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50W 50 LED Flood Spot Light IP65 Waterproof Outdoor Spotlight US $12.49 (~AU $19.06) Delivered @ Tmart


We are glad to share you 50W 50 LED Flood Spot Light IP65 Waterproof Outdoor Garden Spotlight, the item is easy installation and environmentally friendly and energy-saving. Suitable for outdoor lighting, gardens, squares, billboards, factories, docks, stadiums and other places where lighting is needed.

Super Bright & Energy Saving: Built with high quality 2835 chips, our LED Flood light is equivalent to 300W Halogen Bulb, saves 80% of your energy as compared to traditional Halogen lamps. Lighten up your atmosphere with our LED Floodlight!
Adjustable Bracket: Comes with a dedicated bracket, flexible combination of adjustment angle max 180 degree, it is easy to DIY and fit for most needed. Can be installed on the walls, ground and other locations, by adjusting the different angles.
120° Beam Angle: Spotlight Emitting angle is 120 degrees, to provide farther irradiation distance and more focused beam lighting.
Waterproof: IP65 rating waterproof, lightning protection & dust control. Its sealing is perfect. Can be ideal for indoor and outdoor use. (We recommend that you DO NOT submerge it into water.)
Long Life: Extremely 10000 hours long life, reduces re-lamp frequency.
Durable & Excellent Heat Disspation Material: The mask of this outdoor work light adopts superhard high transparent pc and high-purity aluminum reflective film, the light transmission and reflective is excellent. It adopts thickened die-cast aluminum, not only ensure the strength of the light flood, but also convective the design of the new streamline thermal gets excellent heat dissipation and extend the life of lamp bulbs.

More about product details click me ->Flood Spot Light. Thanks.

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    We are glad to share you 50W 50 LED Flood Spot Light
    Built with high quality 2835 chips

    Most of the cheap SMD 2835 chips I've come across are 0.2W chips. 0.2W X 50 chips in this floodlight = 10W. Add driver consumption and it's well below 50W. And even if the chips are over driven you're still a long way from 50W.

    • Right behind you there but fella… maths don't add up

    • +1 vote

      50W is the input. It doesn't measure how bright the light is, therefore you can't tell the energy efficiency.

      • Math wasn't your favourite subject, was it?

      • +1 vote

        50W is the advertised/rated power of this floodlight. I can bet my top dollar this light does not consume 50W.

        I did not mention anything about measuring brightness with watts, or about energy efficiency. Just stating that this product is not a 50W floodlight.

        • +1 vote

          How can you be sure? 1W 2835 SMDs has been out in the market for a while.

          They did say that the light is equivalent to 300W Halogen Bulb which is around 4000lm.
          Good 1W SMD produce at least 130 lm/watt so at 50W you should get 6500lm.

          So they either overinflate the input rating or they just use inefficient component.

    • Alibaba Watts have a different meaning ;)