Xiaomi Mi Note 10 (CC9 Pro) 108MP Penta Camera Phone, 6GB RAM 128GB ROM, AU $823.27/US $561.95 @ GearBest


The most feature-packed smartphone of 2019-Xiaomi Note10 is available now, and Gearbest is the first E-retailer authorized exclusively by Xiaomi,Let me show you all highlight.

Key Info 1:

Stock can be delivered with 48h /Launch Time/Price (Coupon price:499.99$ ) /Product Link
Of Three colour version
Gearbest First Release Time: 6th Nov 11:00 UTC
Product: Xiaomi Mi Note 10 6.47 inch 108MP Penta Camera 4G Phablet 6GB RAM 128GB global version
Available to buy in three colour options:
Black: www.gearbest.com/cell-phones/pp_009870966016.html?wid=134930...
Deep Green: www.gearbest.com/cell-phones/pp_009893279253.html?wid=134930...
White: www.gearbest.com/cell-phones/pp_009870966016.html?wid=134930...
Shockingly First Release Price: 499.99$ with 1000 PCS limited coupon: GBMINOTE10
Shipping: Delivered in 48h after payment

Key Info 2:

Must-buy Reasons of Note 10
Why is Xiaomi 108MP Phone eye-cathing around the world?
1. First 108MP primary camera in the world
2. 5260 mAh battery+ fast charging, which can go from 0 to full in 65 minutes
3. Along with a curved Super AMOLED 398 PPI FHD display
4.4G network, FDD LTE: B1/2/3/4/5/7/8/18/19/20/26

AEDT Time Item Deal Price(USD) GST-inclusive Price(AUD) Code Quantity
Nov/8 Alfawise Watch 6 47mm Smart Watch 39.99 63.56 Flash Sale 1000
Nov/8 zanflare F2 LED Flashlight 6.99 11.11 Flash Sale 1000
Nov/8 zanflare F1 USB Rechargeable Flashlight - Black 4500-5000K 12.99 20.65 Flash Sale 1000
Nov/8 Alfawise N816 Smart Home Security 1080P WiFi Wireless Mini IP Camera - White 24.99 39.72 11N816IPC11 1000
Nov/8 Alfawise SG - 949 Sonic Electric Toothbrush - Black 9.99 15.88 ALFASGHPCN 1000
Nov/8 VEIKK S640 4 x 6 inch Ultrathin Digital Drawing Pen Tablet 23.99 38.13 GB-CNVKS640 1000
Nov/8 Ragebee 7 inch 3500 Gaming Family Game Console 65.99 104.89 Flash Sale 1000
Nov/8 C201 Electronic E-ink Screen Thermometer Hygrometer from Xiaomi youpin 8.59 13.65 GEARBEST1131 1000
Nov/8 Roborock S5 Max Laser Navigation Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2000Pa Mop with 290ml Water Tank AI Recharge and Resume Support Alexa Google Home from Xiaomi youpin 589.99 937.79 Flash Sale 1000
Nov/8 Magicsee N5 Plus Android 9.0 TV Box 8K HDR Ultra-HD Video with with Amlogic S905X3 4GB RAM 64GB ROM Dual-band WiFi USB 3.0 4TB HDD / SSD Hard Drive Expansion 79.99 127.14 Flash Sale 1000
Nov/8 Alfawise A80 2800 Lumens BD1280 Smart Projector with LCD Display 81.99 130.32 U6E86G9YGI 1000
Nov/8 Alfawise C30 2500mw Large Area Frame Laser Engraving Machine 159.99 254.30 GBC30ALFA 1000
Nov/8 Alfawise P2 HEPA Smart Air Purifier WiFi AI Voice Control 3 Wind Speeds Touch Screen Low Noise 110m³/h CADR 3-layer Filter System 65.99 104.89 Flash Sale 1000
Nov/8 Cubot KINGKONG MINI 4G Smartphone 4.0 inch Android 9.0 MT6761 Quad Core 3GB RAM 32GB ROM 2 Rear Camera 2000mAh Battery Global Version 89.99 143.04 Flash Sale 1000
Nov/8 Oneplus 7T 8 + 256 international version - Blue 487.59 775.02 GBOP7T654321 100
Nov/8 Redmi 8,4+64,Black 132.99 211.39 GBREDMI804 100
Nov/8 Redmi Note8,3+32,Black 147.99 235.23 GBNOTE803 100
Nov/8 Redmi Note8,3+32,Blue 152.99 243.18 GBNOTE805 100
Nov/8 Redmi Note8 Pro6+64gray 235.99 375.11 GBNOTE8P1 100
Nov/8 Redmi Note8 Pro,6+64,green 235.99 375.11 GBNOTE8P6 100
Nov/8 Redmi Note8 Pro,6+128,WHITE 254.99 405.31 GBNOTE8P3 100
Nov/8 Redmi Note8 Pro,6+128,Black 247.99 394.18 GBNOTE8P2 100
Nov/8 Redmi Note8 Pro,6+128,green 246.99 392.59 GBNOTE8P4 100
Nov/8 Mi9 LITE,6+64,WHITE 239.99 381.46 GBM9LITE1 100
Nov/8 Mi9 LITE,6+64,blue 217.99 346.50 GBMI9LITE101 100
Nov/8 Mi9 LITE,6+64,gray 217.99 346.50 GBMI9LITE102 100
Nov/8 Mi9 LITE,6+128,WHITE 259.99 413.25 GBM9LITE4 100
Nov/8 Mi9 LITE,6+128,blue 237.99 378.29 GBM9LITE5 100
Nov/8 Mi9 LITE,6+128,gray 237.99 378.29 GBM9LITE6 100
Nov/8 MI 9T PRO,6+128,Blue 338.99 538.82 GBM9TPRO4 100
Nov/8 MI9T PRO,6+128,Black 348.99 554.72 GBM9TPRO6 100
Nov/8 Mi A3,4+64,blue 148.99 236.82 GBA36402 100
Nov/8 Mi A3,4+128,blue 173.99 276.56 GBA312802 100
Nov/8 Mi A3,4+128,gray 171.99 273.38 GBA312801 100
Nov/8 Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro,6+64,Blue 349.99 556.31 GBM9TPRO1 100
GST Free Products
AEDT Time Deal Price(USD) GST-inclusive Price(AUD) Code Quantity
Nov/8 LEAGOO M12 Mobile Phone 2GB RAM 16GB ROM Android 9.0 MT6739V 3000mAh 8MP Camera 4G Smartphone 52.99 76.57 Flash Sale 100
Nov/8 Essager Fast Qi Wireless Charger For iPhone 11 Pro Xs Xiaomi Samsung Pad Dock Station Phone Holder 15.99 23.11 Flash Sale 100
Nov/8 Oral Irrigator Water Flosser Dental Water Jet 1000ML Water Tank With UV Disinfection 35.99 52.01 P3B3DDDA170F4000 100
Nov/8 JJRC M02 2.4G 6-Axis Gyro 450mm Wingspan EPO Brushless Aerobatic RC Airplane RTF Mode Aircraft - Red China 99.89 144.34 Flash Sale 100
Nov/8 XIAOMI 2.0 Intelligent bluetooth Body Fat Scale Balance Test Healt 35.99 52.01 W3AAD0E146E1D001 100
Nov/8 Original Xiaomi Mi Smart Weight Scale 2 Health Weight Scale 2 25.08 36.24 Flash Sale 100
Nov/8 Xiaomi Mijia Bedside Table Lamp 2 Mi Smart Light Indoor Bed Light 49.99 72.24 Flash Sale 100
Nov/8 BaoFeng UV-5R Walkie Talkie Professional CB Radio Transceiver 128CH 5W VHF-UHF Handheld 25.99 37.56 Flash Sale 100
Nov/8 BaoFeng UV-82 Walkie Talkie Dual-Band 136-174 400-520 MHz FM Ham Two Way Radio Transceiver 27.99 40.45 Flash Sale 100
Nov/8 KSUN KSV66-V8 Walkie-Talkie Mini-Miniature Civilian Small Wireless Intercom Walkie Talkie 33.99 49.12 Flash Sale 100
Nov/8 KSUN KSX30-ML Portable Radio Set ini Walkie Talkie UHF Handheld Two Way Ham Radio HF Transceiver 20.99 30.33 Flash Sale 100
Nov/8 Harnds Talisman CK9168 Folding Knife with AUS-8 Blade G10 Handle Ball Bearing System Liner-Lock 30.99 44.78 B3A2CA828B21D000 100
Nov/8 Enlan L01-1 L01MCT folding knife with 8Cr13MoV blade Micarta handle with clip liner lock 12.98 18.76 Flash Sale 100
Nov/8 FREETIGER FT801 Folding Knife with 420 Steel Nylon Fiber Handle Ball Bearing with Liner lock 13.29 19.20 Flash Sale 100
Nov/8 FREETIGER FT601 Folding Pocket Knife with D2 Blade CNC Steel Ball Bearing System Frame lock 16.99 24.55 Flash Sale 100
Nov/8 Xiaomi Ecosystem WEMAX L1668FCF 4K 2399 3,466.56 Flash Sale 100

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    I've been following this phone - I thought announced prices were $400USD and $500USD for the premium model?

    • +3 votes

      You always have to add on local taxes.

      Besides with Xiaomi phones never buy at launch, wait a few months for the price drop of a couple of hundred dollars.

  • +9 votes

    No B28 lol

  • +3 votes

    RMB2799 is about AUD580 plus GST and shipping. The markup for Gearbest is about 300 Bucks which is reasonable, but can we get it cheaper by some decent discount?

    • +3 votes

      Agreed, really disappointed with Xiaomi, as had been holding out for this; I was excited too when they announce RMBI $2800(~AUD$580) pricing for the Mi CC9 Pro (china version), but Xiaoami announced in Spain today for the same hardware but with Global Rom "Mi Note 10" retails for Euro$549.00 which is ~AUD$880…just ridiculous to charge $300 more for the same hardware with global a ROM difference only?; I might as well just buy CC9 pro from Alieexpress and flash with global ROM from XDA which I am sure will be available soon enough and save a few hundred.

      Also disappointed that despite a huge 5270MAnh, battery life according to GSMArena test is only 95Hr on this Snapdragon 730G and Mi 9T with 4000Mah only for half the price gets 100Hr on Snapdragon 730 ….go figure? so this Snapdragon 730G must be power hungry for moderate increase in performance?

      Makes no sense to me anyway, NO Snapdragon 855/+ chip, No 90Hertz screen and to pay twice the price for the Note 10 camera alone? and carry extra battery weight and thicker phone with poorer battery life. Mid range chip phone with flagship price tag?

      Just my 2 cents; I think marketing at Xiaomi stuff up big time; unless it is a lot cheaper I will personally give this fone a miss and get the Mi 9t at around $460 regularly at ebay and toby's and get better battery life/performance; Mi 9t Pro with SD855 for ~$550 on ebay (10% less too if you have gft cards), which will kill this SD730G mid range for heaps cheaper!


        Battery life rating on GSM Arena has virtually no meaning in the real world, in my experience.

      • +1 vote

        The Chinese version software got a lot of advertises while the global version didn't.

        Warranty claim in China is much cheaper, quick and easy, most of the time get fixed in-store just like Apple.

        Another reason is that in China Xiaomi sell them without distributors, without agents, therefore no mark-ups in the Chinese version.

        Even by saying that, $300 extra is still a lot.

  • +2 votes

    Where would you get this Qualcomm 730G phone at this price when you could buy a 855 phone for a similar price or less?
    Besides, 108MP on such a small sensor will generate a lot of noise.

  • +3 votes

    Just wait a couple of weeks and get from another retailer. Gearbest always have a higher premium


    I tried the code for the black color but it didn't work, any idea?

  • +1 vote

    Lol personally the curved screen actually made it a deal breaker, although very curious about the 108MP camera. Will look forward to reviews…


    How can I apply the coupon code?


    MIUI 11 based on Android 9 Pie not Android 10 :( Is this a drawback ?


    Slightly disappointing

    I hope the curved screen, doesn't become a trend for xiaomi, that's the reason I stay away from the s-series.

    Would much rather they go the high Hz path with a flat panel


    They even call it Note 10? Have they no shame?


    Would very much like a deal on the mi 9t pro 8gb/256gb phone instead

    No one seems to stock it


    Can someone explain how 108MP is usable? I have a 48MP camera on the Mi 9T Pro (which GCam pixel bins to 12MP), and the results are rather good. However these have very small sensors, which must limit the end quality.
    I have a ~24MP Nikon D5600, and at medium quality (12MP), you can create A1 posters. And takes great shots at 300mm (effective over 400mm) zoom. Shouldn't the smartphone camera arms race be about increasing the aperture (ie lower number) and increasing optical zoom?


    Chinese Version selling 2799RMB = Au$585

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