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Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute+ and Bonus Dock $720 Delivered @ Dyson


Another great deal of top of the V10 range from Dyson directly to you
Use code DYSONBF for an extra 10% off.

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      Crap, I just grabbed this one the other day for $594.15 - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/495553

      • which one is the best bang of the two?

  • If you have both wooden floors and carpet areas, would you go with the Absolute over the Animal?
    We have a cat and would like something to lift the pet hair from the carpeted areas mainly

    • +2

      Don't know about the Animal. But I bought this specific deal for about $80 more. I have a cat and this thing lifts the cat hair off carpets so effortlessly. I didnt realize how much hair goes on carpets till I bought it.

      This one comes with the handheld tool which is perfect for getting cat hair off couches and the bed.

      • cheers - could you use the handheld part for carpeted stairs also?

        • +1

          Yes definitely. I use the handheld for nearly everything else other than regular vacuuming. This deal comes with the dok which has like 10 extra attachments that handle nearly all vacuuming situations.

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      the Absolute includes everything the Animal does. If you can afford the difference, get it.

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    I didn't realise it but the dok itself seems to come with vacuuming attachments as well:

    Mini soft dusting Brush. Up-top adaptor. Mattress tool. Stubborn Dirt Brush. Extension Hose.

    Earlier today I bought a V10 animal for $540 from kogan, just cancelled this order and bought this one for $720.

    The fluffy soft roller (which is not included with an animal) cannot be purchased separately from Dyson australia. If you wish to buy one later you need to import from UK or USA instead. These cost around $130-$150 on ebay. If you dont want the dok it can be likely sold for $85 - $120 on ebay. Given all this I prefer the Absolute.

    • just cancelled this order and bought this one for $720

      I nearly did similar, but then remembered I'd already exceeded my budget of ~$300 for the Animal so will have to tough it out

  • Good price.

    That's the cheapest ever price to include the dok.

    I got the Ab+ with Dok for $799 but claimed price protection later when it was $699 (with no Dok).

    • What's the dock? Is that a must?

      Edit, nevermind the answer is below

  • Can anyone explain what the dok that comes with this does? This already says it comes with a dock in the box, is the bonus v10 dok something separate? Also confused because the V10 animal on kogan also lists a docking station in the box: https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/dyson-cyclone-v10-animal-vacuum...

    any advice here much appreciated!

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      The docking station that comes with the vacuum is a wall mount: https://www.amazon.com/Dyson-Docking-Station-Part-969042-01/...

      The extra dock is a floor standing: https://www.amazon.com/Dyson-Genuine-Cyclone-Part-968923-02/...

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      The Dok is a free standing thing that is different to the wall mounted dock that comes with. It also comes with a few extra attachments. Just search Dok in the Dyson store to see pics and more info.

      • I can imagine having to keep a second dock in cupboard for 10 years

        Probably should just sell the dok and use the wall mount …

        Don't you get the extension hose, soft dusting brush etc. with the absolute+ anyway - you're basically getting a duplicate of everything?

        • two of the tools from the Dok are redundant with the Ab+. They are already included so would be a spare.

          The floor stand is for people who don't want to drill permanent holes into the wall.

    • Thanks all! very helpful

  • Don't forget Cashrewards appears to be 2.5% which is ~18 and Shopback may be 3%

    • Can I still use the promo code above with CR or SB?
      Looks like it's not listed on both sites…

      • I had my browser extension pop up as 2.5% and I skimmed the T&C's and looks like it's counted

        Hasn't tracked through yet but I think it will

        • Has yours tracked yet? Mine hasn't shown up

  • Where can I put 10% off discount code?
    I can't find it.

    • speak to them on live chat

      • I managed to get 10% as well.

  • Any idea how soon is delivery? Flying out for short trip on 22nd Nov and dont mind carrying the Vacuum… or will I need to bring Vacuum and Dok given it is under one Tax invoice?…

    • When you do TRS, you don't need to take item anymore. (only in SA, not sure other state)
      I traveled to overseas few times from Adelaide international airport, but last 2 yrs, there was no officer in the TRS office to check items.
      I only had to complet the TRS form and attach the receipt. That was all.

      • So no checking is done on any airport for TRS except Adelaide?

      • +4

        Pretty sure TRS needs to be checked, at discretion of the customs officer. Some don't bother for low value items, some insist on checking every single item.

        • They ask to see the item at Melbourne airport.

    • 1-2 days for SYD&MEL metro, I actually wanted them to delay the delivery as my new apartment wont be dispatched until next Monday, talked online chat, rep said they cant delay dispatch, once order confirmed, message will be send to warehouse to dispatch order

    • Keep in mind with the battery.

      • Will definitely get the Invoice stamped at Customs before check-in. The vacuum will go in as checked baggage.

        • +1

          I believe the battery needs to be carry on.

    • +2

      Wow, lugging the vaccum with you on an international trip just to get the ~$70 in GST back? That's commitment!

      • +1

        And charge the unit with free electricity.

  • Do they take ages to send confirmation emails?

    • order confirmed immediately on the purchase page

  • Good deal, thanks

  • Also 2.5% cashrewards. I forgot to use it but just checked and it should work!?!

  • Thanks OP. Got 1 after waiting for many months for a sale. Upgraded from a Hoover lol.

  • Thanks op got one

  • +1

    Dammit, bit the bullet in this last month with the sale for $799 no extras. Damn damn damn,

  • Cheers OP. Jeeze, just about to purchase this when the partner says "What about the Shark though…."? Does anyone have any experience with the Shark vs Dyson stick vacuums for carpets, shag pile rug and hard floors? Thanks!

  • Got one! Thanks OP

  • +1

    Given deal is sold out can anyone comment if the V11 torque drive copper with the free dok is still good value at $809?


  • +1

    You might still be able to get the Dyson V10 Animal for $699 with the Dok. Might also work with the 10% discount code listed by OP. Was $899 before discount.


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