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A6S Bluetooth 5.0 TWS Earphones $7.59 US (~$11.06 AU), E6S Bluetooth 5.0 TWS Earphones $7.99 US (~$11.64 AU) @ GeekBuying


Two different TWS earphones on sale tonight for a low price. The most significant difference between the 2 is that the E6S Earphone's charging case has a display that shows the percentage of battery remaining.

Features include True Wireless Stereo, IPX4 water resistance, 280mAh charging case, touch gestures for play/pause, calls, voice assistant and both ear pieces can be used independently or together.

Free shipping included. AU$ based on current Mastercard rate at time of posting.

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    Any independent reviews of these?

  • Bought the cheaper ones. With quicker shipping and insurance total cost $14.50 AUD. Will be interesting to see how these compete against the QCY T2C's that I currently use.

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      I'm tempted to get these too, one thing i found annying with the QCY was how hard you had to press the button to pause/skip…if this is touch then thats's perfect!

    • QCY lasted all of 2 months for me and that's using them like less than 10x.

      I hope these are better made.

      • My Redmi airdots were broken out of the box, had to superglue one of them back together.

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        I drop my QCY every time I use them (they don't fit in my ear properly) onto my concrete floor and they're still going strong.

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      I got A6S and it is no where near QCY T1C.

      Crappy sound although people would say you got what you paid for. Still have I known before I purchased I wouldn't buy :)

      QCY T1C (and I am sure QCY T2C would be similar) and Haylou gt1 is the one to get for below $30 price range IMHO.

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        Highly recommend the Haylou gt1. Been using them daily for 4 months now. Excellent value for under $30

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        https://www.banggood.com/Haylou-GT1-TWS-Wireless-bluetooth-5... $39.91 ships from OZ, 12 hrs working time


        1. Adopt true wireless 5.0 technology, strong wireless signal. You can enjoy music in a 10-meter working distance.
        2. Touch control design for easy use.
        3. Superior sound quality. With intelligent DSP noise reduction technology, the item can deliver high quality music and enjoyable listening experience for compatible devices.
        4. IPX5 waterproof design for which it will be available when wearing in a rainy day and gyming.
        5. Comfortable to wear, ergonomic design and with no pain for long time wearing, it will not fall off when running.
        6. Strong compatibility and compatible with IOS Android devices.
        7. With portable charging box design, it can keep full battery state. And necessary for driving, working, indoor and outside sports. 310mAh storage can provide 12 hours use for earphones.

        https://www.banggood.com/Haylou-GT2-TWS-Wireless-bluetooth-5... $44.34 , 3 - 4 hrs working time

        1. A new generation of bluetooth 5.0 chip, get rid of the trouble of traditional bluetooth headset and wired headset cable, lower latency, bring more convenient and free experience.
        2. Fully compatible USB 2.0 charging cable, can be stored, portable, anti-lost, flexible charging anytime, anywhere.
        3. Compact ID design, comfortable to wear, easier to hide, with a lightweight charging box for easy storage and carrying.
        4. With the use of the charging box, the music can be played continuously for up to 15 hours.
        5. 7.2mm polymer resin diaphragm horn, the bass is thick and not boring, the middle and high frequency is clear and soft. Complemented by DSP high-speed digital noise reduction, high-fidelity stereo voice calls, such as immersive.

        Why the big difference in working time between GT1 and GT2?

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      why would you get shipping insurance on a $10 pair of headphones. Take a risk, live a little.

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    around us$1 difference from the cost price


    • +9

      take sister to eat chicken is not a dream.

      Who makes this stuff up?!

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        What is chicken has to do with this?
        Oh wait maybe they means chicks as girls

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          pretty sure its from pubg's winner winner chicken dinner

        • That only makes it weirder

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          These are literal translations of the original chinese.

          Eating chicken is slang to mean "win a round of pubg".

          Taking "sister" is a colloquial way of saying taking a girl, not your actual sister.

          Basically means "leading a chick to victory in pubg is no longer a pipe dream". In the context of flirting and impressing her with skillz.

          • +1


            Eating chicken is slang to mean "win a round of pubg".

            I feel like this needs extra explanation.

            • @ssquid: what @fatbunn said, the phrase "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner" is displayed when you win in pubg

      • uhm, i am lost, jumping from ozbargain to supplier cost price, then quarter jump to chicken and sister… lol… guess i have to improve my vocab in both english and mandarin/canton

        • "guess i have to improve my vocab in both english and mandarin/canton"

          No this is in a unique millennial chinglish! :D

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    Thanks op! I've always wanted to try wireless earbuds, but my cheap-ass doesn't want to spend a lot on wireless earbuds.

    • I'd recommend getting the QCY QS1 or the Haylou GT2 or 1 if you want ones which sound much better.

    • +20

      receiving (not too bad)

      Receiving does not mean there is a stronger point of signal radiation at the earbud.

      As safe as it sounds there has to be long term considerations…

      It is non ionising radiation.

      You will get more radiation from your home wifi or somebody sitting next to you than you will from wearing these.

      Your phone a weak emitter as it is a class 2 device so it is limited to 2.5mW of power.

      WiFi is limited to 100mW of power which travels in every direction, a rough approximation means that about 0.25mW of power is absorbed into your skin/clothes at 5m from the router.

      If you were to lay down in the sun you would be getting about 800w of much higher energy radiation (light and IR) - 3.2 million times more than from WiFi.

      The human body emits around 100 watts of heat (infrared radiation) so having someone 5 m away form you in a room will cause you to be subject to 1,000 times more radiation than WiFi.

      • +2

        Infrared is a different part of the EM spectrum. Microwaves are non-ionising radiation, doesn't mean they're harmless - of course your average microwave emits thousands of times as much as much energy as a WiFi or Bluetooth gadget, so even though they operate around the same frequencies, your gadgets probably aren't going to kill you… that way.

      • +1

        It's much easier to state visible light is simply more energetic and therefore more dangerous than radio waves and radar. I also refrain from using the word radiation because people tend to conflate it with radioactivity. Don't tell anyone they're receiving radiation from WiFi.

        • +2

          I also refrain from using the word radiation because people tend to conflate it with radioactivity

          If people only use the word radiation for things that are ionising radiation then people will continue to think that all radiation is bad.

      • +7

        I appreciate the response mates, honestly don't know enough and i've never been one to jump straight onto the new stuff so forgive a man for not been as vibin as the kids these days. In my head that's what I thought and so do a few others it seems, my opinion may have just been changed for the better! I'll be the first one to admit that I was an idiot, particularly when people have offered such clear arguments above.

        P.S. The Ozbargain tradition of negging outlying comments to shit and only leaving mainstream opinions up is dog fluff.

        • so forgive a man for not been as vibin as the kids these days.

          Now you can vibe away to wireless tunes!

          I'll be the first one to admit that I was an idiot, particularly when people have offered such clear arguments above

          You weren't an idiot, you were just misunderstanding. You'd be an idiot if you didn't take into consideration new information that relates to the misunderstanding :)

          Vibe away MB

  • All garbage, just like the QYC.

    They fall out of your ears. They don't hold in place, simply when eating where your jaws are moving these earphones call out of your ears.

    • +11

      Never had that issue with my QCY - maybe you just have a different ear shape? The sound is totally fine for the QCY, but can't comment on these ones.

    • +1

      Same with me (QCY), ear shape I guess. I still use them in bed at night, only once were they still in my ear by morning. I just fish them out of the bed, flat and put them back in their case. Not pleasant to take out on the road though :(

    • Same here. I found that using smaller ear buds helped keep them in place.

  • +1

    OP. Thanks. Bought one to try out

  • how to these compare to QCY T2S that was on sale for $30?

    Seems it has more features

    Also, is it gesture touch or button click

  • +1

    I get an error… The order payment save Exception.

    • Same here

      Edit: Click "Proceed to checkout" then login. Then you can pay via paypal

  • +7

    10 bucks for TWS. Shit or not, what a time to be alive.

  • Thanks Clear. Wanted TWS for running, and this fits the bill. Hilariously cheap.

  • Wow, used Paypal to checkout. Took the payment and then everything failed after that.
    What a crap website.

    • +1

      PayPal just authorised that amount of money, if it didn't go through the website, you gonna get it back, you didn't actually pay. I got the same error had to proceed to checkout and fill everything and then use PayPal. That worked for me.

      • Thank you. It did as you said :)

    • +2

      Proceed to Checkout is always the best way to pay at Geek as you can choose shipping etc. before you pay.

      I'll let Geek know there is an issue with the express checkout.

      • Thank you mate.

  • What is battery life like on these?

  • Ordered one. Hopefully these are heavily discounted items and not some sh*t pieces they are trying to get rid of.

    • -1

      They are POS. I bought on the last deal and don't use them. See below comments

  • +3

    I've been using these ones for more than a month and it's okay for a TWS. Battery last around 3.5-4 hours on level 4 volume before it asks you to recharge it. What I do is use the buds 1 at a time and that works like a charm. The noise canceling is good on my right ear(compared to the left ear probably just my ear) just need to put it in your ear in a secured manner.

    Background story: I ordered mine through ebay, ordering xiaomi airdots but recieved these. got a partial refund and didn't return it. Now got a tronsmart BEAT($37) and it's really good. Sound is amazing, 7hrs battery life(i've used it for 2 days so time will tell), noise canceling is good just need to be placed in your ear in a secure manner. Mic is decent, not bad either

      • +4

        Yeah that would be it. Probably doing a rerun of those soon.

        • Got these from Geek as my first ever TWS and so far pretty happy, but takes a bit of getting used to after using wired most of my life lol.


          Now went for this E6S deal as a back-up and like the digital readout, matches my Rommos SW20 Pro PowerBank.

          • @ozhunter68: https://www.geekbuying.com/item/E6S-Bluetooth5-0-TWS-Earphon... $14.90

            Auto Connecting and Auto Pairing

            Bluetooth 5. 0 fast and stable transmission without tangling. Bluetooth earbuds are on and pair with each other automatically when taken out of the charging case and they connect back to the last paired device automatically

            LED Power Display

            The charging case design with an LED digital power display, which can display both of the earbuds' power. Let you know the power consumption at any time.

            Binaural Call

            Built-in double-channel inside the earbuds, it supports you to connect with your Bluetooth devices with any one of them.

            Voice Assistant Connection

            One tap control to summon up the voice assistant of your smartphone, which supports Siri from the iPhone and other Android phones.

            Smart Noise Cancellation

            The earbuds come with 6mm driver units and adopt smart noise cancellation tech, providing you lossless clear sound with less noise even in listening to music or talking

    • hi I see that Tronsmart have many models - how did you choose the Spunky BEAT over Spunky Pro given the prices are similar?

      Tronsmart Spunky BEAT
      Bluetooth version: V 5.0
      Chip: Qualcomm QCC3020, supports aptX, AAC, SBC
      Bluetooth profile: HFP/HSP/AVRCP/A2DP
      Connection distance: Up to 15 meters / 50 feet
      Driver diameter: Φ6mm
      Microphone Sensitivity: -42dB
      Impedance: 16Ω
      Frequency range: 20-20K Hz
      Playtime: Earbud: up to 7 hours (50% volume)
      Charging case: up to 24 hours (50% volume)
      Standy: 90 days
      Battery capacity: Earbud battery: 35 mAh
      Charging case battery: 350 mAh
      Input: 5V/500mA max.
      Charging time: Earbud: 50 mins
      Charging case: 2 hours

      Dimensions&Weight Earbud: 27 x 17 x 8 mm / 1.06 x 0.67 x 0.31 inches
      Charging case: 68 x 45 x 31 mm / 2.68 x 1.77 x 1.22 inches
      Earbuds: 3.7g / 0.13oz
      With charging case: 47g / 1.66oz

      Spunky Pro
      Wireless charging case
      Bluetooth: 5.0
      Bluetooth Working Frequency: 2.402GHz - 2.480GHz
      Bluetooth Compatibility: HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP
      Transmission Distance: Up to 10m/33ft (open area)
      Driver: 6mm x 2
      Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20KHz
      Playtime: Up to 3.5 hours (80% volume level)
      Talk Time: Up to 3.5 hours (80% volume level)
      Standby: With charging case: 2 months
      Battery: Earbud: 35mAh
      Charging Case: 400mAh (earbuds can be charged four times)
      Charging Connector: Qi wireless charge; USB-C
      Charging Time: 1.5 - 2 hours

  • +1

    Does anybody know about how is the microphone of these?
    My previous earphones' microphones don't have good quality may be because of being such a budget gadgets.

    • +3

      Microphone is alright. Doesn't work well in noisy places, but overall acceptable for calling.

  • I got the soundpeats true wireless a few months ago for around $30, absolute crap… esp if you like any type of bass.. waste of money and yeah uncomfortable AF. I know they're a different brand but all probably similar…. Can't understand why they're either like $200+ for a decent brand or $10 - $30 for crap. Why isn't there a $50 -$80 odd decent pair you can get? So I stick to my iphone wired buds or the wired sennheiser refurbs earbuds I got off here about a year ago, they are both WAY better than these wireless rubbish ones but it is kinda annoying exercising and the chord keeps getting in the way, oh well…..

    • +1

      There's plenty of decent earphones at various price points, this is a good starting point:



    • +2

      https://www.amazon.com.au/SoundPEATS-Wireless-Bluetooth-Head... $37.99

      [TWS & BLUETOOTH 5.0] - Adopt global professional Realtek chipset, true wireless design with latest Bluetooth 5.0, the SoundPEATS TrueFree wireless earbuds own fast and stable transmission without tangling.
      [SINGLE & COUPLE] - Support working together to enjoy stereo sound, or using one earbud only for preference or driving safety. Different from the previous version or other brand, the TrueFree wireless earbuds provide HiFi stereo sound at both music and phone calls.
      [ONE-STEP PAIRING] - Born to offer you every convenience, the earbuds are built with very easy operation. Pull out the earbuds from charging case and hit on Bluetooth list. That's how easily you get the earbuds paired.
      [EXTENDED PLAYTIME] - Compact and lightweight magnetic charging case for you to carry the earbuds around. 3.5 hours playtime per charge and 15 hours in total, the earbuds strive to keep you company longer.
      [BIG IN SMALL] - Sound PEATS True Free wireless earbuds fulfill all your fantasy and needs about Bluetooth earphones. As long as your device is with Bluetooth version above 4.0, you can use it with the earbuds. Sound PEATS provides 12 months hassle-free warranty to ensure the enjoyment of your purchase.

      • +1

        I have these! and there's no bass, they're rubbish IMO for music. passable for voice calls I guess

      • No Bass but everything else is very good for these. I recommend em even with light gym activities.

  • Hi Clear, thanks for posting the deal. Do you know how long shipping will take to Sydney?

    • The free shipping can take 30 business days so you're typically looking at 3-5 weeks.

  • Just picked up E6. Reviews seems great. I dont listen to music as much but I hope for calls they are worth the penny. I hope you ship the new stock and not the old stock OP. THanks

  • I would advise not using them independently, so one connected but the other not as they take forever to reconnect and mine have stopped pairing together completely after about 6 months of use, other than that great pair of earbuds totally worth it.

  • +5

    These are terrible compared to the QCY. Main issues are the minimum volume is way too high, so you have no room for volume. Also, the voice indicators that tell you if you are connected is also ridiculously loud.

    Fit is OK.

    Sound is OK. Lacking bass compared to QYC alternative.

    • Thanks for the review.

      I was on the fence, but decided against it now.

    • Are you referring to the E6S as being terrible?

    • +1

      I just got mine. 100% agreement about minimum volume, it's absurd, I literally can't use them it's too loud.

      • +1

        yep, I gave mine to my brother, he return it to me the next day.

    • +1

      I got my E6S yesterday, and have no issue with the volume. It was very loud when I first used it, but I turned the volume down through my phone (which indicated full volume) and now they work perfectly fine. Sound quality is not all that bad. Bass is strong, mids a bit weak. Not sure if they'll stay in during running, but will see some time. Build quality so-so. Case feels a bit flimsy. Overall, good bang for buck.

      • +2

        Same, no volume issues at all. If anything it was a bit soft. Bass is greatly improved once you fit the best sized earphone tips for your ears.

  • Pulled the trigger and bought E6

  • I think everyone is talking about A6 here. Seems like E6 hasnt been bought much. There are not enough reviews but whatever reviews are there, they suggest E6 is good enough. NC isn't too bad and the overall sound is worth the price.

  • Great Deal, Thanks OP! Ordered one.
    I am also looking for a Bluetooth Selfie Stick, any recommendations/offer?

  • Tried using 3ZJ3EFMB and got this:
    "This coupon code has ultimately reached the limitation usage times."

    Also on the GeekBuying website is says the item is a flash deal and that it ends in 1 day.
    However, this post says it expires on the 27th of December.
    Will it still work out to be the same price after the flash deal?

    • UPDATE: It seems to work now.

      • +2

        Yeah we added more stock. Ignore the flash sale part as the coupon will return the product to full price before applying the discount.

  • Is the microphone any good on these? I'll be using on the train so need some that have noise cancellation. All the sub $30 buds seem to have poor microphone quality. Any recommendations

    • +1

      It's not ideal, but I find pulling one out of your ear and cupping it near your mouth helps with phone calls.

  • I will be surprised if any of these headphones are actually in stock… They will sell as many as they could, just to inform customers later that there is shipment delay and they don't have this in stock and no clear timeline when I will be shipped. Good luck to all !

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