This was posted 2 years 1 month 14 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Spotify Family/Student Premium: 90 Days Free for New Customers


Note - this is for family premium and not individual. Usually the family premium trial is available for one month only.

Family members living under one roof can enjoy up to 6 Premium accounts. Try 3 months free, only $17.99/month after.

Offer not available to users who already tried Premium. Cancel anytime.

Steps to copy your existing playlist to a new account -

1) Make them public on your old account.
2) Sign into your new account.
3) Search for you old username.
4) When you find you old account and public playlist(s) copy all the songs into a new playlist(s).

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    Great find OP. Just in time to cancel the YouTube premium 3 month offer.

    For anyone looking to also move from YouTube music free trial, I used this for my playlists - - worked a treat.

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    Got the email yesterday

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      Thanks for letting us know

  • Anyone knows when this expires?

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      90 days

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        I believe they want to know the last day to sign up to the offer and start the trial.

        • I would like to know this also

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    don't forget this one posted by Clear:

    Apple Music: Sign up to a Free 3-Month Family Trial, Get $14 Cashback (Approved in 30 Days) @ Cashrewards (New Customers)

  • Thanks OP!

    Just in time, my Google Play was due to expire tomorrow.

  • Is there a way to transfer a spotify account tied to a FB account to a new email one? Ive been meaning to close down facebook but can't due to spotify

    • You can unlink your Facebook account from your Spotify account, so it can stand on its own, but you'll end up with a randomised number as your username. From there, you should be able to change the email address, if you need to.

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    Pity you can't get the 100% server based service for free. It would be so dumb if the client could tell the server that it had paid when it hadn't. No one could be that bad at programming.

    Oh wait …

    • Please share more info

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        For android, look for spotify on Mobilism Forums.
        For IOS, jailbreak and get the tweak spotilife by julioverne

        • +1 for reply. I was actually going to comment as to whether this is something the modified apps does - your reply answered this. I just thought there was another way I wasn't aware of. Too bad I don't think this unlocks the high quality music and/or allows you to use the privileges over a Google device.

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      Or just split a family plan with a few other people and save a few bucks, then you're not completely stealing music ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  • Hello there, I am not sure if this has been posted anywhere before, but I have recently signed up to an app called DoNotPay. I have no idea if I am being scammed or anything else (maybe one of you lovely ozbargainers will let me know) but it gives you a "credit card" and email address which you put into apps like Spotify or the suchlike with free service for three months etc, and then because its not actually 'your card' it doesnt matter if you forget to cancel the subscription

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      Looks like it's a real thing:

      Basically it's a dummy credit card, that will fail to charge when the trial is over.

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        Shame it's only for IOS devices at the moment.

    • I've heard of one of these too from a legit YouTuber as a sponsor(Linus tech tips). It's a different service but same concept

      • Ah damn but this one doesn't work in Australia. But I think yours is safe I'd this exists too

  • Can accounts be set up with a VPN to pay in INR and use it in Australia later without VPN? (in the same manner as this deal)

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      Try and let us know

      • Looks like there is no family premium plan in India.
        Premium is INR 119 per month.

  • do all members of the 'family' need to be new customers or only the main account?

    • Only the main account.
      I've successfully added existing accounts to this family trial.

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    If I already have Spotify Premium individual sub can I get this? Does it mean new users period or new family users?

    • New users period.

  • So from what I can tell, your family has to be residing in the same home. So I can't even get this plan with my actual family who live in different places. Apparently they ask you to share your location data.

    • you can turn off location data sharing and just pinpoint the location based on google maps instead. That's what I heard

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        You can manually enter the address, so just make sure each family member enters the same address. Worked for me at least.

        • Wow there’s a big family living at 123 Fake St.

  • Anyone work out when this deal ends?

  • I am getting options for all 3 types of subscription for free for 3 months, would that be a good strategy to go for Family subscription for this deal and once this is over I'd still have individual one left for 3 months?

  • So I've already used a free premium period (the free google play mini offer), can my wife start a family account with this deal and we get the 3 months free?

    • As long as you use a different credit card.
      Wouldn’t let me use the same card for a new account, so I used a secondary account holder card. All good. Except I somehow signed up for 3 months Premium instead of 3 months Premium Family. Never mind.

  • got this and added my whole family (although not all of us live at the same address). it didn't allow us to all get the deal

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