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[VIC, SA] 50 flybuys Points When You Pack Your Own Shopping Bags @ Coles (Pt. Adelaide, Southland, Caroline Springs, Burwood)


Let's see how far we can go to grab a bargain!

Do this 20 times and it gives you 1000 points ($5) without any additional purchase!

‘Well I was just told that you receive an extra 50 fly buys points for doing so! The checkout person said to make sure you always ask the cashier to put it on and it’s under heavy items. I know it’s not huge but every point counts and it’s something I’m doing anyway!’

Nadine went on to explain that the code Coles cashiers use is ‘YouPack’ - and while it shows up as 1-cent on your receipt, she explains that ‘1c is a code generator to get the 50 points as you can see it is then credited.’

Update: Per Flybuys:

Only available at a few selected Coles Supermarkets. Port Adelaide, Southland, Caroline Springs and Burwood East

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  • +37

    How about Self-Checkout? Should have 'YouPack' bonus points too

    • I am curious to know.

    • Well self-serve has no other option so they would be stupid to offer it there…

    • +2

      Were do u put in the code?

  • +17

    Wtf haha Coles pack my bags. I’d rather pay $5 to have my bags packed 20 times.

  • +22

    Damn we should be getting this too if we’re using the self checkouts!

  • So this works on self checkout too?

  • +31

    Waiting for the “milk your own cow” promo.

    • +9

      Didn't you try the "milk your own bull" promo from last summer?

      I didn't really enjoy it but the bull seemed happy 🐂

      • It was seeing red the second time. What did I do wrong?

        • The absence of udders.

  • +7

    50 points is $0.25

    Guess it’s a good deal if your buying 1-2 pieces of fruit.
    So long as Coles next move isn’t a surcharge to pack your bags

  • +9

    How do you even pack your own bags at normal checkout - the bench isn’t really setup for it, not like Aldi, anyway.

    • +7

      not like Aldi, anyway.

      Every Aldi that I've been to has a completely inadequate area for bagging …

      • +12

        Aldi shops normally have a shelf that's THE WIDTH of the store adjacent to the tills, by the front window.

        While the cashier is rapidly scanning your shopping just keep up and put it all back in your trolley; you can then either bag it on the massive shelf or bag it in your car boot. Simples

        • So basically you double handy your goods, from check out to trolly and trolly to bags and back into trolly before getting to the car.

          Hope you didn’t buy a ripe avocado, probably be bruised by now.

          • +4

            @cloudy: C'mon, that's what you have to do at every shop if you use a trolley.

            Hope you didn’t buy a ripe avocado, probably be bruised by now.

            No, I'm great at doing the shopping on my own for a large family….just use a bit of common sense.

            1) Put items A= tins, milk, juice, ice cream and other heavy stuff at the back of the trolley, put items B =crackers, biscuits, crisps, etc at the front, put items C= fruit and veg, bread, etc on top.

            2) At the checkout, put all items A at the front of the conveyor, put items B in the centre, put all freezer/fridge stuff together and finally put items C at the back.

            Everything goes back in the trolley, heavy stuff on the bottom, cold stuff together, easily damaged stuff on the top.
            Get to car and bag up items in the same groups; I never stick everything in bags ad-hoc.

            If you fill your trolley with shopping, you might find it easier to use these-
            I'm that used to using my method, it would be a waste of $20.

  • +22

    Customers are selling themselves shorT.

    When Coles and Woolworths first opened the self checkouts it was about convenience for a smaller shops. Then they would have fewer checkouts opened often encouraging you to use the self checkouts. Now when I go for weekly/fortnight shops no checkouts are opened and the self checkouts are so tight you can barely use a trolley or put the full bags anywhere. So as a customer convenience has been the gateway to shifting the task as customer burden, staffing cuts improve bottom lines which have not flowed through to lower prices.

    The model is little different to what they did with the supporting farmer excess or plastic bag ban. No clear care about the initial principle they promoted and simply a means to make better profits.

    • +29

      I won't use the self-serve checkouts at any store that has them, I wait at a till until a member of staff comes and serves me.
      If it was a small business struggling to survive and needed to cut staff I would use self-serve, but the big two are raking in millions.

      They've already screwed their suppliers and staff, now they want to screw over their customers.
      Keep humans in work.

      • +8

        3 Robots have negged you

        • +4

          Ha-Ha 🤖 1000 upvotes to you.

          The Bots must have a Hasbara crew on the look out for any negative internet postings.

          Gone back to zero now, the humans are fighting back

        • +2

          Many Australians are severely brainwashed to the point that they think anything a business does is good.

          These are the same halfwits insisting that privatisation and deregulation have worked out great for the economy.

          • +3

            @Diji1: aka "Aspirationals"

            "No I'm not working class anymore, I've got my own business"

            (so says the Subbies and the Uber drivers)

            • +1

              @alidli: Like everyone is an Entrepreneur or CEO of their own struggling start up!

      • +2


        I seek out and wait for checkout people if I have to. At the BigW I went to this afternoon I am pleased to advise that where they would only have 1 or 2 checkout people available, that they actually had 3 this time. Has been a very long time since I last saw that!

        Keep humans in work.

      • throw dem clogs into the machinery

      • I wonder if you still do the same at petrol stations

        • +3

          I wonder if you still do the same at petrol stations.

          As a student, I did over 2 years working part time evenings/ weekends at a petrol station when they still put petrol in for you.
          It paid for college and my traveling expenses, plus a bit of savings.
          Two students worked there at a time, plus in the daytime it employed young mums and some pensioners.
          The customers appreciated us filling the tank, cleaning their windscreen, blowing their tyres up, and it was great chatting to the regulars about them and their families.

          That was money going into several workers pockets and getting spent locally. The owners of the petrol station did alright too.

          All those jobs gone now, and has petrol become cheaper?
          Has it ****

          Do you really think these tax-dodging big companies and their millionaire CEO's give a toss about you or your family……really.

          • @alidli: The real question isn't has cheaper gotten cheaper now, because a range of factors. The question is, if you ran a petrol station today, with 2-3 people dedicated to filling petrol, would it be viable.

            If you think the answer is yes, why don't you go for it? And go try to earn that decent buck you speak of.

            Nothing stops you. It's so easy just to say, how good it is, and how those fat cats just rip us all off etc. But if you truly believe in what you say, just do it. I'll come fill up at your station just to say hi.

            • +1

              @cloudy: What I stated is not my personal belief, it was/ is fact- petrol stations made enough money to pay for forecourt staff and that money was spent in the local economy. The station I worked at was family owned and the father and his 2 sons made a living from it as well as the staff, even though there were far less cars on the roads back then.
              There were far more independently owned garages-cum-petrol stations then; everything was not carved up by massive multi-national conglomerates. And (excluding world events like the Suez Crisis, etc) the price hardly changed for weeks on end. Not like now when it can go up 40c in one jump for no apparent reason (probably futures traders).

              And no, of course it wouldn’t be viable to have forecourt staff now if no other station had them and with Woolies/ Coles supermarkets subsidising their petrol stations with 4c-10c discount vouchers.

              I don’t know your age or what you do, but in the 80’s we were promised by the Neo-Cons- cut the tax of the wealthy, let the reins off the free market, get rid of red tape, promote mergers, etc; and the new wealth created will “trickle down” to everyone……IT NEVER HAPPENED AND WILL NEVER HAPPEN

              The millionaires became billionaire oligarchs, while our wages have actually gone down in real terms and that looks set to continue with below inflation pay rises the norm-

              I’m also baffled as to why you seem to want to defend people earning mega-millions a year in salary, most of whom haven’t risked a penny of their own money or set up any business themselves. And also tax-dodging companies that in the main become cartels that buy up or destroy competitors and are the antithesis of free-marketeers.

              I have no problem with any person becoming wealthy through their expertise, hard-work, innovation, etc like James Dyson.
              I’ve ran my own business, employed people, trained apprentices, taken out business loans, worked 80-100hrs a week split doing physically demanding work, and then site visits, quotes, accounts, payroll, etc, and often took home less than my employees.

              So don’t think I’m some envious, commie, union member, civil servant with a future pension paid by other taxpayers, I’m just someone who thinks the wealth of the world should be shared out, which can be done (think Quaker owned companies like Cadburys/ Bournville or The John Lewis Partnership
              For various economic and political reasons (and because the men now knew how to fight and shoot), during the 1950's 'ordinary' Americans did enjoy a fairer slice of the wealth pie

              I know it will never happen, but the laws should change to cap executive salaries and stop companies off-shoring profits and just stashing the cash away Google/ Apple or artificially inflating their company share price by buying back their shares so the exec’s get even more money through bonuses

              By all means disagree with my sentiment, but you cannot disprove that if the 90% have money it will get spent and help their cohort, while the 10% will hoard their fortunes and actually hurt the economy.

              I want a world where kids better themselves, together with each other through hard work and initiative, not one that’s dog-eat-dog or kiasu where you and only you have to win at all costs.

              I hope you read the links, as what I write is not my 'opinion' but data garnered from other people far cleverer than me.

    • +2

      Exactly, I went to woolworths last week with one checkout open and a huge line at the self serve.
      Half the self serve terminals were turned off as according to staff member, policy is 8 self serve open per staff member attending them due to loss prevention. Not exactly convenient.

      • +2

        Yep, same policy as Nursing Homes, pay for as little staff as they can get away with cos no-one's really gonna complain.

  • +23

    We'll be stacking the shelves next.

    • +4

      That's costco's model.

    • And some customers will be dumb enough to play along when Coles & Woolies role out "the trial" in a few stores.

  • +8

    Had a few times at my local Coles where one checkout lady in particular would just scan and leave the items at the end piling up followed by awkward looks back and forth expecting me to pack it? Didn't know what to think to be honest.

    If they expect us to pack it ourselves then you may as well not have "manned" checkouts at all surely.

    • +2

      Sounds like my first few experiences to an Aldi

      • +5

        Aldi staff don't pack bags, too busy multi-tasking thereby keeping your groceries cheap.

        And COME ON, how hard is it to chuck your stuff in a few bags?

        • +5

          It's still a bit of a surprise the first time you shop there.

          • @Hintswen: Didn't you get the hint when your shopping started piling up?

            • +3

              @alidli: At aldi there isn't much room for it to pile up, it will just fall off the end.

            • @alidli: No, because I've never bought more than half a dozen items at a time from Aldi and they have always gone straight into my backpack, same as I do at other supermarkets.

  • +7

    I'm going to start a conspiracy theory here: Cole's and woolies have deliberately dropped the standards of service and training for checkout staff to encourage use of self checkouts. We've started purposefully avoiding self checkouts because the software makes them awful to use for anything more than a couple of items. But the manned checkouts have also become consistently terrible. We had one guy that legit scanned 1 item every 10-15 seconds. Your left standing there going "jeez, the self serves would've been faster", and I don't think that's accidental adjusts foil hat.

    • Yeah, that was me when I worked there. But I'm good at other stuff!

    • +1

      I'm going to start a conspiracy theory here

      No conspiracy, just ask the head of HR

    • +5

      adjusts tin foil hat
      I knew I was not the only one going crazy! From the first day they introduced the self-serve at my local Colesworth I knew it was a ploy to cut down staff costs, increase profits and make us do their work for free!

    • Seems to be infectious… on the weekend I saw a mcdonalds manager just stare blankly at a customer wanting to be served at the counter only to walk away. That same customer did the same thing and walked straight out. It happened again to another and the customer had to call out… Lol. Not everyone wants to use the self service kiosks.

      I hand over my bags and they scan and drop it in. Instead of dropping it onto the counter they've scored it into my bag.
      And bigger shops should not be wheeling in their trolleys to those self checkouts anyways. It's a bloody mess and some people are just so slow!

      They can keep their 50 points as it allows me to focus on the payment screen

    • +1

      There wasn’t exactly a standard of training to begin with. I worked there as a kid. We got trained for 20 minutes at interview. That was it. No follow up training ever.

      • Yesterday in Coles a the checkout girl put domestos with a chicken in the same bag, even through I had given her many bags.

  • Can anyone confirm this works?

  • +3

    Some larger Coles store such as Southland in Vic have bag racks for customers to pack in main lanes and there is a lookup item/PLU that a does it which the cashier applies it. However, even though you apply it in other Coles stores, it won't give you the 50 points. So it depends if the store participates on it.

  • +3

    At the self checkout, go to "heavy items" then add "points for packing".

    • Really, so you can get 50 points every self checkout by doing that ?

      • +3

        Yep, I do every time

        • Thanks, I didn't know that.

    • I was just at Coles but couldn't find this anywhere in the heavy items section

      • +2

        I'm overseas at the moment, will check back and post the exact sequence in a few days

  • +3

    This was a trial that was run in 5 stores only and doesn't work on self serve checkouts.

    • If they actually rolled this out I bet everyone will bring their own bags.

  • I checked in South Melbourne Coles and the employee (Asst. Manager) told me that he is not aware about this promotion currently going on in this store. He did agree that he had heard about it before couple of months in only handful of stores.

  • +2

    Tried it at broadway tonight and the clerk had NFI what I was talking about. There was a queue building up behind me so didn't pursue.

    • +2

      25c down……..hand back that OzB badge now!

      • +1

        I know I know. Crying baby and approaching end of free parking all worked against my OzBargain willpower.

        • +2

          Cos bub wanted you to get the 25c 👶

  • +2

    Pick your own stuff : pay us for that
    bill your own stuff (self service ) : Pay us for that
    Pack your own bags : I will pay you now later you pay us for that
    Wohhooo . we are corporates that how we rip off customers.

    • +1

      The CEO's should just give us their bank account details so we can cut out the middle man

  • +1

    Wont believe this is true until someone shows video evidence. Sounds like those triple m free pies deal.

    • It's true - but only for the 5 stores in Australia that are trialling this, and even then only at the special 'pack it yourself' lanes. They have larger benches for customers to pack themselves. Pressing the button at self-serve, or getting a checkout operator to select it for you on a standard checkout won't get you the points. It will show "coupon offset" or something on the receipt, so everyone thinks they're getting the points, but they won't get them unless they did use the correct register at one of the 5 selected stores.
      It's been discussed in Flybuys social media groups for years, people claim they always get the points even though they don't shop at those 5 stores, but no one will post a screenshot of their Flybuys statement showing the suburb and the alleged points 🤔

      • Didn't this only just recently start?

        • Nah it's been around for at least 2 years, I just did a really quick scroll on one of the Flybuys pages and there's posts from May 2017. I think there was a widely shared article very recently though recirculating the info (or parts of the info at least)

    • Triple M free pies? What did I miss?!¿

  • +4

    Next promo, roast your own chicken!

    • +2

      Next next promo, the full experience!

      Plant your tomato seeds.
      Watch them grow.
      Harvest your tomatoes.
      Can your tomatoes.
      Drive can to store.
      Stack can on shelf.
      Pick can off shelf.
      Buy your can of tomatoes.
      Visit wife and kids you haven't seen in months while tending to your farm.
      Wipe away tears as wife reminds you the kids wanted aged parmesan cheese on their Bolognese.

      • +1

        Easy soldier … 😮🔫🏅😃🖖

  • +1

    Plant your tomato pumpkin seeds

  • Thanks for sharing. I do this anyway but Woolworths is our closest supermarket so no chance in getting the points for me!! Haha will tell others that shop at Coles though.

  • Qld doesn't have

  • They've removed this option from the newer self checkout machines

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