$10 off $100 - $199 | $20 off $200 - $299 | $30 off $300 - $499 | $50 off $500 - $999 | $100 off $1000+ (Eligible Items) @ eBay


Replaces the previous deal.
T&C not out yet. Link

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Thanks to RogueWolf for additional spend details.

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eBay Australia
eBay Australia



    Seems to replace PUPPER which expired midnight. Works on several private sellers.

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    The deals are getting worse by the days. And what are the eligible items?


      They can’t not have deals - that’s part of eBay policy I reckon. But the big guns will come out competing during the cyber Monday and those promotions at the end of this month.

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      Agreed, wait for UK to do 15% or 20% sitewide.

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        UK are doing 10% tomorrow night but not holding my hopes to high after the last two fizzled.


          How do we find codes for UK purchases? I bought a few items recently from overseas through ebay.com.au and none of eBay's offered codes (had 3 of them) would work.

          Oddly enough I tried adding an UK address to my eBay addresses, but couldn't work without Aus state and postcode. I was trying to add a relative's address to receive an item and forward on. I am not fond of eBay's "Global Shipping Program" which would have cost approximately twice as much.


    Best case scenario is 10% with $100 max discount. Not very exciting, even by recent eBay standards.


    Does anyone know this deal working with Shopback 1% cashback?


      From their website (Cashback.com.au) regarding any eBay purchases from Ebay Australia:

      • As of 28th October 2019, Any purchases made with the use of Coupon / Voucher Codes are not eligible for Cashback
        • Only purchases made through eBay Australia will earn Cashback
        • Cashback Not Eligible for Gift card purchases, Charity and non-profit items, eBay Plus membership, Cars, Bikes, Boats , Coins, Real Estate, Services, Tickets, Travel
        • Excludes taxes, fees or additional extras

    This is equivalent to 'up to 10% off'

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    Is there a list of "eligible" items? This code doesn't work on most of the stuff in my wish list.

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    Switching to Aliexpress. eBay deals are crap these days

    Even Amazon tries harder


      I gave up on Aliepxress. It may be ok for random accessories but not for big ticket items. Even then, I'd prefer to buy from Aust sellers so that I can get the items within 1-2 weeks, not 1-2 months. I don't like EBay's "eligible items" discounts but I have found many good deals on EBay. Try finding a bargain on say Sony WF earphones, Apple Airpods, or your favourite camera models in Aliexpress.

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        In those instances you would wait for TGG 20% off or something on eBay and get those brands you want and hope they don't price jack.

        But I don't like the idea eBay Plus having free delivery which a lot of sellers trying to promote items and charge a hefty if you don't have sub.

        And I wasn't targeted, I'm not paying full amount for eBay plus. Only good if you get it for $1


    T&C is now available. The link in the deal description works.

    "This offer commences at 10:00 (AEST) on 4 Nov 2019 and ends at 23:59 (AEST) on 21 November 2019".


    Urgh (from T&Cs):
    “Eligible Items” means all items listed on eBay.com.au where these terms and conditions are found, and the coupon redemption code PLENTY100 is displayed in the item listing.“Eligible Items” means all items listed on eBay.com.au where these terms and conditions are found, and the coupon redemption code PLENTY100 is displayed in the item listing.

    Well, that narrows it down /s

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    Eligible items about 0.0001% of ebay is eligible. And i bet ya they are all the big sellers that jack their prices up for the promotion

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    How do I find an eligible item …


    RM Williams Dynamic Flex for $469.99 delivered…


    Not sure when it got updated, but it looks like the $20 and $30 discounts have been removed. Only the $10, $50 and $100 ones work and the others aren't showing on the T&Cs.

    I went to use it on a $203 order and couldn't figure out why it was still only giving me $10.

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