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20% off Catch Gift Cards ($50 Cards) | SunRice Jasmine Rice $8.50 @ Coles


Also 20% of the following gift cards -

  • The Restaurant Choice
  • The Hotel Card
  • The Movie Card

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    Anyone able to comment on how Catch is these days? Are the groceries and other household items still old/near date or not as good as the originals? And pricing wise? Just keen to find out before dropping a nice sum on the 20% off vouchers…. otherwise I normally don't buy anything.

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          You should skip and go to Aldi

          • @SnoozeAndLose: Pretty much, unless you have wish gift cards at a substantial discount or there's something you need aldi doesn't stock.

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      Catch sucks nowadays. Used to be really good but now they have too much junk and it's overpriced. Better off coles/woolies/aldi or Amazon if you want them delivered. I bought a bunch of gift cards at 20% off over a year ago and cant find anything to buy

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        thanks. Yeah, that's what I wanted to know - 20% off seems way too good to be true and I figure it must be for a reason e.g. nothing worthwhile to buy or as someone told me things like the dishwasher tablets and other items aren't as good as buying the original items?

      • Catch is now owned by Wesfarmers.

        • Surprisingly, Woolies still sells Catch giftcards.

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          Is that right. Shame catch stopped being Catch of the day, I remember when they started, the reason why they did well was they actually had pretty good deals by providing one catch per day which was discounted from the usual prices.

    • Catch was recently acquired by Wesfarmers (which owns Coles, Kmart, Bunnings, etc)

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        Coles is no longer owned by Wesfarmers, it is publicly listed now.

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      Better still use the Woolworth's app, click & collect then go through the "half price" items (generally a staggering 600 to 1000 every week)! I have done this for ages & often save close to 50% since I mostly only buy "half price" items!

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      I bought their haivanas sandals last year for only like $10 and still good as new.

  • Thanks OP…

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    “Limit of 5 cards per transaction on the catch.com.au website applies“ kinda sucks

    • Yes, I only buy something less than $250 or $250 after a coupon applied.

      However, most of time I can find exact same things on eBay a bit cheaper. Same sellers use eBay/Catch/Kogan platforms to sell same things.

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      You can only use 5 gift cards per transaction as well anyway . I bought Xiaomi A3 for $247, same phone at JB HiFi costs $399 au stock. Mine was grey but I couldn't find anywhere else cheaper than $325.

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    If I add the gift cards and my 10% UniDays discount, which comes first? Is it 10% off the remaining amount?

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      no 10% off initial amount

    • Uni first . Miss out on a extra 2 % .

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        You'd want the 10% off to apply first.
        Say $100 item
        Gift cards first: $100 - $100 in GC = $0 remaining so Uni code doesn't even apply
        Uni code first: $100 - 10% = $90, so you have $10 remaining credit on the GCs

    • Well when you go to use the gift card, Catch have no idea if you paid $50, $40 or any other amount to buy it.

      UniDays has been giving me an error when requesting Catch codes for the past week

      We've temporarily run out of codes for Catch.

      Have been wondering if the party is over

    • Seems Unidays has run out of Catch discount codes recently.

      • Yes i started a forum thread on that, I believe it seems to have happened after the unidays catch discount code was advertised on here recently as a bargain / deal and i also have seen some people try to sell the code to others and make a profit out of it. When I first noticed it had run out of codes, i contacted catch 1.5 weeks ago and the person i spoke to knew that unidays had run out of codes, and they basically implied they werent in a rush to provide more codes. So hopefully they do but i wonder if they are now thinking that people are starting to abuse this .

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    I preordered Pokemon sword & shield gold tin from catch using 20% off gift cards. Can't complain.

    • Can't find it listed on Catch anymore. Only the individual game:

      • Damn yeah I placed the order as soon as I saw Amazon was sold out

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          Nice, I had email alerts for Amazon AU, to notify when they are back in stock.

          Missed out 3 alerts, before I was finally able to order ($133 Delivered).

  • Never used Unidays for Catch before. Are the student discount codes one time use? I logged onto Unidays but I received an error message stating "Out of codes
    We've temporarily run out of codes for Catch. We've raised this issue with them and will be receiving more codes soon." 10% and $50 off using 5 gift cards would be amazing :-)

  • https://m.catch.com.au/product/xiaomi-m365-electric-scooter-...

    This seems like a good item after 20% off with hopefully cash rewards /shopback

    Edit: mentioned above only 5 gift cards allowed per transaction?? Sounds bad

  • Something I bought a fortnight ago from Catch is $100 cheaper. That's upsetting.

  • Can catch gift cards be used in the marketplace section too?

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      Yes, I have personally done it

      • Sweet, $50 discount for the misses new phone then!

  • I haven't been able to find any catch cards at any Coles (around Sydney CBD)… Where can I find them?

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    Can these gift card be combined with cashback offers and / or coupon codes?

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      It works with coupons:
      - $15 off $60 (targeted)
      - 10% off student discount

      not sure about cashback, it's likely under the terms of conditions.

      • No cashback or airline points rebate when redeem giftcards on Catch. Transaction won't be tracked at all.

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    Anyone knows if Coles sells Sunrise Sushi Rice ?


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      lol …right topic mate haha

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    Check review first if you want to buy from Marketplace, lots of them are selling fakes. I still have my catch gift card from last %20 off promo, I was planning to buy a Columbia jacket but found out from their reviews that the seller are not selling a genuine items.

    • What sort of products do u mean?

      • Columbia Jacket Aravis sold by Arcade Retail. They have ebay store as well, so I checked the review from their Ebay store and found that their products are not genuine.

        • Did you report them to Catch? They'll take action (took action recently against a marketplace seller who tried to avoid refunding me when their product didn't match the description).

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            @allie181: I didn't buy it after looking at the review. I'm just saying to do your research first if you are buying from Marketplace.

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    Can catch gift cards be used to pay catchconnect mobile plan?

  • Can probably get some Lego.

    E.g. Lego 10698 - $43.19 after gift card.

  • My local Coles in Sydney didnt have them last time

  • Time to get some ASICS gel Kayanos.

  • Anyway around the 5 card limit rule on catch website?

    Can catch combine cards into one?

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      Are you buying something worth more than $250? If so, probably no way around. Otherwise, when I bought $350 worth of stuff, I split my order up so I used less than 5 gift cards for each order.

  • Awesome, thanks. (Stupid me didn't read that it starts on Wed and I just tried to buy them, doh! Hope what I want to buy on catch is still at the reduced price on Thurs - it takes 24 hours for the cards to activate :( )

    • My cards just got activated at the till?

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    My gift cards got declined at the till by catch, tried to buy 10 (the limit)

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      Same. This seems to be a widespread issue. All the catch gift cards were pulled from the shelf at the Coles I visited.

      • Bought one and paid with eGC, activation failed!

    • Ditto. I tried to buy seven early this morning. Only two activated.
      I now have to go through Coles support to get this rectified.
      Stupid that the store couldn't just refund me.

      • Likewise. The store couldn't refund me on the spot even though the checkout said the card wasn't activated and "follow refund process" the attendant just swiped away the error on the self checkout and said oh it seemed to go through. Eventually a manager tried to tell me that I needed to call the number on the gift card which I told him was rubbish so he called them himself to be told the card wasn't activated, something clearly stated on the docket. Next they said I needed to come back and show a bank statement because it may be automatically refunded onto the credit card I purchased with. When I showed my online banking transaction they said oh it's only pending! (like all transactions just made) Geeez. So much time wasted. Support case open with customer support now. Not going to Coles Woodgrove again.

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          Meanwhile, the staff are looking at you like you're some dope who thinks you can pay the ATO with gift cards…

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          They are a pack of idiots or just do not want to admit there is an issue.

      • I was lucky to get refund on a return Coles giftcard, but did not want to buy more till this issue is sorted out.

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      For me only 3 out of 5 got activated, customer service tried another 3 and managed to activate 2 other. Paid with coles gift card got from Suncorp. Overall 23.2% off. Not bad.

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      Same, bought 8 and 4 were declined at the till as well.

      Staff tried to redo the 4 failed cards, but kept getting the same issues. Ended up pulling the whole lot off the shelves.

      Managed to convince them to give me 4x $50 Coles gift cards instead for my trouble - much better outcome then some of the others on here! 20% off Coles gift cards.

  • Can you use more than one gift card per transaction? Looking to buy something that's $250 thanks for the help in advance

    • 5 X $50 max usage for Coles deal .

      Sometimes higher egift cards available but never 20% off . Same deal 5 cards max per transaction .

  • None left at Oakleigh or Clayton stores