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Gerinware Reusable Straws with Case and Cleaners (Was $14.99) $7.94 + Delivery ($0 with Prime /$39 Spend) @ Gerintech Amazon AU


πŸ‚ ECO-FRIENDLY & BPA FREE: Made from 100% food grade silicone, it’s an FDA-approved reusable drinking straw. Friendly to environment and Harmless to human body.
πŸ‚ FOLDABLE & HANDY CARRY: This transportable straw comes with a unique design portable container. The container is handy and waterproof. Not only for carrying straws but also for carrying other small things during travelling.
πŸ‚ SOFT & ANTI-SCALDING: Compare to metal straws, silicone straw does not transfer heat. You can use it sipping scalding coffee or hot tea. Good for straw-chewers and kids.
πŸ‚ EASIER, ACCURATE & DURABLE CLEANER: A new design straw cleaner is provided that can clean straw easier and more accurate than traditional straw cleaning brush. It’s dishwasher safe as well.
πŸ‚ LARGE & SMOOTHIE SIZED: 9.8 inches long x 6 mm in inner diameter which can reach the top of any cup and perfect for any drinks. Cut straw with scissors if you need short size for kids’ tumblers.

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    We didn't get this brand, but we did get some silicon straws from House. Picked them up from the DFO We have them stashed in a toothbrush holder we got with Emirates. They are really good. Roll up small, don't poke out your eye, don't feel hard against your teeth and don't affect the taste of the drink.



    Reusable straws like these (or SS ones) are currently a popular corporate gift, given away at trade shows and conferences, etc.
    I have about three sets and have given some away to friends. I tried to foist some onto other members of the family but they weren't having a bar of it.
    I'm as committed to the environment as the next bloke but I have never used any of them and neither have the friends I gave them to.
    I simply don't use straws. I might if I wore lipstick I suppose.
    Frankly I just drink straight from the tumbler/flagon/spigot/mountain stream/cider barrel with reckless abandon.


    It'll take more than a leatherman to get these out of a turtles nose.