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[VIC] Greyhound Adoption Day 16/11 Adoption Fee Waived for All Greyhounds Rehomed @ GAP Seymour


People use many words to describe their pet greyhounds; lazy, silly, gentle, loyal; but we’re adding another to the list: ‘regal’.

The greyhound is, without doubt, the breed of dog that most certainly deserves the title of ‘the noble breed’.

The greyhound is the only dog mentioned in the Bible. Got a serious mention in The Odyssey and Canterbury Tales. Even Shakespeare gave greyhounds a run in Henry V and Macbeth. They were lauded by royalty for centuries.

And now it’s your turn…

You can add some grand class to your home this weekend when GAP Seymour hosts the next greyhound adoption day.

Adoption days are the easiest way you can meet, and potentially take home, a former racing greyhound looking for retirement. There will be 70 dogs available, so you’re destined to find the right mate.

Even if you’re just wondering about adoption at the moment, you’re welcome to come along to meet the dogs and ask the GAP experts any questions you like.

There’s another bonus this weekend; GAP is waiving the adoption fee for all greyhounds.

The Greyhound Adoption day this Saturday, November 16 from 10am until 3pm.

GAP Seymour is a bit over an hour north of Melbourne. Take the Hume Highway and take the Goulburn Valley Highway exit towards Seymour.

Follow the form below to register for the event.

For any further information required, please don’t hesitate to contact GAP on 5799 0166.

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  • Good job I'm not in Vic, it'd be hard to explain 20 greyhounds to the Mrs! "Click Frenzy" weekend probably wouldn't cut it!

    Greyhounds make awesome pets!

    • please do not Broden Greyhounds ;)

    • Not sure which state you're in but quite often GAP NSW do $50 adoptions, I'm sure they might in other states too. They do eat a lot though for a skinny dog so 20 would get expensive!

    • Nvm read some comments below

    • While I agree that greyhounds have great natures, their leavings are huge and don’t dry out. Stay mushy longer, terrible between the toes.. Not recommended for small yards.

      The problem for us is we were looking after two for our friends, it was noticeably a much bigger issue than our beagle. Three dogs, one yard.

      • +3 votes

        Change in diet. Not a breed feature!

      • What Tafe said - this isn't a breed specific issue.

        We have had a number of Greyhounds over the years (rescue, foster etc) and dog poop is always related to what has been fed in the previous 24-48 hours.

        We've had good experiences with better quality food and we routinely feed Blackhawk (as that's worked for us for years).

  • Greyhounds would make great pets for many Ozbargainers - very much a couch potato, happy to snooze on the couch whilst we busily hunt for the best deals on our phones, tablets and computers.

  • Its finally time again , mine passed when i was 12, Greyhounds do indeed make good pets!

  • Just in case anyone is wondering, Greyhounds are fantastic with young kids. Highly tolerant and snugly.

    • When we had kids, our greyhound (ex racer) and lurcher were all 'what is this tiny squeaky thing, is it food"? As soon as they sniffed it, they understood it was a new pack member and would sit quietly by my partners feet while she fed them! Incredibly tolerant with babies and puppies, as trustworthy as any dog can be around kids (common sense applies of course!)

  • In keeping with the regal thing Greyhounds were apparently revered as gods by the Egyptians too!
    I adopted a greyhound 6 months ago as I wanted a big dog but have a very small backyard. One of the best decisions I've ever made. Unlike any other dog Ive dealt with, they definitely have their quirks. Mine is a boy and he's not territorial or destructive, just super cuddly and a bit whingey but in fact the best. Super high emotional intelligence and really sweet. Also despite being ex professional athletes they're great apartment and townhouse dogs. One quick walk and they're exhausted. 2x 10 minute walks per day is enough to keep them away. Be aware they will probably steal your couch.
    Ozbargain deal of the year.

    • Thanks Grey(hound)Chris👍

      • Very fast! You know they've made an impact when they're part of your ozbargain account. Kind of ironic for ozbargainers if even your best friend was a bargain.

        • Nice when a "bargain" can have such a good impact on your life👍
          Like others, glad I read your comment.

    • Possibly an odd question - how "noisy" are greyhounds in your experience? I've been considering adopting a greyhound (or whippet) for a while now, but my friends dog (completely different breed) just. doesn't. stop. barking. when nobody is home. Love their dog, but their dogs constant barking and not wanting to upset my neighbours during the day has made me hesitate for a while now.

      • https://dogtime.com/dog-breeds/greyhound#/slide/1

        Suggests they aren't too bad, but do need companionship.

        • Ours has barked maybe half a dozen times in the nearly 4 years we've had her, she's much more of a 'talker' - whining (but cutely) at us.
          In terms of companionship, generally they do like it but as in any breed individuals can vary. Part of the application through the group we dealt with was how much time alone etc they'd have so they found us a fairly independent girl who is happy sleeping home alone while we're at work.

      • Honestly, it really depends on the dog. Most of them sleep all day while they're alone and make little to no noise. With mine, though, after we started getting complaints from one neighbour about six months after adoption and started monitoring him with an iPad app, we realised he had separation anxiety and was howling a lot while we were out. GAP had presented him as an "OK to be alone" dog and … he wasn't. It's been a long road involving trying all sorts of behavioural modifications etc, and he's now medicated for his anxiety. It's helped a lot - he's far more relaxed when we're at work and makes little noise in most circumstances.

      • Whippets and greyhounds are best for people who work from home, retired etc. They're highly social creatures and care deeply about where their pack is. If you're not home most of the time, get two and they'll usually keep themselves company.

        I have a whippet and he basically never barks. Generally the loudest noise he makes at home is thumping the couch with his tail.

      • They aren't noisy at all. The worst I get is a happy tail banging against a door or something like that 😛

      • Ours has probably barked a dozen times since we got him in August. He does a little whimpering when he's alone in the house, but not for long.

  • Why is a trendy American clothing chain giving away greyhounds?

  • Best thing you can do in the world is adopt a dog - while I don't have greyhounds, I adopted two working dogs through www.herd2homes.com.au. Every person that adopts a dog rather than going to a breeder disincentivises the bad parts of the industry and saves a life - even if the particular dog you get wasn't going to get put down, every dog looking for a home jumps the queue by one.

    • Adopting a greyhound absolutely incentivises backyard breeders. Why do you think there's so many greyhounds to farm out?

      • Reckon you've got the wrong end of the stick there mate. It's the racing industry which generates the demand for greyhounds and the supply. Why would a backyard breeder get a litter for the purpose of having them adopted out for free or next to nothing? If you're going to do that, get a couple of golden retrievers and flog the pups for $2k each (not a bargain).

        • What's the difference between a greyhound trainer and a backyard breeder?

          • @coxymla: Not much, both obviously contributing to an average industry. But adopting doesn't incentivise these practices, they obviously don't care what happens to the dogs afterwards which is why there is so many.

            • @pdtmathieson: I disagree. The greyhound industry can't kill off their useless dogs anymore so they need chumps to pay them for the privilege of taking the dogs off their hands.

              Adopting a greyhound from GAP is supporting racing.

              P.S. I'm not actually against greyhound racing. I just think people should know what they're supporting and honestly the dogs should be free to begin with.

              • @coxymla: It sounds to me like you're just guessing about how it all works.

                My favourite part is how you think that if there were no greyhound rescue services, the whole industry would be forced to shut down. Hilarious.

              • @coxymla: Reckon you've lost the plot there mate - look at horse racing, where there is much less likelihood of adoption afterwards, where the industry has been exposed for killing the animals for meat.

                The costs are generally associated with the admin of caring for the dogs until they get adopted. For my rescues, which were $500 each, that covered them being vaccinated, desexed, checked, transported, fed, sheltered, cared for for the period that they were in a foster home, not to mention the costs that the agency has for general operation. The system isn't a commercially viable one, so it has to be run by volunteers. It's cheaper to have a dog put down than adopted out.

    • Adopting a child is the best thing you can do in the world.

      • Not according to coxymla — according to him it just encourages people to have more babies.

      • I agree partially, depending on what kind of parent(s) you become. some adopter treat their adoptee badly, no patience, intolerant etc. which is way worse than living in a orphanage…
        but yes, these kids need a stable home and it is the best thing people can do to help them.

        i guess same logic applies to adopting dog, if bad adopter picked the dog, it is only causing more suffering to the dog, but in this case, the dog is "voiceless" …

    • The rescue dog crowd have made dog ownership harder than adopting a child. The last one I had was 15 years ago and it was easy, go check out the dogs, pick one and take it home. I wanted another one this year and was put through the wringer. First they wouldn't let me see any dogs unless I made an appointment to with them to see one dog only that they would then assess if I was suitable before I could see other dogs. Then there was the hours long interrogation on the phone about my dog ownership techniques, then the house inspection which despite me having a dog friendly house with fully fenced backyard and dog doors they weren't happy with, so I told them to jump got one off gumtree instead.
      Some of the rescue dog industry have become worse than the breeders…

      • How dare they check people to see if they are suitable to adopt a greyhound!

      • Having adopted two, I would agree that there is a fair process - but not as exhaustive as the one you listed. I got a questionnaire, and was asked to take some photos of my fences and backyard. Then I went to meet the dog - the first time the pup wasn't ready yet so went back the next week, the second time they were happy for me to take him on the spot but I slept on it and went back for him the next day.

        This was for a rescue group that specifically dealt with working dogs, who are a lot more work than a regular dog. I would have thought their standards are more stringent than a regular adoption group due to the unique requirements.

        To say that some in the rescue industry are worse than breeders is a bit rich - the only reason the rescue organisations go through this process is because they care so much about the dogs and don't want to see them end up back in their hands because the owner was inappropriate for the dog. The breeder is essentially a production line.

  • +12 votes

    Greyhounds are beautiful. The worst thing about them is that they are tall and they like people, so all your guests get a nose in their crotch.

  • Is it safe to let Admiral Ackbar adopt a greyhound? Are we really certain on what constitutes his diet?

  • +14 votes

    I love the concept of adopting greyhounds - buy what a sleezy industry to use up the dogs as nothing more than a resource and then dump them at the end of their profit cycle. Those in the industry should be compelled to rehouse racing dogs rather than hoping kind souls will adopt.

    • totally agree, but as long as dog racing is legal, these beautiful dogs need a home with love and TLC

    • Humans do it to… Forced retirement once they become useless

      • So when do retired Ozbargainers start getting adopted out?

        I'm lazy, silly, gentle, loyal & good with children! Trained not to sniff crotches or hump legs.

        Just take me for the occasional walk & I'll be happy to sit around all day😉 (Only homes with fast internet need apply!)

        • Anyone want to adopt JV?

          • @Rowdy Roddy Peeper: I think we know the answer to that - NO!!!

            From his kennel notes:
            Very unlikely could be trained - has entrenched habits adopters could find annoying. May never be quiet. Does not respond well to NEGative Reinforcement, rather enjoys the attention.
            Outcome: Little prospect of adoption.

          • @Rowdy Roddy Peeper: If you took him to all the right parties he would provide a great conversation starter though. Undoubtedly a useful wingman.

            • @entropysbane: I don't know.. I imagine during conversations he randomly raises his voice and enunciates random words to the point people think he's more likely to kill you than hold a proper conversation…

              Good attack dog?

              • @Salmando: I've always seen jv as more of a lap dog, craving attention. Doesn't matter if positive or negative, as long as there is attention!
                Likely to create havoc if left alone in the house or not regularly given attention. Also watch out for bold droppings everywhere!

  • Our GAP greyhound needed a teeth scaling which costs $350+ depending on your vet and requires daily teeth brushing. Hound jaws require lots of maintenance.

    • $350 is extremely cheap for a teeth clean… My two have cost $500+ each….

    • Ours is on an annual dental plan. I've tried brushing his teeth but he won't tolerate it.

      But greyhounds are fantastic pets regardless.

    • I feed my whippet on a (frozen commercial) BARF diet and his teeth are still pearly white after 3 years. Never had to clean them or given teeth cleaning treats.

      The most important thing to avoid is kibble, especially the carbohydrate-rich stuff with corn and wheat. That's what rots their teeth. Look at their mouth after eating—the gums are full of tiny kibble chunks. Gross.

  • The only downside to this is the realisation that they have 70 dogs to adopt out.

  • Greyhound racing is an awful industry

  • Be prepared to lose your couch and bed…..

  • Just show up to they Greyhound As Pets shelter and see their range of dogs:

    39 Forest Road, Wyee New South Wales 2259

  • I find these adoption days potentially dangerous. As often the people adopting are not vetted at all.

    • Yeah I often think a similar thing, if someone can’t afford the adoption fee how are they going to afford all the other costs associated with ownership?

      • The best of two bad alternatives:

        Even a bad, poor, useless Adopter is better than putting greyhounds to death.

        Which is what can and does happen every day.

        Beter a poor life than no life, I say.

        • Sadly, in the worst cases - a quick death instead of prolonged suffering & cruelty would be preferable.
          Hopefully good homes will enjoy these dogs.

    • They're obviously doing it because they are desperate - more dogs to care for than they can manage. It's probably a calculated risk, some might end up back with them but they are doing everything they can to give dogs homes, which is worthwhile.

  • I would recommend an email to them tell them your current living situation - kids size of yard fencing etc etc and that will help them match a dog to you guys better,

  • santas little helper

  • I always wanted a dog..my unlucky ass can never own. I travel a lot…

  • This deal made my day, such a great cause/deal. Greyhounds are such beautiful dogs and have earned a loving home.

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