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NVIDIA Shield TV with Controller (+ $30 Netflix E-Gift Card) $246.40 + Delivery ($0 with eBay Plus) @ Futu Online eBay


Hi all. Futu Online eBay store have got a new coupon which makes this deal slightly cheaper than the previous one. The 2019 Shield TV versions have just been announced and released in the US but for people who don't care about that, this is a great deal!


Original Coupon Deal

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    Did anyone get the free Netflix card from the last time this was posted?


    Does the old one support HDR10/Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos?

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    $246.40 for a 4.5 year old android box. OK!

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      Yeh, unfortunately there is just very little competition for this box. NVIDIA, as always when there is no challengers they keep exorbitant prices and intentionally delay improving hardware.
      Needs another serious competitor in this space

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        Spot on. Unfortunately Android TV isn't getting the traction it should, so I can't see the situation changing.

        Regardless the Shield is a great device, amazing for emulation too.

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          what emulation does it support?

          just get a wii u or pc for the emulation

          as for movie playback
          just get an android box, pi 4 or a pc


            @pinkybrain: So earlier you've suggested to buy the new model, but now you suggest a pi for movies?


            The Shield is highly regarded as an emulation device, doesn't require it to be modified either, a wii u is an awful comparison. And not everyone wants a pc in the living room. Let alone this uses little power.


              @scuderiarmani: no I said if people are considering buying this shield model
              then better to wait for the updated model since you are just wasting money buying it now since this is not exactly cheap price..
              you should read the context to what comments were replied to.

              But I was also giving alternative suggestions since you are saying to buy the shield since it is great for emulations and video playback
              If you buy a second hand wii u (for emulations) or one of those dell 9020 (can get emulation + video playback)
              you would still end up cheaper than this shield.

              Wii u is not awful comparison,
              it is easy to hack it and can play wii u + wii games as well..
              and is consider a really good console for emulators..

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            @pinkybrain: Don't get a car.

            just get a bike for the wheels

            and as for radio, just hire a band to follow you around.

            and as for the aircon, just make ice scultpures and sit on them.

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    Apparently the 2015 / 2017 Shields will be getting the new "Match Content Frame Rate" feature, but AFAIK all of the other new stuff can only be found on the new models:

    • Dolby Vision and Atmos
    • AI upscaling
    • New remote (Motion-activated, backlit buttons; user-customisable button; IR control for your TV; built-in lost remote locator; uses AAA batteries; dedicated Netflix button)
    • Faster SoC
    • Updated Plex app which includes Dolby Vision and Resolution Switching, and can use the AI upscaling too
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    can I use it for playing back 3D movies through a 3D projector? I heard that, 120HZ video and HDMI 1.4 ect are required, but I am not a tech person. Any suggestions? Thanks!