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Logitech Spotlight Advanced Presenter (Slate) $99 (Usually $198) @ JB Hi-Fi & Amazon AU ($94.05 Officeworks Price Beat)


Not quite as good as last time, but still a great price.

Also available from Amazon for the same price

Present Like Never Before
* Play videos and open links while presenting
* Track time and set vibration alerts
* 30-metre range lets you move around the room freely

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    FWIW, I originally asked OW to price beat Amazon, but there are two products coming up on a search of Amazon AU so they were questioning it. Told them JB Hi-Fi was the same price and they immediately dropped the discussion.

  • Tempting… but do I really need one of these to make my presentations better.

    • Makes it more classy I guess

  • +3

    These have serious cool factor and work surprisingly well.
    A must for presentations, bought from last bargain.
    Great battery life, haven't had to recharge yet

    • Same here - very cool 😎

  • My Logitech 400 is still going strong after 5+ years.

    I use it every Sunday for talks with PowerPoint.

    Can someone give me some reasons to grab this?


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      this has zoom/magnify and spot light function, so different to a laser pointer…

      • +1

        It's half price :D

        (but it's not $8: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/488227 )

        • Spoken like a true ozbargainer.

      • I’ve never used the laser pointer, so I’m not sure if the zoom/magnify function would be of use.

        How about distance? For me that’s key. Some places where I do talks the computer/receiver is nearby. Other times it’s waaay at the back of a school hall. My current Logitech mostly handles far distances well. But if this one is better that’d be a reason to upgrade.


        • Logitech claims up to 30m range, but I believe that only works with the USB receiver, and if I’m not mistaken, the USB receiver is only supported on Windows machines.

          I’m sure someone else will correct me if I’m wrong.

  • Laser pointers do not work that well when presenting on a TV. This works in the software of the PC to make a adjustable size circle or a highlighted spot light area. Has extra buttons you can customise for blackout,start presentation etc. You can change colour of the dot for better contrast. Timers can be setup on second screen and set vibration custom warnings at set times that buzz in your hand. Next level from he old presenters and great software.

  • noob qns but can u get ow pricebeat online or I have to find it instore?

    • I believe they can price beat online and you should also get free standard next day delivery as it’s over $55.

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