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Kathmandu Bealey Men's GORE-TEX Jacket $136 Delivered (RRP $399.98) @ Kathmandu


Kathmandu have an extra 20% off clearance rain jackets at the moment, bringing this fitted jacket from $399.98 down to $136. Add the amex $15 cashback (ends tonight) to bring it down to $121.

Normally not a huge fan of Kathmandu gear from the price, but $121 for a Gore-tex jacket delivered isn’t too bad in my book. Pitty the green is sold out in most sizes, but can’t go wrong with grey.

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  • Thanks just picked one up, hoping sizes work out well

    • I ordered 2, will keep the one that fits best.

  • Thanks OP. Super value.

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    Fantastic price for a Gore-tex jacket!

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    It's gore-tex.

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      You like saying Gore-Tex, don't you?

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        you know about goretex?

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          worth a hell of a lot more than that cheap Chardonnay

  • Got one in granite, selling out fast. Make sure not to get too large of a size imo

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    Says 170…missing something?

  • Nevermind check out discount

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    Anyone vouch for this jacket in the wild? I was doing a bit of research on Gore Tex and there's a hole rabbit hole of Gore Tex learnings to be had.

    Check this out:

    The DWR treated rain jackets put me off a little bit as they have to be reapplied/re-engaged (?) to be used.

    I'm interested in a $121 Gore tex jacket, although the Kathmandu brand undermines my confidence!

    • Oh just re-read the description. It's a Gore-tex 2 layer AND DWR treatment.

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      Yeah, is it a bit of a rabbit hole. Especially when you realise there are many different types of Gore-Tex fabrics.

      DWR does wear off - but all of these sorts of jackets will have a DWR coating. That isn't what makes them waterproof though, it's the membrane on the inside that makes it waterproof.

      When the DWR wears off, on a waterproof jacket, what you will find is that the jacket "wets out". The water wont bead off and the outer layer will appear wet and soaked, but you will still be dry.

      These waterproof jackets are usually made from 2 or 3 layers that are essentially fused together. The outerlayer isn't actually waterproof, it's there to protect the waterproof membrane, which will be the second layer.

      Non-waterproof jackets can also come with a DWR coating. The difference is, these aren't actually waterproof. They're more 'water resistant' and when the coating wears off, you'll get wet.

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        If the DWR wears off then the jacket will offer significantly less waterproof protection. The DWR coating acts to repel the water from the jacket (you can apply DWR coating to other stuff like shoes, bags, etc) so the water "slides" off the jacket. Also once the jacket "wets out" it won't be as breathable since the pores that allow your sweat to escape are being blocked by the water trying to come in. This jacket is also only 2 layers (as opposed to 2.5, 3 layers) so it's easier for the water droplets to get through the layers.

        This is not to say this is a bad jacket since being 2 layers it's also lighter, more breathable and better for more high intensity activities (or where it's not as cold) so there are definitely trade offs but you're almost always going to pay more for 2.5/3 layers with 3 layers not being dependent on DWR to keep you dry.

      • Thanks for the info. Much appreciated.

      • Yes I ended up getting too confused. Not going to buy as fit is important to me, so rather buy something I can try on.

        But thanks for the info.

  • Additional 6% off with cashback rewards!

    • Only 2.1% , 6% is for footware

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      3% ShopBack!

      • I did it through Shopback and have received an email on the cash back amount being $0.00…. what ???

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      6 points through velocity eshop

  • Bought one last year and took it for a tour around Europe. I don't have any other rain jackets to compare to, but it's been fantastic.

    I'm not sure how well it'll work in more extreme wilderness conditions, but it's kept me dry whilst sightseeing in the city, yet doesn't get too warm.

  • is the sizing like the tommy yacht jackets?

  • Cashrewards for extra 2.1% off ;)

  • missed out :(

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      Every size except XXXL was available in the granite colour after you wrote this

  • Geez they're going fast! Just missed out on the large size jackets (they were there when I arrived at the site but gone a minute later) so had to grab an XL. Should be ok as I wear both depending on the cut. Nice work OP!

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      I'm a slim guy 185cm, I wear XL with another Kathmandu rain jacket.

      • Good to hear, I'm about that size myself. Should fit nicely then.

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        Just be aware that some of their jackets are made with layering in mind so they have a looser fit while this jacket is more fitted if I'm not mistaken

  • Is that Amex $15 claim period already passed?

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    But doesn't Kathmandu usually have 50% off sales most of the time anyway? Which means no ozbargainer should ever pay $400 for it in the first place…still saving $70 to $80 off $200 though.

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    For people who do not have access to the AMEX deal, using Suncorp app to purchase gift cards give you 8% discount bringing it down to $125.12. Not as good as the AMEX one but close enough

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    You don’t want green, too hard to find lost in the bush. Plus red attracts animals for great wildlife photos

    • Everything's hard to see from a helicopter. You want a mirror to reflect sunlight at the chopper. - Les Hiddins.

  • Thanks, got a couple of the black ones incase i got the wrong size.

  • Stock available on ebay. Can use PUFFER code and discounted ebay gift cards if you have them

    • But no 20% off by the looks of it…

      • Correct. Only $10 off with code. Some people have discounted ebay gift cards though

        Actually, was selling for $136 on ebay most of October

  • Grabbed an xl in granite, I’m 6”4 but slim, here’s hoping it fits ok.
    Thanks for posting.

    • I'm the same but bought a large, only one of us will come out the victor.

      Good luck my friend.

      • To the victor go the spoils…

    • +2

      $100+ for a Gore-Tex rain jacket

  • I bet the Kathmandu branding & logo are stitched thus rendering the Gore-Tex membrane less watertight >.<

    • +1

      There should be a waterproof iron on patch at the back of the embroidery. Dunno why they just go with screen printing. Looks much better and less tacky.

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    available in women's as well

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    Don't really need it as I've got other goretex jackets but at this price… can't hurt to try and see if I like it. Can always return :)

      • +2

        The same country folk who in an overwhelming majority vote for the LNP mob? I can't spare any tears for country folk in general.

        I do feel for the open-minded minority that lives in the country though. If only there was a way to help them become the majority…

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    Amex credits always expire very shortly after these good deals come up. I always seem to miss the time window. Was keen to purchase the granite but will probably give it a miss now knowing I missed out on a $15 credit back. Urgh.

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    Kathmandu RRP’s are always a source of comedy…

    • +1

      Most of outdoor brand did this, but Kathmandu is the leader…..lol

      • Haha. But many other brands are better quality/technology. 540g for a 2 layer goretex isnt exactly cutting edge.

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    Really hate Kathmandu. Bought the summit club membership and you don't even get a further discount on items like this.. such a rip off.

    • The summit club membership is only $10, you get a $20 credit for birthday and the point collected can be used for credit as well.

  • Oh great! Better part of Melb would appear red on rainy days from now onwards. 🤣.

  • -2

    Ever since Decathlon opened up in Tempe, Sydney, I laugh at this mob and the hipster Patagonia brand with their overinflated RRP's. If you're a true hiker, you don't care about the brand/sticker on the chest. If you want these as a fashion statement, then by all means, drop $450 on a Wall St banker vest.

    Ye na.

    • +3

      Funnily enough, I perceive Kathmandu to be a cheap less fashionable brand. I'd happily remove the branding if possible…

      • +1

        Branding is no longer fashionable. It's like you are rep or are wearing company uniform.

    • -1

      Had to read this 5 times to figure out all the contradictions and hypocrisy. Good fun!

  • +1

    I like the longer jackets for hiking. I was really keen till I saw the everyday use length.

  • Just bought one - warning - the online store has some weird behaviour, almost like it's sold out but that link still allows you to buy one…

  • I got toooo many grey one , I'm gonna try the green one this time.

  • This is one of those deals where I see everyone losing their shit over the bargain, but I don't understand what's special about it.

    Months later I will learn what Gortex is, and I will regret not purchasing the jacket.

    The cycle continues…

  • Aaargh…. eBay with the 20% discount now should have waited :/

    • +1

      naah Kathmandu are up to old tricks .. they raised the eBay price on 4 Dec to $170 so the current discount brings it back to $136

  • Visited the Spencer Outlet Centre store and they have heaps of sizes left. I would recommend trying out the sizes first as the waist/hip area of the jacket is smaller than their other jackets

    • Are the prices $136 as well at the physical stores?

      • +1

        Yeah and I bought one there. I can't verify if this is applicable for all physical stores.

        Spencer Outlet Centre wasn't listed as part of the extra 20% off promotion when checked online but when I visited the store it had the promotion displayed near the jackets.

      • Only for outlets store

  • -1

    No wonder these are on clearance. The whole point of gore-tex is that it's Nylon and breathable to let sweat and heat out.

    Kathmandu has kindly out POLYESTER on the outside which is 100% unbreathable.

    Making this jacket 100% pointless. Lol!

    • :( What should it be made of? Can you suggest an alternative?

      • +1

        Nylon, 100% Nylon.

        They do have one which is nylon but it's $900.

        • Oh, missed that part ha

          $900, yeah pass…

  • Does anyone know if we chose the wrong size online can we exchange at a physical store?

    • Did you bother to check their Help section before you asked?

  • Ordered on the 4rh and got mine today 👍 Cheers OP!

  • +3

    Why is this considered expired? The promo is still ongoing until 18 November no?

  • Track using Virgin Velocity to get 6 points per $1 spend.

  • Any comments on quality? Specifically any comparisons to patagonia torrentshell or marmot precip?

    • +1

      Patagonia and marmot make real mountaineering products.

      The Kathmandu one is a failure.

      However you're now comparing different materials. Marmot one is a good buy, but it's not "gore-tex". Nor is it coming in at over 600g or 900g like a similar Patagonia one. An item coming in that heavy anyone who would be attempting a mountain wouldn't ever dream of carrying something that heavy. Which is why gore-tex never took off, it's far too heavy.

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