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Manila, Philippines $230 Return from Melbourne, $274 Return from Sydney on Cebu Pacific (Jun-Sept 2020)


Cheap return flights to Manila, Philippines from Melbourne and Sydney.
Depart Melbourne 1st Sept 2020 Return 22nd Sept 2020 Total cost $229.25
Depart Sydney 2nd Sept 2020 Return 23rd Sept 2020 Total cost $273.81

Cebu Pacific is a low cost carrier. Luggage and meals are extra.

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    Good time to stock up on folders !!!




    Damn that's cheap… wish it was for a month or two earlier in 2020.


    Obligatory comment: anywhere outside Manila is great. But the buffets around there are amazing according to Youtube channel Strictly Dumplings.


    Boracay has seem to lost it shine after the closure


    I'm not sure exactly why, but airport check-in and security protocols on the return MNL-MEL flight was the comprehensive, tedious and onerous we have ever encountered. Others taking the same flights have also said the same.


      It's easy to spot first time visitors as they are happily paying for the luggage wrapping service only to be told by a border official 5 minutes later to remove the plastic so he can go through their stuff.

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      Pretty much describes all processes in the Philippines. No shortage of pointless security and other stuff like that which is essentially to provide employment to the masses and in some way avoid a socio-economic meltdown - they don't realize this but subconsciously that's the main reason for the inefficiencies.

      Having said that, once you get over the 'nothing makes sense' phase, I love the place, people, food and all the nonsense that goes with it.

      (I have lived there for nearly 3 years)