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Eufy Wire-Free HD Security Cam with Home Base Kit (4 Cameras) $799.20 C&C /+Delivery @ The Good Guys eBay


Seems like the best price (so far) on this wireless camera system. Not sure how good the system is, but the specifications look decent.

Some Features:
100% Wire Free Installation
Year Long 365 Day* Battery Life
Full HD 1080P Waterproof (IP66) Camera with Night Vision
Facial Recognition
Free Local Storage, No Monthly Fees
Supports Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant & IFTTT

Edit: In case anyone was wondering, additional cameras can be purchased ($299 each or $239 with TGG eBay deal) and added to existing base station. A maximum of 16 cameras can be added to a single base station.

Original Coupon Deal

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  • Great price!

  • +2

    Had these up for just over a week now and they are great. Easy to use and setup and the image is very clear even at night.

  • Very tempted to pull the trigger on this!

    • Same. Was going to wait for an arlo pro 2 deal. But considering the battery life on this camera vs arlo pro 2 , this looks like a better deal. Also Arlo Pro 2 doesn't have facial recognition.

      • I replaced the Arlo Pro 2 with these and the video quality is miles ahead. You will not be disappointed. And the facial recognition works surprisingly well.

  • We’ve had this at our place for 2 weeks and it’s great! Battery status hasn’t lowered and it was super easy to install. Just be mindful that some features are still a bit unrefined e.g face recognition and motion zones but considering price, battery life and ease of installation - this is a winner for me.

  • Pulled the trigger. Too good of a value proposition and the ease of wire free

  • Thanks OP. Replacing my original Arlos for these cameras.

  • Is there a more permanent mounting system available? Looks like they could be easily stolen.

    • Two options to mount as per some videos I saw on youtube. One is to just attach it magnetically and the other one is that you can screw the camera into the mount.

    • From my understanding, there is a fixed mounting system included in the box for each camera (screw type). There is also the magnetic mount included as well. You get to choose the way you want to mount it. Also if someone tries to move the camera, a loud (100db) siren will play. Eufy calls this "Anti-theft Protection"

    • Have a look at this picture. Each camera comes with 2 mounts (magnetic and ball joint). I liked that they included the second mount as I previously had to buy them from AliExpress for my Arlos.

    • Magnetic mounts recommended for indoors, screw ones for outdoors.
      They have an "Anti Theft detection" option, which sets off the alarm if you try to unscrew them.

  • Is this expandable? Can you add external cameras to this?

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      A maximum of 16 cameras can be added to a single base station.

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      Yes each additional camera is $299 ($239 right now on TGG ebay after discount). A total of 16 cameras can be added to a single base station.

      • +1

        The single camera is on sale at Amazon $247.

        If you want to buy it with echo, 20% further discount make it to $197.6

  • Just wondering (maybe a silly question) if wifi connection is always needed for the video to be stored or not? If my wifi router somehow turns off, would the video still be saved to the home base or not?

    • http://community.anker.com/t/eufy-security-no-recordings-whe...

      Not sure if this forum would answer your question. I think you will currently need an internet connection for the video to be recorded to the home base. From the comments in that forum, it looks like Eufy is continuously improving the ability to record to the home base while internet is down.

    • Insert MICROSD card into homebase and all recording can be stored there as default. The cameras connect via WiFi to homebase and then homebase connects to your router either by cable or WiFi also.
      So if Internet or router is down the homebase can still recieve and store video from the cameras.
      I had an issue with Internet being down and when it came on I still recieved all missed notifications and recordings from when it was down.

      • Thanks for the replies. Looking at the local expandable storage size of only 128 GB, I am wondering how much of the video footage will be saved?

        • Only recordings of when motion is detected is saved to storage, 16gb sd card is included. Eufy claims that should be enough to record 10 videos a day for 1 year. Each video being 30 seconds in length. You can always save a video to your phone using the mobile app. Or upgrade the sd card.

    • IIRC the base station creates it's own WiFi network for the cameras, the base station needs to be connected to your router either by Ethernet (recommended) or WiFi.

  • Thank you for sharing. I just bought 1.

  • I am also waiting for Arlo Pro 2 deal because I'm planning to use these cameras o/s where I may be away for more than a year. Does anyone know if these cameras can be permanently wired via USB (similar to Arlo)? Thank you.

  • +2

    If you're going to buy additional cameras it'd be cheapest to buy a whole 'nother kit for four cams at $200 each. Don't need 4? I'm sure there's othe buyer here that'd be happy to share…

  • Just got an email from GG saying they'll charge me $999.00 even though at checkout the order was reduced 20%.

    Anyone else have this issue?

    Just checked my paypal account, $807.70 was released.

    I am confused now.

    • +1

      The Good Guys always state the actual price of the product on the sales receipt. Since the 20% discount comes directly from eBay. The Good Guys are technically not giving you that discount, eBay is. So you will only be charged 799 + Delivery.

  • Click and collect doesn't seem to be available? Am I doing something wrong…

    • +1

      I believe it is out of stock in most stores (especially Victoria). My one was shipped from a QLD store, even though I live in Victoria.

      • Ahh, makes sense. okay still a good deal. This should stack with the shopback deal (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/488638) to get $60 back i think!

        • I know… I'm like not again… bought on Tuesday and cashback bonus today! grrr

          • @duketing: Yup…Im on the same boat. Always happens to me. Just when I think it won't get any cheaper. I assumed stock would also run out fast at this price…considering Arlo 2 Pro deals always run out fast when they the $800 mark.

  • hmmm, it says the code can't be applied. Am i doing something wrong?

    • Should work, maybe try see if the code is case sensitive.

  • What is going on with shipping… it says coming from Clarkson store in WA from Tuesday which is north of river and I live south of the river and it is now Thursday…

  • Just wondering how i could do a click and collect for this? Does not give me option to click and collect during check out..

    Anyone could help please?

    • Usually click and collect option will be on the product page before you proceed to checkout. But I can't seem to see it either.

      Maybe click and collect is no longer available?

      • Yeah maybe mate. Just purchased one to be delivered (arriving Wednesday ). We’ll see how i go with the installation.

  • Hmmmm, I bought it and I haven't received any confirmation of shipping yet. Anyone having the same issue? I've emailed them a few times with no response as well as messaging them through eBay.

    • If you received an email from Good Guys regarding your order being processed, usually they give you the contact details of the store from which the product will be shipped. Just contact the store for more details.

    • Same here, no shipping no response so far.
      Checked their feedback, seems pretty shitty on turnaround of shipping someone waited for 2 weeks..

    • my local store processed and sent item now into the australia post abyss… It will be 2 weeks on Tuesday. I don't get how come tracking from Australia post says delayed. They say normally because the sender haven't labelled it properly. They have barcode how else you want it labelled. I am thinking more they broke it delayed. Will see what they come back and say.

  • Got mine after a couple of follow up calls to their thomastown, vic store..

    And happy with the purchase..😊

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