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Huawei Nova 3e Smartphone (5.84", 16MP, 64GB/4GB, 3000mAh, Blue) $207.20 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ The Good Guys eBay


eBay price: $259.00 less P20GG 20% off code = $207.20

Cheapest price for Nova 3e so far (RRP $399).
Next cheapest price is $249 (staticICE)

Nova 3e is currently rated 2nd in OzBargain's Best Budget Smartphone (Under $300) in 2019 rankings.

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  • I’m keen to get one if these for my son, but I have a question… (and there’s no tone in text, so please read this as the genuine question that it is- no sarcasm/accusations/etc intended)
    Did Huawei actually use their phones to ‘spy’ like it was reported in the huge media storm a little while ago? And
    If they did, does anyone know if it’s still possible? (Such as with this model?)
    Thanks in advance

    • +29 votes

      Every brand is spying on you in one or another way collecting your data etc. So I wouldn't worry too much about everything going on with Huawei.

      • -3 votes

        Yea but at least cia won't put me in labour camps if I say shit about trump online. I can't say the same when they check my phone in China

        • +1 vote

          You're welcomed: chi-bargain

        • +2 votes

          Australians are more likely fall into the hands of CIA than the Chinese KGB (whatever they are called). Think about Assange. The government will do nothing to rescue you from the US government.

    • Google has been busted for this more times than Huawei

    • Dont think it was ever proven just the US stiring up anti China fear which to be fair may be warranted but with technology you should go in expecting to be spied on one way or another. Having the most secure phone won't protect you much once you open Google or Facebook they will be all over your info

    • +11 votes

      No that is a conspiracy theory invented by US intelligence agencies. There is zero evidence that this occurred.

      And if you had any standards you would stop watching the mainstream news services that repeated the conspiracy theories to you.

      Don't worry, most people have no standards at all.

      BTW, you should be worried about your own Government not China's.

        • Interesting, but not particularly that relevant IMO. The US's beef with Huawei is around 5g mainly. And yes while a lot of comms could potentially be intercepted, the bottom line is they just don't trust China, but they are fine that Nokia/Ericsson/Lucent build networks for them because they are allies. If that isn't the definition of xenophobia I don't know what is.

          • @Jackson: Another one plays the xenophobia card to explain why one country distrusts another.

          • @Jackson: You don't see any issues with a foreign country owning mass infrastructure like gas, electricity and transport hubs?

            • @HoJu 0: I didn't say that, but I see issues with commercial entities owning basic human right services like the electricity grid. It doesn't take the likes of China for me to be concerned about that. This however isn't about that, it's almost certainly about the axis not being able to spy on their own people without someone else knowing and being able to call them out on it IMO.

    • I'd be more worried about Google and Facebook.

    • It's called Propaganda. Check out PRISM - Snowden and you will see who is the real spy in this world.

    • Apple knows all your steps (watch/iPhone), expenses (walled garden iOS), thoughts (in the middle of AirPads) & Siri team listens to all your farts. Your info will be insignificant among millions tracked.

    • Google has removed access for Huawei to the Google Play store.


      So the question to buying Huawei is a hard NO.

  • Nah. A20 bro!

  • No NFC but b28?

    • +2 votes

      Bought one about a year ago (model ANE-LX2J).

      On the box, it lists the following network specs:

      4G TD-LTE Band 41
      4G LTE FDD Band 1/3/5/7/8/18/19/26/28
      3G WCDMA Band 1/2/5/6/8/19

  • Google spy the most through browser navigation, they record your voice, they save your search.
    Instagram and FB also spy
    what ever I browse on Samsung search engines that products ads always appeared on instagram it fb.

    So mostly everyone spying.

    • As a Chinese national it's sad to admit, yet a lot of Chinese corps went too far. Not long ago, Baidu CEO (China's version of Google) said that Chinese users are willing to trade their privacy for convenience (i don't think CEOs of Goole, apple or even Samsung will ever dare to say that even if they believe it as well). Also, last month, my Chinese friend told me on Wechat (chinese version of WhatsApp) he got HPV (this supposed to be a 100% private conversation, not even what to type in a searching engine). Yet later when I browsed random videos in Weibo (Chinese version of Twitter, which is not owned by Wechat's owner), one in ten videos I saw are advertisements for HPV treatment. But for outside China it's probably okay as your information is basically useless for Chinese firms

      • my opinion about chinese spying is actually fine… go right ahead

        china has no jurisdiction here over aust. citizens on aus. soil

        what are they gonna do? get chinese ministry of public security to bundle you up in a white van and fly you off to china?

        western phones would fall under the "5 eyes" and yeah they have jurisdiction here

        So who do I fear most? China State police or the combined forces of ASIO NSA CIA MI5/6 Canada and NZ….

        gee that's a tough one… if I was an Aust. citizen in HK then that's a totally different ballpark…

        • Think of the phone as a node of a Chinese government botnet.

          • mass scale info gathering for strategic national purpose (plenty of people deal with secret or semi-secret information at work/govt)
          • spy on your apps and get into your accounts and steal your money, bitcoins, freq flyer points, etc
          • take control of million of phones and attack banking, western telcos, all sorts (as part of an all out war)

          Things your own govt isn't likely to do as it will just damage own economy. From the Chinese perspective the damage is good for them.

      • How about the NSO group from Israel, their software was used to spy on human rights campaigners. There really is no line/scruples anymore: https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2019/nov/01/whatsapp-...

  • Huawei Nova editions are not bad. But audio quality, you wouldn't be happy. A20 is good option.

    • Is that audio through the speaker or headphones?

      • both

        lots and lots of cheap phones, esp. cheap chinese phones sound like crap

        they use cheap dacs

        my nokia 6.1 is actually quite very good but hey, its a nokia

        also less than this thing but its toby

      • Headphones- need to 75% volume up for good listening. Never had issue with Samsung A20.

        • try the market leader, the V30+ and see what you're missing.

          its even better than samsung s10s and apples

  • I bought this for my son, earlier this year. Been very satisfied with it's battery life and it's performance. It may not be class leading in any respect, but it is a completely solid performer. If I wasn't so hung up on the naked android experience, I'd put this phone in contention to be my daily driver.

  • Need to buy a phone for my mum, shes currently using the Nexus 4. Is this a good upgrade? Any other suggestions? Thanks.

  • Thanks my daughter is looking for a new phone 👍

  • +1 because I don't support bully.

  • Had this phone for a while before going to a LG G7. Battery life is amazing, mainly due to aggressive background app closing. Fingerprint sensor is quicker then my G7. Great budget phone if you don't care about the camera.

  • This can't hold a candle to the the Mi A3 that can be had for under $250, seen it at $223 before.

  • Great phone but no NFC may be a deal breaker for some.

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      deleted text

      I guess it doesn't hurt to try it.

    • Thanks.
      I have added a disclaimer to the OP (just in case).

  • Guys, what's a relatively new model I can replace my Xiaomi A1 with? I want Band 28 and NFC though, and don't want a much bigger phone..