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Sydney to Beijing $416, Shenzhen $354, Perth to Guangzhou $329, Beijing $480 + More on China Southern Airlines


Sale period: 11NOV19-15NOV19
Travel period: 20APR20-09AUG20

Hello, a bit late on the bandwagon on this sale - only saw it sitting in my Promotions queue of my email.

Might have to do a bit of sifting on the horrible experience that is the China Southern Airlines website, but 329 Return for Perth to Guangzhou is a good deal. That was random dates during 3-May to 19 of May. (199 ticket price, 129.7 taxes and fees)

Other departing cities are in the list, as per below

Sydney Beijing From AUD 416
Sydney Qingdao From AUD 636
Sydney Tianjin From AUD 476
Sydney Jinan From AUD 516
Sydney Shanghai From AUD 456
Sydney Hangzhou From AUD 416
Sydney Ningbo From AUD 556
Sydney Nanjing From AUD 416
Sydney Shenyang From AUD 416
Sydney Dalian From AUD 416
Sydney Harbin From AUD 416
Sydney Shenzhen From AUD 354

Melbourne Shenzhen From AUD 337
Melbourne Beijing From AUD 399
Melbourne Qingdao From AUD 459
Melbourne Tianjin From AUD 469
Melbourne Jinan From AUD 419
Melbourne Shanghai From AUD 459
Melbourne Hangzhou From AUD 499
Melbourne Ningbo From AUD 559
Melbourne Nanjing From AUD 559
Melbourne Shenyang From AUD 399
Melbourne Dalian From AUD 399
Melbourne Harbin From AUD 399

Adelaide Beijing From AUD 484
Adelaide Qingdao From AUD 544
Adelaide Tianjin From AUD 504
Adelaide Jinan From AUD 504
Adelaide Shanghai From AUD 514
Adelaide Hangzhou From AUD 544
Adelaide Ningbo From AUD 544
Adelaide Nanjing From AUD 544
Adelaide Shenyang From AUD 544
Adelaide Dalian From AUD 544
Adelaide Harbin From AUD 504
Adelaide Guangzhou From AUD 342

Brisbane Beijing From AUD 438
Brisbane Qingdao From AUD 448
Brisbane Tianjin From AUD 418
Brisbane Jinan From AUD 478
Brisbane Shanghai From AUD 478
Brisbane Hangzhou From AUD 508
Brisbane Ningbo From AUD 508
Brisbane Nanjing From AUD 508
Brisbane Shenyang From AUD 478
Brisbane Dalian From AUD 478
Brisbane Harbin From AUD 478

Perth Beijing From AUD 480
Perth Guangzhou From AUD 329
Perth Dalian From AUD 500
Perth Hangzhou From AUD 500
Perth Harbin From AUD 500
Perth Ningbo From AUD 500
Perth Nanjing From AUD 530
Perth Shanghai From AUD 480
Perth Shenyang From AUD 520
Perth Qingdao From AUD 530
Perth Jinan From AUD 500

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    Nice web page design.

  • +2 votes

    Not a bad deal but I've been to West Taiwan before and it's not that great

    East Taiwan is much better and the food is amazing ! Considering looking out for deals there :)

  • -1 vote

    Shame about the $109 visa fee and hassles!


      Hassles? 3-4 day turnaround, never had a hassle once unless you royally mess up the visa form. $109 for visa, Aus charges $145 for a 600 tourist visa for people that require it and 90% of applications are processed by 26 days (source: https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/getting-a-visa/visa-li...)


        I mean the 2 trips into the visa centre.
        Between that and the cost, if you are deciding where to go for holiday, it can tip the scales.
        Of course if you've never been to China, it is well worth it. A few days in the city and then get out to the countryside - though that is a long way now. I suspect the rural China I loved does not exist any more.


    Ah so tempting!
    How to find out quickly what aircraft they use?


      Check Seatguru - cheap fares means they're cutting costs somewhere/everywhere

      Flew back from Shenzhen - Melbourne mid October
      No in seat entertainment system - only the overhead monitor replaying the same Peppa Pig movie
      No air vents; very average food

      Probably depends on the route because the Melbourne -> Guangzhou flight had VOD entertainment system
      Same average food though


        Any route where they run 737s / A320s won't have built in onboard entertainment, similar to Virgin / Qantas' 737 offerings. Out of Perth early next year they run A330s which should have it, fingers crossed they bring back the 787s to that route soon.


    Just had a look not showing up these prices ?


    Been waiting for a less than a $700 return deal to Kathmandu for a while now. Seems to have dried up.