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Buy 12 Months, and Get 2 Months Free Pet Insurance and Engraved Pet Tag @ Petsy


We offer specialised pet insurance options for dogs, cats, indoor cats and puppies. To celebrate our launch, we're offering customers a limited edition treat: Use code PETSYPET to enjoy 2 months free pet insurance spread over the first 12 months and we'll also treat your furry friend to a free special engraved pet tag, handmade and personalised by Melbourne brand Animals in Charge. We offer access to GapOnly and Petsy members receive ongoing discounts to pet services and products. Available for Australian pets and for a limited time only on petsy.com.au

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  • +4 votes

    Scathing review on the pet insurance industry from Choice…

    They said there are no pet insurance companies they can recommend.

    On the radio they gave lots of examples of rejected claims for frivolous reasons…

  • +2 votes

    Deceptive ad - it's a free 2 months spread over a 12 month plan. Not just 2 months free

    "Thanks for entering promo code PETSYPETS. Treat yourself to 2 months FREE Pet Insurance, spread evenly over the first 12 months of your policy. For every sign-up, we'll also treat your furry friend to a FREE special engraved pet tag. Hooray!"

    • +1 vote

      Deceptive ad

      Why am I not surprised

      Imaging the surprises in store when you need to make a claim…

  • +2 votes

    Till I insure everything and everyone ill have literally nothing to eat. And I'd probably need to pay a solicitor sh!t load of money to read and convert all that PDS to human language so I actually have some idea what I'm buying and in how many real life possible scenarios I'd be covered, paid out, patched up etc.


    Not a deal, crappy promotion


    so just another brand selling petsure products? meh


    118.53 per month



    Fasle pretenses, plus why would I pay more insurance for my pet than for me?


    Choice's recommendation? Don't
    A sneaky promotion of a worthless product.


    The main problem is that there are all underwritten by just three providers: Petplan, Petsure (Hollard) and RACQ.
    Hollard accounts for 90% of the brands.

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