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Groupon 20% Cashback @ ShopBack (Stack with 10% off Sitewide 2pm-8pm AEDT)


10% off sitewide @ Groupon from 2:00PM AEDT-8:00PM AEDT.

20% Cashback @ Shopback, no cap is mentioned that I can see.

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Referrer will receive $10 credit after referee makes first purchase of $10 or more within 72 hours.

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  • Groupon promo code is BIGRED.

  • Having issues with shopback lately. Refusing a large order 12% @ $1500. And not automatically tracking others.

    • Me too, bought something at 20% cash back and it never tracked. Bought in shop back app so I wasn't expecting this to happen.

    • First time I've not had a track was last week, from groupon funnily enough. I've submitted a claim so hopefully it gets fixed up…

      • With improved tracking speed with CashRewards, I will be using CR if cashback is same. If I have placed multiple orders at different websites, I lose track of cashback if I get notification after 2-3 days.

      • Shopback might add that it tracked but then groupon will deny the claim likely since it was manually added.

  • Do we need to do all fashion things before hand? Clear the cookies etc?


    Groupon is still a thing?

  • Any good deals / suggestions ? I haven't purchased from Groupon in ages.

  • anyone having issue with shopback tracking lately? For the past few weeks, none of my purchases are tracking. sb app to groupon app.

    • I have the same problem, and Shopback rep blamed me for not meeting requirements. Lucky I took screenshots, eventually got my Cashback but it’s was such a hassle

      • Damn forgot to take screenshots myself. Hoping they track this time, I went in to incognito mode just to see if it helps…

  • Yeh, I'm the same. Tracking hasn't been working for me either. Seems to be Groupon as common denominator…. But i hope not. Still waiting on my claim request.

  • Code is BIGRUSH

  • Code already expired as I tried to use it in the app :/

  • Hi all, I’ve never signed up to shopback/cr or anything. Can someone please suggest the best way to sign up? Ie is using the referral on this post the best method? Thanks

  • guys, 10% apply only on 1st item, if purchase multiple, make sure you do it separately.

  • Never had a problem purchasing from Groupon and getting SB tracking notifications. Have always followed instructions and hence no issues.

    However, I purchased five separate items on this Groupon sale and nothing from SB. Zilch!

  • i was still able to use BIGRUSH ~ 9PM and tracked via shopback for 20%

    • You already got the tracking notification? I ordered hours ago and nothing. So many inconsistencies…

      • sorry .. not the email tracking notification but rather from the shoback toolbar pop-up notification. having say that, i haven't got email notif yet, it normally comes later if not next day

  • None of the SB purchases from groupon shop have been tracked for the last two weeks.

  • I got 7% cashback not 20% as promised by shopback….so item price was $19 after 10% discount I paid $17.1 and expecting 20% of $17.1 or without get 20% of $15.5 approx but only received $1.2 cashback tracked ☹️

    Anyone has similar issue?

  • My purchase still not tracked. Usually gets email not long after. Annoying if have go through claim yet again

  • Mine not track either

  • Still nothing here either. I was using Chrome on PC, what browser for others?

  • Groupon tracking is missing since 10/11, used to be 10 mins and now gone down hill.

  • Also haven't tracked in 2 days (which is unusual for them).

  • Didn't track for me either. Only reason I purchased was for the 20% wouldn't have paid that much otherwise…..

  • None of mine tracked, had to put a missing cashback request for 5 separate items. Normally they track perfectly fine on chrome.

  • Order of $140 not tracked. Raised ticket, see what happens. I have had a few recently not track with shopback

  • No tracking either. I will open a forum thread later and link it here to hopefully get some attention from Shopback, this is clearly a widespread issue and wouldn't want cashback rejected on appeal…

  • ShopBack has sent out an email acknowledging a tracking issue with recent Groupon orders. It recommends to report any missing cashback (if you haven't already done so).

    If you have placed an order with Groupon from 7th November 2019 up till 20th November 2019, please proceed to report a missing cashback from your cashback overview page on your account within 5 days upon receiving this email so that we can investigate this at the soonest for you!

    • Yes I just got this also, thanks for posting

    • Massive cashback on Groupon over the last 2 weeks and conveniently it hasn't been working. Not 100% of people will lodge a claim, nice way to take the discount back off some people and save some $$

  • My claim got rejected?!???