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National Fixed Line Untimed Calls $0.50, Mobile Calls $0.50 for 10mins, $0.50 for 10mins to Select Countries @ Telstra Payphones


I know we all use mobile phones… but nice to know that we dont have to spend heaps on payphones anymore

Telstra has significantly improved the value of payphone calls.

We have replaced distance-based pricing for national calls with a simple flat call rate of $0.50
untimed to standard fixed lines in Australia.

Calls to Australian mobiles go from $0.50 per 35 seconds to $0.50 for 10 minutes

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  • +22

    Payphones are still used to escape the matrix.

    • +1

      and travel through time

    • +2

      i.e. buy drugs

  • +7

    50c per 35seconds.. No wonder i refused to use them lol

    1800reverse going "call me back" was the way

    • It's Telstra, price is definitely fixed.

    • 1800reverse? Still work s? Thanks

      • … was … the way. It died with the restrictions on premium SMS and call billing via 3rd parties I believe.

  • +19

    About 20yrs too late

  • +2

    waiting to hear form JV now…

    • +11

      He's out making a call

  • +16

    I feel like this deal should be moved to the insufficient quantity thread.

    • -2

      apparently theres over 1800 payphones… how can that be insufficient ??.. or are you referring to the 50c coins?

      • +1

        It's a joke :P

        • -2

          is your name Joyce ?

  • +7

    Is there a Telstra app that shows where the locations of these payphones are??

  • +2

    I like the asterix under the table 'prisons & custodial institutions exempt'.

    • +11

      I also enjoy talking out my arse.

  • +4

    Actually there are almost 16,000 payphones in Australia

  • -1

    Payphones only accept coins or the illusive Telstra phonecard. How is one able reliably use them for an “last resort” purpose when most people no longer carry these items?

    • +1

      The queues at the Bunnings sausage sizzles on the weekends seems to suggest that most people do in fact carry coins (or notes). They certainly don't accept EFTPOS at those stands.

      • I paid for my Bunnings sausage via EFTPOS 2 weeks ago.

      • I think you'll find some of them certainly do..

    • Elusive.

  • +7

    Wait until Christmas. Telstra have free calls from their payphones almost every year:

    • -1

      Very disappointing that they don't offer free calls on Hanukah. So us Jews don't deserve free calls but Christians do?

      • When Hanukah is a public holiday we'll talk.

        • Never going to happen. Australia is secular and has separation of religion and state, which it rightly should. But that's largely beside the point.

          • @AussieZed: Yet our state declares religious holidays public holidays right … xmas and easter anyone?

  • +9

    They don't care about making money from the phone calls. They just want an excuse to keep their advertising billboards (AKA payphones) all over our major city streets without having to pay for it.

    • +4

      Telstra is paid $20 million per year by the federal government to keep all payphones in service. That's why they still exist.

      • If they pay me 10 mill I’ll keep them in service

      • +7

        Should be fluffing FREE then.

        • Pour some superglue down the coin slot to get your money's worth

  • +3

    I would like the biggest seed bell you have…
    No, that’s too big

  • Yay, I can talk on the phone to my drug dealer for much longer than before now!

    • That means you are still paying too much as your drug dealer would be too busy to talk with all the customers if he was cheaper. Time to change the drug dealer and save some coin

  • -1

    I honestly can’t remember the last time I saw a Telstra pay phone! I thought they had all been removed years ago.

  • I mean its cheaper to have them running than to have someone remove all of them..

  • Gold - can SMS from payphones.

  • "Thank you Telstra" said Superman

  • The payphone remains the best, low cost burner phone

    • Not really. Most are in areas where there's tons of CCTV.

  • Make sure to take a bottle of Sanitizer with you….

    • Maybe some linesman gloves.

    • I took KY with me. Am I doing something wrong?

  • +2

    If this a top deal, then this site has gone to the pits.

  • So it's cheaper than long life mobile plan?

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