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[VIC] Metro Trains Compensation - Free Daily Ticket (if Used > 10 Days in September 2019 & Active >28 Days)


Metro missed punctuality targets for September 2019


"There are also compensation thresholds. If we don’t run at least 98% of services each month with 90% or more of these services punctual, eligible customers will be compensated. Our monthly, network-wide, performance data is available online and at stations around the 10th day of the month."

Get in before the end of this month

Yarra trams also - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/488970

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  • So did Yarra Trams so you can claim from them too.

  • They did it again ….

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    they should have something like this for citylink

  • Where do we apply?

  • its so unfair that Metro only compensates people who got a myki pass and not travellers who buy a daily ticket and use the public transport more than 10-15 days in a month.

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    The whole claim process is window dressing bullshit.

  • Meanwhile in Sydney:
    Forget 90% punctuality. You're lucky if 90% of the trains in a day run

    • According to Transport NSW the punctuality for Sydney hovers around 90%


      • The punctuality performance target is to have at least 92% of peak services arrive within five minutes for Sydney Trains services and six minutes for NSW TrainLink (Intercity) services.

        Does that mean within 5-6 mins can still be counted as punctual?
        Also, it depends on the line. Some have a lot more issues than others.

    • Trust me when I say you guys should be grateful for what you're getting. Sydney is loads better than the current situation in Melbourne. We are still dealing with boom gates. Last month a tram derailed on the Glen Waverley line and held up multiple trains needing to go past a boom gate. Ever heard of that happening?

      You guys in Sydney should be grateful and appreciate what you have. We hardly have a first world system here whereas Sydney does.

  • all the while shitty rail keeps its arse tight, as always

    • The only reason Melbourne have this is because it was grandfathered from the old Metcard days.

      May even have been around before Metcard… I'm not sure if it was around in the scratchie/stamped ticket days (i.e. before the internet). Perhaps negotiated by Jeff as a condition of privatization?

      Over the years they have changed the conditions - perhaps to make it harder to claim
      - Minimum 28 day myki pass (previously weekly or longer)
      - Minimum 10 days of use (previously not required)
      - Now based on network average performance (previously based on individual lines)
      - Now 1 daily fare (previously 1 or 2 depending on two thresholds)

      Also, there used to be a clause that if buses replaced all trains for more than a week on a particular line, all eligible monthly holders would receie myki redit equivalent to a free daily fare for that zone.

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