its more sophisticated features like the wavelets tool. Its more powerful than Lightroom, more in line with something like Capture One I think, and has superior X-trans demosaicing which is excellent as a Fuji shooter. Until recently RawTherapee didn't have a Windows release, which I suspect has limited its popularity, but now they do.

      I haven't used Darktable much at all, but as a general comparison I think RawTherapee has more powerful tools for RAW processing, while Darktable has a deeper library/cataloguing system.

      Best of all, both are totally free. I honestly don't see the point in Lightroom anymore.

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    highly recommended, its forum support hasn't been that large but helpful, all features that you found in photoshop, you found here, just not easy to find at first, but works brilliantly as Photoshop. The latest version of Windows also utilized GPU too. I'm all for this product and hope they sell more.


    Cheers looks good


    Great piece of software

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    For those who don't know, photopea.com is a free web-based photoshop that is great in a pinch!


      There doesn't seem to be any terms or conditions on the photopea website? That's a bit unusual.


        Developed by just one guy, in his bedroom, running on donations, if you've got a question about it, send him an email!


          Pass. If there's no clearly stated T&C's then better to avoid. If it was a standalone program then fine but not for one that requires images to be uploaded. For all you know he could be a dodgy developer grabbing your pics, location data or other info

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            @LikeMike: Images aren't uploaded, it's all client side.
            Terms of Service are available if you click the Account button, it takes you a page with more einformation and a link to the terms of service.

            It explicitly stated they make no claims of ownership over anything you edit, create, etc.

            You can also download it and use it as an offline standalone program.

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    Deluxe Paint V is still my favourite.

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    Affinity also offer Designer and Publisher. Along with Photo, these apps all use the same file format. It is now possible to open one file and have access to the ui/features of all the other apps (if installed) without switching programs. Photo and Designer also available on iPad. Files are interchangeable between operating systems too. Takes a short time to come to grips with the ui 'personas' approach which groups features based on type of task, but quite intuitive once you get that concept. For the price, an amazing program suite.


    I also switched to using Affinity apps over the last couple of years.

    Part of the reason is that all the apps are available on Windows, Mac, and iPad, which means I can switch between platforms and keep using the same files.

    They have great tutorial videos on their website, so I found it easy to learn the more complex features.

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    Switch the country to United States and it's $24.99 USD ~ $37 AUD

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    A free alternative is https://photopea.com


    Question for those that have purchased, is it single install only? E.g. for 2 devices would I need to purchase twice, or can re-use the 1st purchase key?

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      From https://store.serif.com/en-us/help/

      How many computers can I install a digital product on?

      Serif Software is platform specific. If you wish to use Serif Software on both Mac and Windows platforms, you must purchase a license for each.

      As a private individual, you can download, install, use and run for personal use, one copy of the Serif Software directly on each computer running either (depending on your purchased license) Microsoft Windows (“Windows Computer”) or macOS (“Mac Computer”) that you personally own or control.

      And from https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/licence/

      (i) if you are a private individual, to download, install, use and run for personal use, one (1) copy of the Serif Software directly on each computer running Microsoft Windows (“Windows Computer”) that you personally own or control. Commercial use is permitted but only use by you and not by any other users of any Windows Computers that you own or control. For example, other members of your household that use your Windows Computers may make personal use of the Serif Software whereas, if anyone other than yourself needs to make commercial use of the Serif Software, the other user will need to make a separate purchase.

      Same terms for Mac computer.


    Can you install actions and extensions as such on it?


    For fricks sake, after much deliberation and searching for deals I paid full price for this last week -.-

    It is great though.

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      Pretty sure you can request a refund within 14 days

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        THANK YOU!

        Gosh I love OzB!!! Didn't even think of that -.-

        I do want to support them, because I'd like to see them hitting Adobe's bottom line, so I think I will refun then buy their Designer program as well as the discounted Photo! :)


    For comparison, What's the best price for photoshop and lightroom these days?

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      Get a access to a edu.au email and you can get the whole CC suite for 21.99 per month for a year. You can get a edu.au email by signing up to one of Tafe's useless short courses and then withdraw before your first payment is due. Works for MS office student discounts, possibly Apple also. How long they keep your email access is random so claim the discounts before you withdraw.


    Thanks op, pulled the trigger. I use Lightroom at the moment, but version 5.x doesn't do stitching, this appears to so I'll give it a go!


    Wanted to try the free trial first, but after downloading the 381.55MB exe file my anti-virus blocks it-

    "moved affinity-photo-1.7.3.exe to your Virus Chest because it was infected with Win32:Evo-gen [Susp]"

    Anyone else had this?

    I've downloaded it 3 times but gets quarantined every time.


    Was hoping that this deal would pop up again, and is conveniently timed as the new macOS won't support 32 bit apps at all, so have to move away from Photoshop CS6, finally!!

    Thanks OP