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Seiko Prospex SRPB49K Samurai Automatic Divers $339 Delivered @ Starbuy


Part of their Click Frenzy deals, this is a beautiful watch and the waffle dial really completes the look.

You can view the full collection of the Click/Watch Frenzy here, and if you missed out on the SRPD05J listing from earlier this week, it's back on sale!

This is part of Click Frenzy deals for 2019

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    That is a damn nice watch!

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    I'm currently wearing the Pepsi bezel version of this watch :-)

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      I have this on Pepsi as well, also bought SRPD05J couple of days ago, cant wait for it to be shipped. :)

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    At $349, Citizen Automatic NJ2180-89L Titanium Watch is also a very tempting deal for a dress watch. Automatic movement (cal 8210), sapphire glass, titanium case, titanium bracelet, 50m water resistant, 40.5mm case size with a blue sunray dial which seems to be imitating the Seiko Cocktail Time - possibly Citizen's answer to Seiko's Presage line?

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      I have seen this one (but possibly in black/grey) in person, personally I thought it looked very tacky and not refined/classy like the Presage.
      Pic off Google to (somewhat) illustrate my point.
      It is worth noting though that this is a much lower price point compared to the Presage ($450+ from what I've seen for basic colourways) and comes with Titanium and sapphire (vs hardlex and stainless steel on all lower-priced Presages).
      Saying that though, I feel Seiko's design and finishing of dial, hands and case are much better than Citizen's (at these price points at least), and are definitely worth the extra moola, but that may be because I'm a fanboy.


    Case Diameter : 43.8mm

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      It’s very deceptive on the stats. The chamfered lugs actually make it appear smaller, which is great since I have a small wrist.

      I was originally going to go for the Prospex Sumo but opted for the Blue Samurai because of that one difference.

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    Thanks OP. Got one for son for xmas… though I may like it too much to give it up! :)

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    This is a good price but also the usual low price for this one -
    nothing special for CF from starbuy.



    Can anyone tell me if this is good value or if there are merits to a watch such as the above? I was just having a scroll through Starbuy and the above stuck out to me, very handsome looking watch, just not sure what I'm looking at in terms of value for money.

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      Both the Samurai and the Solar Prospex are good value for their price. In terms of the specs and build quality, they are very similar to each other.

      One of the main difference between these 2 are the type of movements - the Samurai uses Seiko's 23-jewel automatic 4R35 whereas the Solar Prospex uses a quartz movement powered by a battery which is rechargeable via solar energy. In terms of the accuracy of the movements, the Solar Prospex takes this as quartz movement are almost always more accurate than automatic movements.

      Another major difference is the function of the 2 watches. The Samurai is a dive watch, which means that it has high water resistant (200m) and has a unidirectional rotating bezel. The Solar Prospex on the other hand is a chronograph, which is essentially an accurate watch with stopwatch function.

      Third difference will be the aesthetic of the watch. The Samurai looks more elegant and dressy, despite it being a divers watch. It'll look nice with office attire. Meanwhile, the Solar Prospex appears to be more sporty and will be more suitable for outdoor activities.

      Both these watches share similar build quality, but serves different purposes. Ultimately I think it'll boil down to which watch best suits your needs, and which one looks more appealing to you.

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        Exactly why I love OzBargain, thank you, you have given me a lot to think about and I appreciate you taking the time!


    Still on sale??

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