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30% or 50% off Food Bill at Selected Restaurants via TheFork (formerly dimmi.com.au)


It's a long running deal. You'll need to shortlist restaurants 'with offer' in order to easily see all those that offer 30% or 50% off food bill on certain days/ time slots. Book a table using the website and then let the restaurant know when you reach there so that they can apply discount on your bill.

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    Where do you find your referral code?

    I've used the fork before and have over 2000 yums so im pretty happy with the recent overhaul they did, now that 2000 yums = $50 voucher discount. And they have a lot more restaurants doing offers now too. Great value.


      Go to your 'TheFork' app, and click on 'Earn Yums!'. You will see the code there. Finding the code was a good puzzle to solve - even web interface doesn't seem to have the code anywhere.

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        Can't find on android app - only my loyalty program - see where to spend my yums.


          There are two TheFork apps in Android Play Store. The latest one has it. I can see 'Earn Yums!' right blow 'My Loyalty Program' in the menu. Just a guess - may be it appears after you use the new version of TheFork website/app for the first time?

          Try this link for the latest Android app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lafourchet...


            @virhlpool: I only see 1 TheFork app in the store, the other which is similar is TheFork Manager. The Earn Yums is definitely not below My loyalty program in the menu.


            Edit: yes I have that version installed.


              @tlai: I see.. I had one TheFork app on my phone and it showed a pop-up to download the latest version. That's how I have two apps now - the previous one is almost defunct though.


          Yeah i can't find my code either looking on the app. "my loyalty space" only has "how to spend my yums" which opens a link to book restaurants etc. No "how to earn yums" that would lead me to the referral code.

          Pretty dumb system.


    You earn 150 Yums from reservations from the app and 50 yums from desktop. 1000 yums (I.e ~7+ bookings) earns a $20 voucher and 2000 yums earns a $50 voucher.

    Unfortunately no yums for reviewing restaurants so it requires more bookings for rewards versus before the overhaul to the rewards program

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    Be careful with Nel Restaurant, they have listed offer for 40% off. If you booked through the offer, they will prioritise people without the offer and place you at bar seats which is really small for a degustation meal. And contradictory to the fork faq where they will treat you as a full paying normal customer. Called the manager and his explanation was they have to prioritise the full paying customer so people who booked through the offer will only get a proper table if there are spaces.
    However all other places I went, they simply treat as a full paying customers no issues.

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    Used this all over europe and got some great bargains. Aus deals ok during certain months but has a way to go for regular usage. EatClub better at this stage

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