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Free Qantas Frequent Flyer Membership via Qantas Money


Just click the link above. I don't know how long the code will last. It was the best of times, it was the blurst of times.

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    If you have ever paid for a QFF account, you should just hand in your Ozbargain license and be banned from this website.

    • Had a good laugh at this one.

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        Do you always laugh at the truth?

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      This comment has more upvotes then the actual deal….

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      i was a noob and i paid ages ago :(
      please i ask for forgiveness and the first thing i do every day when i go to work is check ozbargain
      i am sorry for my sins

      • I also paid many many many years ago. You aren’t alone.

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      I didn't realise it was a paid membership…

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      This is the most plagiarised comment on this website. It's literally in every Qantas frequent flyer membership post.

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    If you search around, QFF membership can always be had for free.

    • You don't need to search

      • You can run, but you can't hide - the free QFF membership will still find you anyway.

    • Quite literally Google "Free Qantas Frequent Flyer", and click ANY link, even if its to a non QFF page, and you still manage to get a free membership…

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    Is there another airline that charge you for joining their FF program? I know you can get QFF for free with a google search but to think some people obliviously pay for this is nonsense

    • Air NZ used to charge a fee to sign up for AirPoints, but they ditched it a few years ago. I think Ansett used to have a fee too. That's about it. Most airlines know the data from members is where the real value is. Putting in place barriers to signing up reduces signup, and so they get less data.

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      Cathay Pacific USD$100 lol. They charge you for being the lowest tier otherwise no membership at all.

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        I think you're referring to the Marco Polo loyalty program, otherwise they do have free rewards program, Asia Miles.

        Asia Miles award flights generally require less points than QFF for the same flight.

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    Stupid monkey

  • +1


    Free through forty winks. Don't have to buy anything from them. Just sign up and start using for free.

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      Should have invested that money into a comedy course.

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    QFF is always free. I remember when all deals expired, I still used a link from one of the old onws and registered for free without proboems.

  • By making QFF Membership a fee, they can assign value to other products (like Woolworth's rewards) without adding any real value.
    Those stupid monkey's.

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    I cant believe this made front page

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    The Qantas ff program being free isn't a deal.

    • In fact most of the airlines provide ff program for free

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    Free book hire at the local library!

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      Link please

    • +4

      To the book depository!

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        Show's over, Shakespeare

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    Go away neggers, this is a great deal for us lazy folks

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      Username doesn't check out 🤔

      • +2

        Government worker…

        • -2

          Government worker…

          go to your local government school, on shoestring funding, and then try applying your slur.

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      Be careful reading that one out loud

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    lmao, this has been free forever in so many ways.

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  • What?

  • Thanks for sharing OP, always thought paying upwards of around $100 for this was too much.

  • I get this is normally free in lots of places, but is this just a one year membership or a lifetime membership?

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      I would say ongoing as long as the account remains active. I know points expire on inactive accounts - not sure if they close them after x period of inactivity.

  • True Ozbagainers should know QFF is free.

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    Lot of bullshit negs going on, not everyone has been a member of OzBargain for a long time.

    • I upvoted because every 2nd page has it free and I hope this pollution will be cleared lol :)

    • Exactly. Even though you can find it for free, posts like OP's are the ones contributing to the our collection of free QFF membership

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    Yeah, so when I was younger and less experienced, I thought you had to pay to get a membership, so I did… Found out afterwards that there's codes to get it for free

    Went on the support site and told them I had a code, they didn't even ask for the code and just refunded me the membership fee straight away

  • If comparing Qantas Frequent Flyer [QFF] to Virgin Velocity [VV], which is "better" ?
    Genuinely curious…

    I shunned QFF all this time, because it was Qantas (and of course, the fee to sign up),
    and I would not even sign up to Credit Cards when QFF points were offered.

    VV on the other hand has been good to me, and I like how there are ways to accumulate VV, e.g. shopping, flying domestically (Virgin flights aren't so badly priced), etc.

    • +1

      QFF is the better one due to network size. Being part of Oneworld and the partnerships they have with Emirates provide many more options and lounges around the world.

      • What about 'rates' of accumulating QFF points?
        What about the redemption process?
        What about the "value" of each point?

        VV has been decent enough to me, e.g. using 45K points (plus tax) to go 1-way from SYD to LAX.
        Also, domestic flights inside .AU have been OK too, with VV.

        Accumulating VV points through credit card spend or promotions are quite alright, but over time, it's being diluted too.

        However, I never used to find QFF 'easy' to accumulate. Maybe I didn't look into it too carefully.

        When using VV, with partner airlines like Singapore [SQ], the conversion devalues VV considerably. It used to be 'ok', but it's been diluted now too.

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    I paid $89 for it. The year was like 2002 and there was not many other options. Qantas had the monopoly and Virgin only had about 10 aircraft. Airfares were the highest in the world. Ansett had just gone under. In today’s currency I was paying $1000 return for a simple Melbourne to Canberra or Sydney, and that’s booking months out. Thank f*** for Richard Branson bringing in Virgin

    In fact back then points were worth more especially considering the price of airfares from when Ansett when under to when Jetstar and Tiger started operations 4 and 5 years later.

    • +2

      …and houses were $200k. Interesting how things have tipped on its head. Not it isn't the interest that is going to kill you, it is the principle :D

      • "if you didn't have a fancy iphone,,, you too could afford a house,,,," (probably)

    • +1

      Even back then it was easily had for free, I got it for free in the 90's.

      • I assume you have a 3-digit number?

        • no, member since 96, even then the numbers were into 7 digits. QFF from memory started in the 80's, no one joining in the 90's would have a 3 digit number

          • @gromit: What numbers are they up to now?

          • @gromit: My boss has a 6 digit one but he joined in the 80's

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    "I don't know how long the code will last", at a guess I would say 10 years, probably longer. Seriously you haven't had to pay for QFF for decades, there are always valid deals to get it for free.

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    Forget about all of this nonsense, just type qantas.com/qffspirit into your favourite web browser. This link has been in the Qantas magazine for a while.


    • OP should just update with your link. +100 votes

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