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Onkyo Envision Cinema LS7200 3D Soundbar System $349 (Was $999) | Fitbit Flex 2 Bangle $5 @ JB Hi-Fi (in Store)


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Fitbit Flex 2 Bangle (Rose Gold/Small) $5 (was $169)

Fitbit Flex 2 Bangle (Gold/Small) $5

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Been posted few times in the past see here for comments

Onkyo Envision Cinema LS7200 3D Soundbar System

Dolby Atmos® and DTS:X® Object-based Audio
Built-In Chromecast*
Wi-Fi®, AirPlay, and Bluetooth® Technology


The LS7200’s low-profile form contains a multi-driver array fed by a slim external amp connected via a single cable, reproducing Dolby Atmos® and DTS:X® soundtracks with conviction. Effects move from channel to channel, immersing you in multidimensional sound, while music streamed via Chromecast built-in*, AirPlay, or DTS Play-Fi®* over Wi-Fi® has substance that others can’t match. Players connect to the receiver’s four HDMI® inputs, and wiring is concealed for a near-invisible install. With multi-room audio distribution to any component or speaker supporting Chromecast built-in, DTS Play-Fi®, or FlareConnect™*, LS7200 tailors entertainment around your lifestyle.
* Enabled with a firmware update

Key Features

Dolby Atmos® and DTS:X® Object-based Audio
DTS:X and Dolby Atmos are not mere improvements to existing formats; they’ve revolutionized sound mixing. Free from the channel bed, sound comes from all directions, even above, with angled drivers bouncing effects off the ceiling and into the audience. No extra speakers or cables required: just authentic and immersive sound from all around.

Music Made Easy with Chromecast built-in*
Stream any music from your smartphone, laptop, or PC to the LS7200 with ease. Control playback with Chromecast-enabled apps you know and love from your iPhone, iPad, Android™ phone or tablet, Mac or Windows® laptop, or Chromebook.
* Enabled with firmware update.

Life’s Easy with Onkyo Controller
Our free app collects next-gen network functionalities, including streaming services and network audio, into an intuitive control interface. Perform general operations or send music to compatible speakers from your phone.

Internet Radio and On-demand Streaming
TIDAL, Deezer, and TuneIn are baked into the GUI, which makes it super easy to select music using Onkyo Controller or the included remote. Spotify® subscribers can also cast direct from Spotify app to soundbar.

Wi-Fi®, AirPlay, and Bluetooth® Technology
Dual-band 5 GHz/2.4 GHz Wi-Fi assures a stable connection so you can stream over AirPlay and the local network. Bluetooth wireless technology provides a quick and simple streaming from your choice of app and device.

Multi-Driver Soundbar System
Pairs of drivers are featured on the left, right, and center channels, while separate woofers reproduce height effects. Despite a slim profile of only 53 mm*, the multi-driver system delivers confident and cinematic sound with a clear view of the screen.
* Excluding protruding parts.

Powerful Amps for Moving Sound
The receiver’s slim form contains an efficient digital amplification system with independent power supply to deliver loads of clean power to the soundbar. Wireless sub has its own 50 W amp for deep LFEs in movies and games.

AccuEQ Room Acoustic Calibration
In moments, AccuEQ measures and analyzes sound output from your speakers and performs corrections for beautifully clear and cohesive object audio in your listening space, no matter the shape or size.

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  • +1

    Soundbar reviews don't look that great unfortunately

    • +16

      Tell the reviewer it costs $349 and not $999 and see if they change their tune.

    • +6

      see this forum , first few pages discussing the release, skip to pages 3-6
      Amazon uk reviews
      youtube review

      • +1


      • From reading pages 3-6 it seems proper calibration (accurate measured distance input) is needed to get the best out of the Onkyo LS7200.
        Other than that a few mentions of HDMI ARC having issues with certain TV’s (this may be a HDMI cable issue).

    • +1

      You're right when it's at the $999 mark. I'd say if you're in the market for something around the $350 mark and were looking at the Samsung/LG/Sony/etc equivalents, then it's a good option.

      • +1

        and this would just be a surround only, since no up firing speakers

        • Yeah, you'd be pretty happy if you found a surround set with atmos at this price! EDIT: sorry, I mean proper atmos and surround at this price

  • +5

    I have some of these set up bloody loud and very good
    This price is a steal

    • How big is the room you have in

      • 5m x 7m loung

        • That's a big lounge

        • Is that with walls or open plan

  • Hmm I was looking for Dolby Atmos speakers and this looks like a good deal for the price… Didn't want to spend more than 500 is I had to… Can someone vouch these over my current Logitech z623(lol I know don't throw rocks at me)

    • Z623's are best bang for buck in my opinion especially if you can get'em sub $100.

    • Logitechs are unbeatable. They are the gold standard, the holy grail of all speakers.

      • I'm going to start looking for Logitech Dolby stuff

  • +1

    I’m listening to one now but I’m not blown away. I bought a klipsch one a few years ago for this price and it runs rings around this, however this has things like Apple airplay etc.

    It doesn’t sound bad in saying all that and $350 isn’t a bad price I suppose.

    • What model is your Klipsch?

      • I got an R-10B

    • Which klispch model do you have?

      • R-10B

    • have you done the firmware updates and phone configuration like @Amashun below?

  • Only display models in the Gold Coast and Brisbane region
    That gets it down to 318 though

    • Yep!

    • I am getting a display one as well, not sure if they do further discount. Pls share receipt : ))

      • I got told 315

        • that's not too much discount

        • Could you please share your receipts?

    • +1

      I saved a little bit more.$313 for me. As you said,display stock only. Last one in Albury

      • +1

        Receipt if you can spare please

      • Could you please share your receipts?

    • Could you please share your receipts?

  • +3

    Decided to pull out. Bass just wasn’t there for me and it seemed to struggle under a little pressure. Vs that with the JBLs next to them and they run rings @499. Admittedly though the onkyo is much more than just a sound bar. I feel like this would suit a bedroom or small room better.

    Having said all this, it’s hard to sometimes truly assess these things in store.

    • Yes, very different once you get it home in an enclosed space. Especially when you turn it up and the sound bounces off the wall/s.

    • +4

      Next time I post something I’ll ask everyone’s postcode first 🙄

  • I considered this one too. (Coming from an existing Onkyo amp with 5.1 -> I can't afford the space in our new house). But.. The reviews are average at best. The receiver is good in that it can handle multiple HDMI ports, but it's just another box to have setup somewhere. (Easier if it's all integrated into the soundbar). At this price it's probably worth trying.. I'm considering a Q70 Samsung soundbar to replace my YAS-107

  • How do these compare to the Edifiers? Might consider this for my PC. Thoughts anyone?

  • Only display models available in VIC, checked around 10am this morning

  • is this 3.1 or 5.1. JB says 5.1 but on most other website says 3.1

  • How does Onkyo compared to ozb popular Yamaha soundbar (Onkyo is twice the Yamaha price, after discount)?

  • Hook up shield with atmos support

  • +3

    OK, bought one this morning. must say it is a very good deal if you can find one still available. (i bought a floor stock). so after updated the firmware, proper setup (with the mic provided and app adjustment) and ISO connect. I'm actually very happy with the purchase. there are mix reviews online, when i initially set it up without adjustment from the phone app, i was disappointed. It was like all the online reviews you can see. But after properly adjust it on the phone app, i'm actually find it a HUGE improvement. so for $350 setup, it worth every cents and must say it is over my expectations. Good luck and thanks for the OP.

    • +1

      Hi Amashun, thanks for your comments. Is the remote useful? Only one store in WA has a ex-display model but without remote. Is it worth to buy?

      • Yes mate, i would go for it, once i installed the app (ISO or Android). i have been using it since. The app is actually more user friendly and easy to make adjustment etc. the remote is in the draw now. if you are using ARC, the TV remote will take main control as well.

    • Hi Amashun, Did you update through USB or NET? What's your firmware version no? Thanks

      • +1

        Hi, i update through wifi. once it is connect to your local wifi, just click update then it will auto download and install for you. pretty easy. suggest to read the user manual from Onkyo site, it will have step by step instruction. Good luck

  • Was tossing up between JBL Bar 5.1 and Bose Soundbar 500. Might check this out tomorrow.

    • I am also considering the JBL 5.1 and possibly others in the similar price range.

      Unfortunately I am only able to go with the soundbar setup.

  • Canberra is out of stock. City has 1, but it is display and they said it is effectively faulty as they are missing all cables.
    Woden has 1 ex-display, they are having a look to see if they can find the cables\remote for me

    • Thanks mate. Saves me being tempted to buy something I don't need.

    • buh, JB sold it to someone else instead of calling me back.
      they have made a very non-powerful enemy.

  • Amashun was it very easy to set up,also I assume you got no warranty with it thanks.

    • +1

      very easy to setup. just beware with the mic setup, make sure you use a tripod then the machine will send speaker signal to it to auto setup for you.
      it came with 3 years Onkyo warranty i was told and stated on the invoice.

  • Amashun ok thanks

  • This or jbl 2.1 soundbar anyone?

  • wa shows in stock for many store but actually don't have any stock

  • I read that this soundbar is kinda rubbish but people say with firmware update it is a bit better. $349 is a decent price tag. I don't want to spend too much as this is just something better than the TV speakers. I will have another 5.1 setup in cinema room.

    Anyone updated firmware and can confirm.

    • check @Amashun's feedback above.

    • As OP posted in a comment, a bit of research & reading leads to the conclusion that proper setup & accurate adjustment of the room-calibration feature must be done to get it working best.
      A lot of buyers who seemed to skip this step and just use it straight out of the box were disappointed.

  • Found a floor stock for $299

    • great price. I bought floor stock for 349. they didn't give me any discount

      • Yeah but it had a missing remote they are ordering from Onkyo

        • so you can get the remote for free? One store with missing remote with the price $320 in WA and he said no discount if he found the remote.

          • @RichardF89: Yes they are ordering the remote for free

            • @Jaff: that's a great deal. $50 off. You can set up the soundbar without remote with APP

              • @RichardF89: I'm actually struggling with this at the moment, I bought one without a remote under this assumption.

                The problem is, I can't figure out how to set up the WIFI connection without the remote. I can connect with the app and the soundbar plugged in by ethernet, but as soon as I turn on wifi in the settings, the ethernet disconnects and I can't fill in any of the wifi info.

                I'm trying to find an IR code for my phone that works for this model, to replicate the remote, but having no luck so far.

                Any ideas?

                • @Gubna: I used ipad to connect WIFI. Don't need a remote. In the manual shouws how to use iphone and ipad to setup wifi

                  • @RichardF89: in the manual I found:

                    "Use iOS Device (iOS7 or later)": Share the iOS device's
                    Wi-Fi settings with this unit.

                    but no further info.

                    is it possible to do with android?

                    I'll try to borrow my mother in laws iPad i guess..

                    • @Gubna: The manual I mentioned is the one comes with the soundbar not the online one. It is a big paper not A4 size. I don't have it now. The step is
                      use Apple produces go to setting and then wifi then you can see the soundbar choose that's done. Or you can borrow someone's remote from this deal. Where do you live? You can borrow mine if you want.

                      • @RichardF89: I'll try when I get home, I do have that big paper foldout - haven't looked at it.

                        I'm in WA, southern river.


                        edit: JB said worst case they can order one from Onkyo - no cost.

                        • @Gubna: I am in WA as well. How much did you pay? Did you get it from Garden city?

                          • @RichardF89: I paid 350, didn't bother asking for a discount, not a true Ozbargainer i guess :)

                            I got mine from Myaree. I assume Jaff got the Garden City one, it had a note stuck to it that said "sold pending parts order" :)

                            They just gave me a different models floor stock remote to try out, not hopeful since all the similar model ir codes on my phone didn't work for the buttons I need.

                            • @Gubna: Fck Myaree staff. I went to Myaree first they told me they don't sell Onkyo. I showed him JB website shows Myaree in stock. He looked for 5 mins and said can't find it. I asked him to call Malaga store. He told me the soundbar is missed. The next day I called Garden City the staff told me missing remote. Price is 320 without remote and no discount if he can find remote. I called all stores in WA shows in stock. Mardunah can't find cable and remote. Finally, I called Malaga myself, they told me they have everything but no discount. Then I ask them put a on-hold for me.

                • @Gubna: And I setup with remote. Then didn't give me any discount.

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