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Lenovo X1 Carbon Gen 7 14" FHD i5-8265U 16GB 256GB SSD $1799 + Delivery @ Shopping Express


Received email from Shopping Express and they have X1 Carbon Gen 7 on special.
The price on is showing $1999 on the page, but it will show as $1799 on checkout.
Good price for Gen 7.
Delivery is $11.52 for me (2111)

Intel Core i5-8265U
14" FHD (1920x1080)
16GB RAM (soldered - no expansion)
Windows 10 Pro

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  • I just added to cart and it looks like there's a free "LENOVOX1Mouse" included.

  • A little bit cheaper here if you don't care about the mouse. Been looking for the price to dip for a while. Thanks!

  • ahhh touch screen version where are you?

  • Am I missing something here? How the hell is this a bargain???

    • I'm trying to figure out the equivalent on the Lenovo site - looks like it is $2724 on there - so ~1k off.

      Or am i missing something?

      • For the same amount of money you can buy 2 of Dell G3 laptop with higher spec lol

        • there is always someone that don't get it whenever there's a post about X1 carbon.
          You cannot compare X1 carbon to G3 - here's one example: X1: 1.09kg G3: 2.53kg

          this is a bargain if you are comparing X1 Carbon to another X1 Carbon on different site.

          • @st33p: At least they're trying to compare(albeit unsuccessfully) laptops…I find the ones who try to compare desktop prices and specs with laptop prices even more annoying. Yes, I'm going to bring my tower desktop onto the train, plug it into a random power point somewhere and do some work. Oh, forgot to bring my monitor as well, oops!

  • X1C is my favorite laptop model.

  • can these run low requirement games like say Dota2

    • Unlikely would run very well. Not for gaming, more for travelling. Perfect to use in train, bus, planes, Cafes, cars, beds, toilets…

    • My son play CS Go on X1 gen 3 with 8GB RAM
      I wouldn't say it is running very well, but he's ok with it.

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