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Apple TV 4K 32GB $229 + Delivery (Free Pickup) @ Landmark Computers (Pricebeat $217.55 @ Officeworks)



Found an ok price for the 32gb 4K Apple TV.

Successfully called and got a price match from Officeworks for $217.55.

Don’t forget that 1 year of Apple TV+ is included with a purchase.

Enjoy 😊

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Landmark Computers

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  • I was reading that the one year apple tv+ deal dosent start till November, so was reluctant in buying apple tv till after then.

    But free tv+ is avaliable now?

    • AnyApple hardware purchase after 10 September 2019 will get you one year free Apple TV+ after launch in November.

      • How does Apple know when you purchased an Apple TV from places like Landmark or Officeworks?

        • Possibly, it may register as one of your devices when you sign in with your iTunes/iCloud account on it.

  • Best option for playing downloaded movies etc?

    • Plex for sure

    • Nvidia Shield or ODROID N2 running CoreELEC to give you Kodi, audio passthrough, USB ports, and 24 / 60Hz support:


      Edit:…or if you're talking about using the Apple TV for playback, Plex (free), MrMC (paid app), or Infuse (paid app).

      • i was keen on a shield, but it seems like apple tv is a better solution for pass-through audio if you use sonos?

        • From my understanding…


          Yes - Sonos can't natively handle some audio codecs, so the Apple TV may be a better solution when using Sonos gear with those codecs.

          Long story:

          The preference is that audio is passed through untouched to your dedicated / expensive audio gear to process the audio, rather than be first processed on a relatively cheap media box.

          Audio passthrough is not available on the Apple TV, so instead it decodes the audio first, and then sends it on.

          For some reason (???), Sonos does not support some audio codecs like Dolby Digital Plus or DTS, so it can't handle anything passed through to it in those formats.

          That's ok for a box like the Apple TV that touches the audio first, but for something like the Shield that passes through the audio untouched, the Sonos can't handle it.

    • Certainly it’s the Infuse app over Plex any day of the week.

      • A person of great taste!

      • Yep Infuse on ATV kicks ass. Plays anything 4K without a hitch. Plex is fine for anything 1080p, but I find for 4K content (even with Plex Pass Enhanced player) its picky and wont play some content.

        Infuse is well worth the $14.99 per year.

    • Infuse! I was not a fan of how Plex was starting to force you to sync your data to the cloud. They may have taken that away now.

      • I had to sign into pled just to get local sharing to work. That was a step too far. Also now that all of my iOS devices are capable of decoding 4K and True HD streams themselves, I’d rather not have my server do any encoding at all. With infuse you can just share your folders and you’re done, all the scanning and stuff happens in the Infuse app.

    • A different device.

    • After using XBMC/Kodi for years, on a NUC and more recently a Xiaomi MiBox, I recently bought an ATV 4K (now with buyer’s regret with that mention of a possible update now in sight!) and changed my local streaming to Emby. It’s essentially like Plex, including the option for “premium” features, but the basic set up is free. It’s not as sexy as Plex appears, though a recent update has improved appearances. I’ve repurposed the NUC to act as Emby server in Ubuntu, using a 4-bay drive attached by USB. It’s not as pretty as a dedicated NAS, but I set it up using existing hardware, and the client & server software is free.

  • Skipped on the time Binglee lowered the price of 32GB ATV 4K to ~$180 awhile ago, and got the 32GB Apple TV HD instead for $170.

    Kind of kicking myself I skipped on the 4K model as it’s internal specification is much more up-to-date.
    The Apple TV HD is running slightly better on tvOS 13, but the 4K model is definitely worth the extra (when on sale).

    • I bought mine with a price match back then. It has been fantastic.

      • For some strange reason back then I thought the 4K model would only work with 4K Televisions, even though I knew you can adjust the resolution in settings of previous models.

  • new Apply TV will be releasing soon? any news on that?

  • Thanks! Just got one

  • office works only do pricematch or pricebeat if you are on the same state.. tried callling officworks in sydney no luck.. May i know what officeworks branch you made a deal?