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ThinkPad E490s / 14" FHD / i7-8565U CPU / 256GB SSD / 8GB RAM / RX 540X GPU / Backlit KB / Fingerprint / $1055 Shipped @ Lenovo


This deal is back and slightly cheaper than previous. Apply coupon TA-HOT490s (case sensitive) at checkout for the discount. Call Lenovo's telesales number on 1300 557 073 (until 5:30pm weekdays) with any questions. Price for 3-year on-site warranty is reduced by 50% for peace of mind. Ends 11:59pm Thursday Oct 10, unless sold out or withdrawn prior. Enjoy :)

  • 8th Gen Intel i7-8565U CPU
  • 14" FHD IPS (1920 x 1080)
  • 256GB M.2 PCIe SSD
  • AMD Radeon RX 540X 2GB GPU
  • 8GB DDR4 SODIMM 2400MHz
  • 329mm x 232mm x 17.9mm (1.67kg)

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  • Any deals on the T490?

  • Nice deal. Keep them coming TA

  • I bought a asus tough fx505dd for $839.20, id argue thats a much better deal? Responce?

  • Very nice TA. I got a T480s for $400 preowned because I was impatient, but this has much better specs.

  • I got it from your previous posted deal. I'm using it right now, not a bad laptop for the price. One thing that's annoying is the backlit keyboard needs to be turned on(Fn+Space)every time you switch on the computer(I know, first world problem).

  • I bought this product in the previous deal, it is a great machine and would certainly recommend this product :)

  • FYI

    • Thick bottom bezel
    • Ctrl and Fn keys swapped around
    • Battery life average
    • IPS 250nits not good for outdoor use

    Otherwise OK deal

    • The Ctr key being in the wrong place really shits me. Wish companies wouldn't try and be clever and mess up the KB

    • That's the thinkpad way and has been for sometime now. You can swap it around in the bios as has been mentioned.

      For people who find this annoying for gaming reasons… Why would you buy a thinkpad and expect it to be built like a gaming laptop? It's not a gaming laptop.

      • Ctrl is used for so many shortcuts in Windows and when it is moved further to the right it is harder to hit with your little finger. Hitting it with your ring finger is a bad option because it is the hardest finger to move independently. Additionally for anyone that touch types without looking at the keyboard, it is all muscle memory and having to relearn years of muscle memory for no good reason is silly. Well I can't think of a good reason for swapping the Fn and Ctrl keys anyway.

        While it might be a pain for some games it is a much bigger pain for any Windows user, which these laptops are designed for.

      • CTRL + C
        CTRL + V
        CTRL + Z
        CTRL + A
        CTRL + S

        just some commonly used non-gaming functions.

        • As an avid thinkpad user, it's simply paying homage to a cult classic laptop and its longtime userbase. Imagine the countless users that have been around since the IBM days and have gotten accustomed to the thinkpad's placement of keys. To me, this is Lenovo's nod to the thinkpad's business-brand identity and valuing the loyalty of its clientele. Unlike the Thinkpad, other brands (Dell, Asus, etc) do not boast as illustruous a history or have a culture surrounding it that the thinkpad has, thus making it easier for designers to swap the Fn and Ctrl keys about.

          For further info on the desiggn of the Fn and Ctrl keys on the thinkpad, refer to this blog by Chief Design Officer at Lenovo, David Hill.

          Furthermore, this can be easily swapped around in BIOs, so I do not see why there's so much dissatisfaction being stirred.

  • TA you're a gentleman.

    Is this ok for light gaming?

    Better to upgrade to 16GB single stick?

  • This or E490?

  • Damn, would be perfect if it had thunderbolt 3

  • I bought this from last deal. Can someone recommend a cheapo dock. I would like a hdmi and usb-c ports. Cheers.

  • and purchased, thanks.

  • not a good deal relative to the Ryzen version. The 540 is balls. You're really just paying ~$400 for backlit KB (the e495 hovers around $6-700 on regular deals + cashback).

    • the 's' suffix provides other improvements. much slimmer case. and usually at that price, it's an i5 not i7.

  • Heading overseas next week so was thinking about TRS, but FYI E490s is not in stock atm, would be a 3 week wait according to the lenovo call centre staff

    • Futu does an asus tuf fx505dd for $839.20atm if you wanna save some dollars, im gona use for study work nd gaming

      Mine was ordered monday arriving friday.

      • cool thanks for the heads up!

        Have you had many Asus laptops in the past? I've heard there are issues with reliability

        • My brother has the next one up in this line. Had an asus one 12 year ago that was fine, so i hope its all good? Only needs to last me 2 years anyway, any more is bonus.

    • when you claim for TRS, is the laptop alone + the invoice enough to claim successfully? The laptop can be in a used condition right?

      • Yes, invoice date printed needs to be 60 days within departure date.

        Most of the time TRS officers don't even check your items

  • How does the cpu gpu performance compare to the E495?

  • $135 for an extra 8gb of RAM. Seems steep.

  • Any chance of a deal on the E495?

  • Hi OP, Any deals for the new Dell XPS 13, Model 9380?

  • Got this in the last deal. Did take about 3 weeks for delivery. Apart from that very happy with it. Upgraded the SSD to 1TB Samsung drive. Very easy to remove bottom cover: https://download.lenovo.com/lts/RTPW1960/FOF/RTPW1960-ThinkP...

    I have a T480s for work. The E495s is noticeably heavier, but not bad. Overall it seems very solid so far.

    • I'm keen to hear your opinions on the T480s vs E490s. Aside from the weight difference, are there other noticeable differences? Eg. hinge quality and bezel thickness. I have a T480s now and i'm thinking to get this for the i7 processor and dedicated gpu. I use a Latitude 7480 at work and much prefer mine T480s.

      • The hinge is different. Time will tell on the quality. I hope it is good. Most my previous Laptops have had hinge problems. I will have to take closer look at the difference in the bezel thickness

  • TA, any deal for a E590? I'm looking to purchase one very soon.

  • Why it says ecoupon not found for me?

  • How is this compared to the dell g5 for video editing guys?

  • Anyone else experiencing slow performance after the recent bios update?

  • I want E595s

  • Can anyone comment on the build qaulity? I have a 3rd gen X1 Carbon that need replacing and I can't find any reviews online.

    • X1 build quality is different to Edge series..

      • Yep I know that, wondering about the what that difference actually is haha

        • Edge is much thicker, boxier in a way
          Hard plastic (not in a bad way), but you'll know it wasn't meant to be an X1 Carbon

        • from what ive been reading in the thinkpad forums, the e49X series laptops are actually comparable to the t series in build quality. The screen is not as good for example but overall, the e49x series are quite decent, especially for the price.

          • @bigmanlukaku: Thanks, I missed this one but I'm sure it'll come back around. Do you know anything about thermals? I've heard e48x had thermal issues, and this hads a GPU on top to cool.