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Amazon Echo Spot $49 @ JB Hi-Fi


Cheapest ever. Enjoy :)

Designed to fit anywhere in your home
Far-field voice recognition
Control your compatible smart home devices

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  • This does everything that the more expensive echo show 5 does, right?

    Going to get one at this price but again lets hope amazon matches.

    • Doubt it. Its been discontinued. Too many problems with the flickering screen by the looks of it and replaced by the show 5. But for $49…

      • No flickering screen. This is an amazing device. At $49 it is a non brainer.

        • most flickering screens have started after 12 months after the warranty has expired. plenty of examples on youtube

  • Just bought one haha. Thx

  • This have screen flickering problem

    • I've got two Spots (bought them over a year ago) and haven't had any flickering issues. Perhaps it only affects some of them?

      I also have an Echo Show 5 and that doesn't flicker, but its screen does blink/go blank for a second or two every now and then when the screen changes (i've disabled most of the announcements, news, etc, so only have them showing the date/time and temperature).

    • Never seen any issue with mine.

    • Mine had the flickering screen problem and looking at forums lots of others have too. It was good for about a year before it started. One suggested fix worked, unplugged for a 24hrs and its good to go again (no flickering). Been good for a week now.

      I like it because you can customise background and the screen is handy as it can show my security cams, doorbell etc. Good for a bedside device and can put on a show for techs at Amazon HQ who are intercepting the video feed.

      • the screen is handy as it can show my security cams, doorbell

        This piqued my interest, if I can actually stick on in my kitchen and and view my ring doorbell that would be worth the 50 bucks alone. Do you know what this supports/how that works?

        • I though ring door bell did work with video?

          • @Mahalo: OK looked up some YouTube's and it does ring when someone is at the door, then you you can swipe and see the video, but I don't think it allows two way speech. That's a major failure for me, what's the point of seeing the delivery guy or the door knocker if you can't tell them to leave the package or bugger off? And worse the person doesn't know you can see them, so you still end up having to go to the door. Now that I think about it, I might be better just using an old mobile phone if I am not fussed about the echo specific features.

            If someone who has one could confirm this would be much appreciated.

        • I do this too but I do find it a bit slow to connect. I usually find using my ipad or iphone to see the doorbell cam faster.

          But its still handy for seeing Ring doorbell occasionally.

          I think it has to be a Ring branded device. Basically all you do is hook it up in the settings then say Alexa show the front door or whatever the camera is called.

          Like you said above its not perfect but for $50 its handy.

  • Cheers BA . Xcellent price . Got one

  • Possible Price Match at Officeworks: But Limited Stock in stores (unavailable online).

  • Wish they had white

  • thanks got one for the bedroom

  • I find mine looks pretty outdated now days.

  • +1 vote

    Thanks, purchased:)

  • Thank you

  • Agh, I was at JB this afternoon looking for a deal on an echo product, and there was no mention of this. Guess I'm going back tomorrow then.

  • +1 vote

    Hope the Lenovo smart clock (google assistant) can drop to this price :)

  • Oh oh, looks like the page is down. I am getting an 'Oops, we can't seem to find the page you are looking for' 404 error.fonally decided to buy one too…

  • Missed out …

  • It is still available just link doesn't work

  • the link is working again as of 7:37AEDT

  • $47.53 via TGG eBay using promo code POTTER

  • Great deal!

  • This or the Lenovo smart clock thing? Definitely a great deal!

  • You can price match with the other Amazon Charcoal 2nd Gen Amazon Echo $49 deal @ Bunnings Warehouse which is listed on their website

  • Out of stock in JB Hi-Fi Melbourne city outlets. Couple of items available in Officeworks South Melbourne. Called and reserved a white one :)

  • I’m assuming not, but does anyone know if you can connect google hub to these ?

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