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Microsoft Surface Laptop Core M3 128GB $699 & Microsoft Surface Pro Core M3 $898 (in Store Only) @ JB Hi-Fi


JB HiFi appear to be getting rid of older stock with Microsoft refreshing the vast bulk of their line up a few weeks ago.

Intel Core M3-7Y30
13.5" Display

These are only available in store.

Microsoft Surface Pro Core M3 $898

Another Microsoft Surface deal from JB HiFi. It looks like they are clearing old stock in preparation for all the new Surface devices that Microsoft announced a few weeks ago.

12.3" Display
Intel Core m3-7Y30

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  • +2

    I would not recommend this to buy even for browsing purpose.

    • I have one of these exact models but with the i5 processor,

      if you are only opening 3 tabs, its fine,
      start getting into multiple, it can almost stop

      I love my machine but i would only recommend the m3 processor model if you are using it to browse literally 3 tabs only at a time

      • Does it run smoother/more tabs when using Edge or the new Edge Chromium over say Firefox or Chrome?

        • -3

          As I speak, I had to kill Edge with SMH. I am on i7 with 16 gb.
          Short answer is no, but it depends on your website that you are browsing. If there are so many restrictions with the tool that I am using to do some work, I will rather think twice before I buy this tool. It is worth going for basic version of Air, or even just MAC. If I do maths with cost/5+ years + tax benefits I will have a good bargain with MAC basic.
          JBHIFI has 10% off on Mac too.

        • im using firefox only so am speaking from that experience,

          if edge or other browseres are going to be super smooth, then obviously my comment is mute

          I also notice for example, with nothing else open, Iam coping one file from HDD to usb,

          and I open another explorer tab, sometimes it will take 5 seconds to open

          im not expecting super things, but 5 seconds to open a second explorer window isnt great,

          and another few seconds for the directories to show

  • +2

    Better off buying an iPad than m3 tablet.

    • +1

      Depends what you are looking for I guess.

      • iPad is a great media consumption device (if not THE best)

      • Surface is a great device to be productive on - simply due to the virtue of it running Windows 10, which opens you up to a world of options/applications you can't as well on an iPad.

      Take a long hard look at what you want to achieve on a portal device and it will help point you in what direction you want to go.

      Personally, I would buy a Surface over an iPad any day of the week, as the quick/easy media consumption the iPad is so good at, is also just as good on my mobile phone.

      • +1

        iPad is a great media consumption device (if not THE best)

        I disagree, iPad is fine for web browsing, but horrible for media consumption because it's a 4:3 aspect ratio, so either you have to put up with black bars or you chop the sides off all your videos.

  • +4

    The reviews online seem to indicate these are fine for light work, web browsing, streaming, etc.
    They used to fill the gap that the new Surface Go now fill's, and the reviews of the Surface Go were very positive also.

    Comparing them to the newer Surface Go:

    • Similar CPU performance. Ever so slightly ahead of the Intel Gold CPU used in the Surface Go.
    • Surface Go has a USB Typc-C port, these do not.
    • Surface Go is more portable due to size.
    • Surface Go can be optioned with 8GB of RAM. These can't.
    • These should have better battery life compared to the Surface Go.
    • We have one at work, it is used mainly for PowerPoint, Outlook, Word, and web browsing. Works fine even with 4GB RAM. Heavier users will want more RAM of course, but not everyone opens 10 apps at once.

      A few other staff members have i5 Surface Laptops and Pros with 4GB RAM, used for the same tasks. They run fine as well. 4GB isn't a dealbreaker for some use cases.

  • +1

    I have a Surface Laptop i5 4GB and a Surface GO 8GB. The Surface GO kills the Laptop for performance. The i5 freezes up a lot especially with a few tabs open, the GO is consistently smooth and snappy. I guess 4GB RAM does not cut it these days. Note, I am doing mail / web / office and have the same software loaded on both machines.

    • I can have dozens of tabs going on my iPad without any slowdown. Plus have 1080p video streaming at the same time. All with a miniscule 2GB RAM, how is it possible?

      • +1

        Nice UNIX based OS with good memory management that's tightly ingegrated with the hardware. Shame I can't get all the software I need on my iPad.

      • +1

        iOS is very strict on what apps can run in the background, and websites are tailored to run on that hardware

      • +1

        The tabs aren't all running, even the apps aren't properly multitasking, they get suspended.

      • +2

        hathagan, iPad's (and iOS/iPadOS in general) doesnt do proper multi-tasking like Windows, MacOS, Linux, etc. It suspends a lot of applications in the background. There is very strict controls over what can actually run in the background or not.

        At the end of the day, iOS and iPadOS are mobile operating systems that have been modified over the last decade to include things like file management and task management. But at the end of the day they are still a mobile operating system. Windows and MACOS come from the completely opposite side, where they were built from the ground up to be a proper computer operating system and they are now trying to bring more mobile type 'Apps' onto their platforms.

        It all comes back to what you are looking for out of your devices. Personally for anything bigger then a mobile phone/phablet type device, I want a proper desktop grade operating system.

  • -2

    4GB, just don't buy it to use in 2020…
    The rest is pretty much irrelevant.

    • 4GB is fine for some uses cases. Just be aware of your requirements before buying.

    • No, your comment is ignorant.

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