expired Asus G73SW I7-2630 8GB GTX 460 1.5GB DDR5 - Brand New - $1440 with Coupon Code - $160 off



When inputting coupon code "OZBARGINS" , ozbargain members will receive $160 off the price of the laptop
plus also receive free shipping

Intel i7-2630QM Gen II 2.9Ghz - Quad Core(8 Threads) - Twice as fast as gen I intel i7 quadcore chips
8Gb DDR3 Ram
500gb HDD 7200rpm with one spare HDD slot
(+$100 for additional 1TB - +$125 for 500Gb SSD Hybrid)
(Can fit SSD in spare slot - ask for possibilities)
CD/DVD Dual layer Burner
Ultra Fast Nvidia Geforce GTX 460M with 1.5GB DDR5 Dedicated
Wireless N Networking + Bluetooth
Webcam and mic
Onboard LAN
HD Sound controller with EAX Advanced HD 4.0
17.3" HD LED Screen - 1600 x 900 - HD 720p+
Windows 7 Home Premium

Brand New - Asus Factory Sealed - This laptop is not refurbished - it is brand new and comes as is boxed with standard Asus warranty - 2 years

Postage insurance is $20 extra - Please call for postage insurance

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    that is one badass looking laptop! looks like a decent price too


    damn. Just damn


    Seems a little expensive to me, no ssd by default and only 500GB + it's not 1080p, I'm not sure how much the gen2 i7's factor into the cost and the 460M is a great card for a laptop but personally I would go for a lower spec model, 8GB of ram is a bit overkill.

    Maybe I'm wrong though and this is a great laptop for this price range.


      8 gig ram overkill???? Maybe for MSPaint but these days with 64bit OS the more ram the better, not everyone uses a PC for email and internet. Some use them for Photoshop to take to clients for eg so 8 gig is great.


      8GB RAM is definately not overkill. Let's say you're happy with 4GB RAM and so you're using 32 bit Windows. Because 32 bit Windows can only be able to address up to 4GB memory in total and the video card memory has to be addressed as well, then RAM will need to be sacrificed. In the end, you'll end up with 2.5GB RAM that's usable for programs and 1.5GB video memory (2.5GB + 1.5GB = 4GB).

      This is why those with large video card memory will want to use 64 bit Windows and install at least 8GB RAM because of the 64bit OS's slightly larger footprint. The 8GB RAM will not need to be sacrificed for their 1.5GB video card because 64 bit Windows can address 128GB in Vista (192 GB in Windows 7). One day an OS might even need to use up the full 64 bits of memory addressing: 16 EB (2^64 bytes).


        64/32 has nothing to do with it, 64 bit windows can run on 1GB of ram, you can run 64 bit XP on 256. What I'm saying is that 8GB of ram at the moment is pretty much overkill for anything we're doing at the present state minus heavy photoshop along with other editing/image programs and maybe auto CAD and other rendering based programs. I run 4GB of ram and tbh at the moment 2GB is fine for most people, the advantage of 8GB over 4/6 is pretty small but I'll admit in the not too distant future that will change and 4GB will become the "minimum" and 6/8 will be the norm.

        All I was stating is this computer would be fine with 4/6GB, the bottleneck is the default 7200RPM drive.


          You've convinced me :) I've finally went and checked the recommended memory requirements of the upcoming games that I'm interested in and they're stating 2-3 GB of RAM (Deus Ex and Skyrim).


    Yes, you're wrong. Great specs, awesome processor and graphics card, nice screen. Any HDD over 640gb seems to make the laptop a lot more dearer, dunno why. Maybe their a lot more expensive for the manufacture.


    Also, some people might want to know this: (from the Asus website)

    "*1 : dual HDD support up to 1.5TB / Solid State Hybrid drive up to 1TB.
    *2 :
    Quad Core CPU model can support 4xSO-DIMM, up to 16GB DDR3 1333 MHz DRAM"

    and "1 x USB 3.0 port(s)" Also, it has a 5200mAH 8 cell battery.

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    Note: Make sure you spell the discount code incorrectly, like the OP.

    OZBARGAINS = $0 discount.

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    Would neg if I could… A unit like this should have a BD writer

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      who the heck really watched bds. Havent touched one and feel no need to. Expensive and OP shit


    I gave this a +ve
    My next buy will be a middle of the road lappie with long battery life
    This is a big heavy powerhouse with shorter battery - so not for me
    If the specs fit your needs then I think this is a bargain