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10% off Apple Mac @ JB Hi-Fi


JBHiFi currently have 10% off apple Macs

It excludes MQ2Y2X/A, iPads and apple built to order.

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  • Ah, the old MQ2Y2X/A. I remember it well. I was just saying to the wife the other day I should start up the MQ2Y2X/A.

    She asked, concerned, "don't you mean the MQ2Y2X/B, or perhaps the MQ2Y2Y/A?".

    I thought to myself "some people just can't keep track of model numbers", and went on my way.

  • Buy now, or wait until after X-Mas for the 2019 models?

    • The new 16 inch model got released today actually.

    • What 2019 models?

      • Like the Macbook Air 2019, just wondering if it would get much cheaper after Xmas.

        • Generally not. They'll run down the stock over time and start feeding the newer models in. Never really ends up at a cheap price.

    • Buy now if you want a 2019 model. If you want to wait then I'd hold out for the 14" models that will no doubt follow todays 16" one.

      If you want better discounts check Apples refurb stock. Probably won't get a MacBook much cheaper while retaining a full warranty.

  • Dammit, I was hoping they'd have the new 16-inch Macbook Pro in store already… maybe this is a part of their scheme to clear current stock.
    Don't forget OW price match!

  • Just bought MacBooks x 2 at apple. They matched this and i can almost guarantee i had better service.

    • Did you also get a free USB c to USB adaptor like we did 2 week backs at JB (and got the MacBook Pro at what they are selling today). Just asked for it and they gave it to us to guarantee the sale.
      Service was perfectly fine at the store.

  • Not including the new 16 inch macbook

  • I really want a 13" MacBook with 16GB of RAM, because 8GB seems ridiculously small (and as a dev I tend to have Docker running and chewing up 8GB on its own).

    Does anyone know a way to get discounts off build-to-order models (at JB or Apple or elsewhere..)

    • Just get a university student to help you buy one from their education store. I'm happy to help if you're in Melbourne.

      • Interesting. Looks like it's a 10% discount, but including the build-to-order options?
        I was hoping to get something that includes a receipt in my name though, so I can claim a bit of the cost back against tax..

    • Discounted gift cards is the only way I know of.

    • Not quite what you are asking about, but perhaps keep an eye on Apple's refurbished stock.

      Sometimes you can get what you want at a modest discount.

  • Like others have said the new 16" model was announced today and looks like a significant improvement in almost every aspect including keyboard design, starting SSD storage sizes (512GB or 1TB as standard for the stock configurations), and GPU options etc.

    • For comparison, the lowest spec 16" MacBook pro will be $379.90 more than the equivalent 15".

      I'd say paying the "extra" is worth it for, bigger screen/battery, better thermals, CPU & GPU performance, speakers and mic.

      • Indeed. However if you both take them at RRP I believe that the new lowest spec 16" model should be only $300 more expensive than the previous base spec 15" model ($3799 vs $3499).

        In addition, the standard SSD was only 256GB on the old 15" one and it was a $320 upgrade to 512GB (which is now standard on the new 16" model) so that alone makes the 16" far better 'value' (relatively speaking) than the previous 15" without even taking into consideration the upgrades in all other areas of the laptop.

        In the coming months 10% off sales wil apply to the 16" models as well

      • Considering there's zero upgradeable options, you might as well do this.

  • 13" MBP 512GB is $630 more than a 256GB, what a rip-off, APPLE? I got the 2017 MBP 256GB with touchbar, constantly run out of memory and storage by just doing some Python. Waste of time.

    • Apple are not known for being generous with their storage options, or their RAM upgrade prices.

      Used to be fine when you could replace them yourself - just order the bare minimum, and purchase upgrades elsewhere.
      Not so much these days.

    • If you’re comparing the models I’m thinking you are, they also have different CPUs, extra ports, faster SSD, faster graphics card and better audio. If you only want the storage you can do a built to order and the gap will be less.

      Still overpriced for storage upgrades, but it’s not $600 alone.

      • Thx for pointing that out. You're right, I didn't realize the lower-spec MBP got the touch bar. To compare apple to apple, the storage makes $300 difference. OK, that feels better, but Lenovo only charge $130 for the same upgrade…

        • Yep it's still over priced. Depending on your use a Samsung T5 or some other sort of external SSD might be a solid alternative.

  • As always Apple will price match JB and buying directly from Apple can help if something goes wrong warranty wise (more options).