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Kogan 55" Smart HDR 4K LED TV (Series 8 MU8010) $399.99 + Delivery @ Kogan


Just got an email about this.

Kogan 55" Smart HDR 4K LED TV (Series 8 MU8010)

Good TV for a spare room.

ends in 3 hours. ( is limited to the first 500 customers only)

This is my first post, Sorry if there is something wrong with this post

There is also

Kogan 58" Smart HDR 4K LED TV (Series 8 LU8010) For $499 + delivery

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  • What is screen cast

    • Chromecasting/Airplay equivelant. ie connect your phone or ipad to the same wifi network as your tv and cast it onto your TV

      • i guess your phone or ipad screen remains on while it does the screen cast?

        • Not sure with this but with chromecast you can carry on doing other things on your phone while is casts to the TV in the background.

        • Yeah I think it’s just screen mirroring, and only supported on Android, and third-party MAC and PC software (I think I remember it’s part of the OS now - used to be just select devices)

  • Kogan First in not applicable for this? Delivery is still added at check-out.

  • This is an excellent TV for this price. I've had mine for almost a year now. PS4 recognises HDR, screencast is great. It is slow with the in-built browsing of web tv though. This was also the only 55" TV I found at the time that was 6 star energy rated. You will need a sound bar of course which does negate the energy rating but that's normal for most TV's like this.

    • does the smart apps, etc part of the tv lag?

      • Yes the 9Now, 7Plus, 10Play, iView etc are all pretty slow to browse and start but once the show gets going it's OK. You can select a favourites list to speed it up a bit. I don't have Netflix so can't comment on what that's like. Screencast works well with an android device or windows laptop but I believe it's not iOS/Mac compatible. You'll probably want an external device if you watch a lot of catch up tv online.

    • Exact same model? The Samsung panel? MU8010?

  • hmm $100 more for the 58"

  • This is the standard sale price for the non-smart 55" TV, so there is value, but if it's anything like the 75" panel, the motion blur is an issue for fast paced content.

    From what I understand however, their smart TV performance is worth avoiding.

  • Stay away from Kogan if you can.

    They just won a Shonky award for "creating a returns system from hell"

    • That's weird, i've been using their monitors for 5 years now (24" 1080p, 144hz 1080p, 27' 1440p's, and ultrawides all for PC's in my house and Xbox) and have returned one when I broke it myself. They sent me a new one the next day without issues and once I set it up, I was able to return my broken one in the box free of charge. It was a perfect returns experience and I have never had a single issue with any of their monitors…

  • This is an excellent TV for this price.. I have a similar one and have been using it since 7 yrs now..Great TV and great quality and Audio is crap for sure.. You may need a sound bar

  • I bought a Kogan LCD tv back in 2009/10 and it is still going strong, except the remote stopped working early this year.

    I wonder if the TV quality is still the same?

  • damn i missed it.. for those that missed this there is an ALDI special on soon? but i think 50inch for around $400

  • It was same price last year on this date, yearly promo?

    • Yeah I linked to that in my above comment. Seems to be! I couldn't be bothered to wait another year for it so I found a 58" JVC 4K for $399 @ Big W. It's dumb, doesn't support HDR nor [email protected] but whatever, it'll do as a replacement for my recently dead TCL 50" that's almost 5 years old.

  • What's with the standard of saying where a TV is good for? It's only good for a spare room? So it's only good for guests?