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Activate Velocity Frequent Flyer Offer in Mobile App to Earn Share of 10 Million Points


Velocity Frequent Flyer has reached 10 million members, so they are celebrating by giving out free status credits and 10 million free points.

I got 10 status credits (unsure if targeted), and now everyone who does the following will receive an even share of points out of the 10 million points pool;
1. Download Velocity app
2. Log in to the Velocity App
3. Activate the offer in App

Starts today and ends on 13/10 11.59PM AEST

Full T&Cs below;
The Promoter is Velocity Frequent Flyer Pty Ltd (ACN 601 408 824) of registered address 56 Edmondstone Road, Bowen Hills, Queensland 4006. The Promotion commences 00.01am AEST 10 October 2019 and ends 11.59pm AEST 13 October 2019 (Promotion Period). Entry is open to Velocity members (Participants). To enter the Promotion, Participants must: (1) successfully download the app (or already have the app downloaded); (2) successfully log in to the Velocity App; and (3) successfully activate the offer through the activation button in the Velocity App during the Promotion Period. This offer has been sent to eligible Participants and is not transferable. There is a limit of one (1) entry per member for the duration of the Promotion Period. At the end of the Promotion Period, eligible participants will be allocated an even distribution of 10 million Velocity Points. No part Points to be awarded. The Prize will be awarded to the Participant named in the entry. Participants who have opted in to receive push notifications and on an iOS device will be sent a push notification to notify them of the Points that have been allocated to them by 31 October 2019. All Participants will also be notified via email communication. Total giveaway pool value is approximately $317,073.17 (ex GST). The Prize is not exchangeable and cannot be taken as cash. Full promotion Terms and Conditions. Use of Velocity Points is subject to the Membership Terms and Conditions.

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  • Cool! I also got 10 extra status credit from a pooled family member!

  • Thanks. Activated as well.

  • Where do you see the offers in the app? I already had it installed but couldn’t find it

    Oh wait didn’t know there was a velocity app, was looking at my virgin Aus app. Got it, thanks!

  • Yeah, 10 status credits for me too.

    Better than nothing. So hard to get to Gold!

    • Gold is nice, but not travelling for work is better.

      • Why do you say that? How often do you travel for work?

        • I've done several six month stints travelling every week.

          Arriving home at 11pm on Friday and leaving Sunday or 4am Monday is no fun, especially with kids.
          A couple of days a week is okay. A one point it was like catching a bus to work, except it was taxi and flight.

    • Gold is not hard, I got Gold by just flying to HK return with my partner pooled.

      • Anyone who negged care to share why? Is this because this comes off show offy? Because personally, I'm just curious as to whether this is true or not.

        • Yes it is possible, but unless you have a bit of extra spare time and money (not me), I wouldn’t say it is “not hard”. To be upgraded to gold you need to fly four sectors and earn 500 status credits. The claim was that s/he got Gold by "just” flying to HK return with their partner pooled, which would mean starting with 0 sectors flown and 0 status credits. Since Serathis’ user profile states location as Sydney, I will assume this as the departing location (two return flights SYD - HKG).

          Two people with return flights = four sectors flown, so the first criteria is easily accomplished. Now for the status credits part: To earn 500 Status credits and get Gold this trip, each leg would require to earn a minimum of 125 status credits. According to the Velocity mileage calculator, there are 4,585 miles between Sydney and Hong Kong. Reading off the earn status credits tables, direct flights with either business saver or business seats will both give you 120 status credits per leg – not enough to be upgraded to gold. However, you can also get to Hong Kong from Sydney via Melbourne on selected days. Adding this stopover will give you 40 status credits for the SYD – MEL flight (my understanding is that domestic flights which are part of an international booking are counted as international when calculating status credits) and 120 status credits for the MEL – HKG flight, or 160 status credits per person each way, which totals 640 status credits for the whole journey. Thus, it is possible to get gold by just flying to Hong Kong return with a partner pooled, provided you don’t mind the detour in the wrong direction and a stopover in Melbourne before flying back north to Hong Kong, as well as the roughly $8,000 for two people return cost of tickets (I randomly selected dates 14/11/1 – 21/11/19).

        • These are the type of people who basically have the "sour grapes" syndrome. It's not hard if you put your mind to it.

          I paid $550 per person for a return flight from Syd-HK via Melbourne during the double status promo.
          Is it worth the detour?

          For that extra stop, I have access to Hilton Gold status, Hertz Five Star status, unlimited lounge access with Virgin Australia, Etihad and Singapore Airlines. Not to mention extra luggage, priority boarding as so forth.

          So yes, to answer the question of "26144073772" whether I had extra spare time and money, it is not too hard in comparison to many of the other Frequent Flyer Program! You probably can't even get $550 return for some of those domestic East-West Coast flights!

          • @Serathis: Ahh… Double status credits promotion – something I did not take into consideration in my analysis. $550 per person for “Freedom” class tickets (I assume you went for those as Getaway/Elevate wouldn’t give you sufficient status credits) is a great price! After researching how much the SYD – HKG business tickets were, Virgin have been showing me ads for that flight from $650 return (presumably “Getaway” class).

            I once considered adding a stopover which would have upgraded me to Silver by the end of my trip, but then I realised I probably wouldn’t fly again any time soon, so probably wasn’t worth the additional effort for perks I probably wouldn’t get to use anyway. If it was an upgrade to Gold, like yours, I probably would have taken it, on the chance that I would travel again within the year (I didn’t). I hope you enjoyed your HK holiday and you get to make the most of your Gold status on future trips.

            • @26144073772: I booked my flight around 8 months in advance, at that time I managed to grab tickets for that price.

              I've even secured maintaining Gold for next year, another double sc promo, syd-bne-cairns return with partner. Every little getaway helps, if you plan it properly prior. Of course it takes some research but it's rewarding ie Hilton Gold provided me with free hotel upgrades, free champagnes, unlimited drinks in the hotel lounge.

              But if you dont travel at least once to twice a year, then yes it's probably not for you :)

              A shame really, as it seems like you've done a lot of research!

    • I’ve got gold. It’s nice

  • I did this just clicking through the web interface on my PC. Already had the App installed. Got my 10 SC.

  • I don't remember activating anything recently but got an email saying I had been "paid" 10 status credits.

  • I wish this deal wasn’t posted ;) (I’m joking around. Good post!)

  • I think this happened once before, I got 200 points in the 7 Million Points promotion

  • Ohhhhhh! 10 SC for me!

  • ACtivated. Probably wont get anything significant

  • Join the Fam up regardless if they travel or not and Family pool the lot to you.

  • Hmm getting an error on trying to activate the offer. Maybe they are getting a lot of traffic

  • Why can't i find this in the Velocity App? I am logged in as normal, tried logging out and in again but still can't see the activation link. The status credits have been added to my account which will be just enough to gift my wife Gold status on top of my Platinum - thanks VA.

  • +2 votes

    Hmm, an even distribution of 10 million points? What if 5 million people activate it? That's a lousy 2 points each!

  • So technically if every one of the 10 million members activate this, we will get 1 point each. Is that a fair assessment?

  • family pooling of status credits is a great feature of VA.
    for this promo i received 10 status credits + 3 x 10 from pooled family. 40 all up.

  • edit: they literally released an update as I was doing it, updated and activated!
    also got it from family pool, woohoo

  • What is status credit?

    • Status Credits determine your Frequent Flyer tier and therefore, the privileges you receive on flights related to their frequent flyer program.

      Status Credits are all about making flying a more rewarding experience.

      It's important to note that Status Credits are different to VelocityPoints, and that you could earn both at the same time (subject to conditions).

      The more you fly, the more you earn.

      As you ascend, you become entitled to more valuable privileges. For instance, the higher your tier, the more Velocity Points you could earn for each eligible flight, helping you to reach rewards faster.

      • Does the Status Credit expire yearly like the Qantas ones?

        • They are similar to Qantas in that they expire yearly, but Virgin's status credits expire 12 months from the date you earn them, unlike Qantas where all your status credits expire on the same date every year (well, that is what happens to me, anyway).

    • macrotransctions for flights

      because sucking you in via FF points isnt enough, they need to create a second tier

      wait till they make you buy crystals and a subscription service to get access to flight discounts which can only be used if youre gold status and paid via FF miles

  • Just what we need, another garbage app. Error: Something went wrong, please try again. Thats what I get on my first sign in.

    • I'm getting "Our service is temporarily unavailable. Please try again." when trying to activate the offer.

      Looks like it's Ozbargained

  • Keep checking Virgin Australia app…
    I didn't realise Velocity has it's own app

  • Guys get off my app, you're DDOS!

  • Why do they have a new app?

  • "Our Service Is Temporarily Unavailable"

  • Thanks OP.

  • Got 10 status credit but no points

  • 10 status credits is great, but is there any benefit to those that dont fly with virgin or at all?

  • Did not get the offer in the app how do i activate it?

  • Interesting, I'm already VA Plat but could you potentially create an account and then create 49 family pool accounts (removing and readding them to the family pool one by one before downloading the Velocity app) to effectively receive 500 credits and get Gold?

    • I think the accounts need to have been created before 8th October. And I'm pretty sure they'll be able to work out your scheme.

    • They would be monitoring exceptions, especially on family pools that look unusual (unless you're a Mormon, how could you have so many family members under one roof?). You'd be banned for life, is my guess (a few years ago a poster here recounted how she'd been life banned from Velocity for buying points via family transfer, losing 600k points in the process).

    • you sure know how to claim these points, with velocity !

    • No you won't — you have to also fly 4 flights for Gold (8 for Platinum).

    • You're limited by how often you can add and remove people from family pooling in a year, from memory.

  • Activated! Cheers OP

  • Imagine having almost half of Australia’s info in your database

  • The bonus status credits came through just when I needed them! Needed 15 more to tick over to gold. With the 10 I got and another 10 pooled from my partner, it pushed me over. Cheers virgin

  • Maximum Adult contribution limit exceeded.
    The maximum number of members over the age of 18 who can pool to this member has been reached.

    What is the maximum? Added one; tried to add another.

  • Do you realise that the more people that activate this offer, the less you (and me) will get?
    if ever there was a deal not to advertise, this is it.

  • Nice - scored 30 credits - 10 from me, 10 from wife + 10 from child!

  • Thanks for 20 status credits , not that it makes much difference despite being frequent flyer on virgin I find it very difficult to maintain gold status as always in a loosing battle and when they changed the amount you earn for domestic

    • If you get any control over the flights you book via work make sure you book elevate instead of getaway. Usually the difference on an East coast flight (bris - Syd/Melb in my case) is about $30 and you get double the status credits of a getaway far.

      Also keep an eye out for the double status credits promos they run a couple times a year. I fly in-frequently, max 8-10 times a year and am on track to just keep gold again next year. Remember to link up flybuys for up to another 10 per month, and keep an eye on credit card deals like the recent Westpac one which had 50 come with it.

  • What do you use the points for?

  • Where can I look to find my Velocity Frequent Flyer promo/referral code? I have logged into the website and the app but I can't seem to find it to setup in my OzBargain referalls

    • I found mine in an old email from January. Tried on the website as well without luck. If you cant find the email then maybe hit up support/facebook for your link.

  • good one!

  • Thanks for this! :D

  • Interesting Velocity value the prize at a total $317,073.17 for 10,000,000 VFF points.

    Velocity value each point at just over 3c

    Wonder how they come to that number, maybe using the average rate people redeem points at?

    • Yeah, it's somewhat dodgy considering that the buy rate for 250k points and upwards is $5,850, meaning that 10m points should cost $240k.


      (Scroll down to FAQ for "How much do points cost?")

      If it's based on redemption value then it should be even lower for Economy, but higher for Premium Economy/Business. It'd be unusual for them to use the higher value though.

  • 10M points divided by 10M members = 1 point each

    Even if only quarter of the members activate this promo, you'll only get 4 points for each accounts.
    Kinda lame I think

    • Don't think that many would even bother to use the App. I safely say hundreds of points earned per person.

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