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Miele Blizzard CX1 Graphite Vacuum Cleaner $399 @ Harvey Norman & Bing Lee


I believe this model is typically $500+.

Bing Lee also have this for $399 Here

HN also have the multi-floor model for $499 which adds a different handle and hard floor head over the $399 Graphite model.

Not sure when sale ends.

Thanks to Outlander with this deal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/490304 which prompted me to look for other models. I'm now picking up the CX1 multi-floor from HN later today.

Edit: as noted by Kdw26488, Cx1 Graphite can be had here on Bing Lee ebay for $387.03 (using code POTTER) + $9 postage.

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  • Miele brand - by far is the best in market.

  • Got this machine, it can suck a golf ball through a garden hose. Recommend.

  • I got a similar one as part of the appliances online deal $359


    The hard floor head works well (I don't have to take it off for skirting), it has good suction and the wheels turn all directions

    I was replacing a electrolux bagless and this is much lighter with the same suction and overall it's an improvement for a similar price paid (~$300) but the only thing I hate about the Miele is emptying the dust bin in that it collects dust around the lip of the lid and it won't close properly unless you clean it, it's hard to clean too has to be washed which I'm gobsmacked made it through design/development/testing. I have to wash it every time I empty which is a pain but overall the features are good. This issue means I wouldn't buy it second time around but I wouldn't return it either - kind of like a zero sum game.

    • that's the problem with most bagless , either a mess or cleaning required

      • The electrolux was better in that regard very simple kind of like a dyson

        I kind of feel like Miele copied everything about the electrolux even the sound (same motor even) and improved on everything weight, size, movement, hard floor head

        Only the on/off button on the handle I miss as a major step backwards and the this bin is so complicated it's a fail - I look at the lever mechanism and can see it being a problem one day hopefully there'll be a replacement

  • Cheaper from Binglee on eBay with discount code.

  • Wonder if this vacuum cleaner hates human rights too?

  • I got the Miele C3 bagged one from The Good Guys for $279. Not sure if the bag-less one is better. Thoughts anyone?

    • Depends on individuals. If you or anyone in the house intending to use it is allergic to dust, bagged one is a better option. I personally got that C3 as well.

  • Thanks for this. Negotiated at HN to get the multi-floor for $460 and will be going in today to make payment (With SunSuper 7% off GC of course). I think the deals up however, as upon checking this morning both HN and Bing Lee have upped the price to $479 for the Graphite.
    Ironically however, Bing Lee still has the Multi-floor for $499 & the comfort for $549 (larger hard-surface cleaner head, plus better handle and mode selector), which I think is a better buy. I might move up to that one myself.

    • Not quite as good as the best price it's been at $359

      I personally think this vacuum isn't worth $460 I'd go C3 bagged instead

      The dustbin is a disaster

      It's nothing revolutionary at all compared to my electrolux 6 year old so I wouldn't be surprised if there are better vacuums out there