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Seagate 4TB Expansion Portable HDD $119.20 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ The Good Guys eBay


Was in market for a 4TB portable drive for backup and came across this using P20GG. Not as good as the Big W deal but unlike that one, this is actually in stock. You may be lucky and get a click and collect deal to save on delivery.

Shopback of 1% via app if you're keen.

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  • Shopback of 1% via app if you're keen.

    From Shopback: As of 28th October 2019, Any purchases made with the use of Coupon / Voucher Codes are not eligible for Cashback

  • Recently got one from office works via the long standing deal for the 3TB version for $99, kinda needed that one urgently so not too bummed this is now live.

    • same but its not that bad, this one is cheaper 3$ per gb (if you can even get click & collect)
      99$ one is 30$ to the GB.

      so i mean at worst you lose 9$ (if you can get the click & collect) and having 1 more gb of data on the disk.

      for an external drive im not really fussed whether it holds another tb of data or not. as long as the cost per gb is fine

  • Cheapest price ever?

  • Are these the ones with soldered on USB port so cannot rip out and use SATA connection as the controller board is just USB interface?

    • Looks like these have a SATA drive inside (google stea4000400 shuck) so it'd be safer to use than one of the WD ones in that regard

      A pretty slow drive but a good price

  • I got this 3-4 weeks back for $99


  • Out of stock at all stores around Sydney. I thought with Click and Collect most stores try to move their stock around to get it to you.

  • I got two of these from JB yesterday for $99 price matched from Officeworks. Highpoint JB in Vic still has one in stock and they can check for stock in other stores for you.

  • I bought one with delivery. I had to chase up this week when no comms went out. Apparently they are ordering stock and said it could take 2 weeks…from this week!